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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You Sensitive Pussies! I'm Sick Of This Shit! FREE SPEECH Is Dead!

I kept my mouth shut during the whole Don Imus thing because I don't like Imus. But now they're going after JV & Elvis too. Let's get back to Imus first though. Like I said I don't like the guy but that doesn't change the fact that what he said...was OK! Damn it people, what Imus said was a BAD JOKE and that's it. Yes it was sexist, maybe it was racist (and that's a stretch) but so fucking what. I know this point has already been made but listen to popular music - every other song is sexist. You bunch of quivering pussies, I'm fucking sick of all this shit.

And now they've set they're sights on JV & Elvis, the only show on terrestrial radio that's worth a damn. I was listening on Friday when they replayed the prank call to the Chinese food place. It was not fucking racist you jerk offs. When I heard that they were going after them for that stupid call I wanted to punch someone. If that's racist and warrants suspension from the radio then the Jerky Boys and Howard Stern should be given the death penalty because the phone call I heard on Friday pales in comparison to the shit I've heard them do.

What the fuck is happening in this country. There's a fucking bullshit war going on and our people are dieing and we're worried about "nappy headed hoes?" You've got to be fucking kidding me. Get your motherfucking heads out of your asses and worry about real shit. Al Sharpton should be worried about getting people out of Iraq, not Don Imus. God damn it I'm fucking furious over this crap. Whatever happened to FREE SPEECH? Isn't that what we fight wars for? If you don't like what someone says then change the motherfucking channel you god damn pussy.

Imus is guilty of nothing but bad taste - which he has every right to. And JV & Elvis are guilty of bad timing. This god damn witch hunt is out of fucking control. What's next? Who's going down next? I hope they go after Stern because he's the only one that can fight back and straighten this mess out.

Of course my opinion means nothing because I'm a middle class white male. I have no right to comment on this because if I support Imus and JV & Elvis then I must be racist, right? Isn't that how it works these days? Attach racism to a free speech issue and suddenly no one is allowed to support it. You fucking Nazi bastards!


Unknown said...


Battering Room said...

My buddies Ron & Fez are also worth a damn.


Anonymous said...

yeee boy

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are a racist, you punk motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. Many people have critiqued JV and Elvis without even doing their own research. What do I call that? Being a sheep … following blindly … rather than just going by what someone said why not do the research? Listening to that audio doesn’t really tell you who JV and Elvis really are. Also, I have read articles where they distorted the truth in order to make JV and Elvis look like horrible people.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it fall, does it make a sound? … If OCA didn’t complain about the prank phone call do you think that there would be complaining like this? NO! Because I can bet that the majority of them never heard of JV and Elvis before this thing started.

Fact about the prank phone call … It was done 7 years ago and the caller is Asian American. But I’m sure those who are mad at JV Elvis would ignore the truth and continue to bash them. Unfortunately, NatashiYi was targeted as well. A lot of Asian Americans were calling her a whore. They don’t want to be judge but yet they judge NatashiYi because she’s defending her husband JV and she doesn’t agree with OCA (the organization that got JV and Elvis in trouble).

To have Freedom of Speech people have to understand that they will sometimes get offended. In addition, people need to learn how to laugh at themselves.

Sadly, as we know it fun radio is dead. Boring radio will only exist.

Come check out and

Humor is not hate!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Do you want some fucking tissue or what? This has nothing to do with Free Speech. It's CBS who's pulled the plug. If they feel that this is bad for business, then they'll get rid of these little girls. And the comment you had regarding Iraq, why don't JV and Elvis start trying to pull our troops out of Iraq? There wasting time making prank calls like little 12 year olds when they could be helping out the country right? You should be on that Kleenex commercial where they have people crying on the coach in the middle of the city.

... said...

A Kleenex - we're not the pussies crying over harmless jokes. Anyone who thinks they should be off the air are fucking crybaby pussies. And apparently that means you. And do you honestly think they only make prank phone calls? How can you comment on the content of a show when you've only heard one 2-minute long skit? And this is a free speech issue, someone got fired for what they said - it doesn't get more clear cut then that.

Anonymous said...

So you mean to tell me that if I told my boss to fuck off, I shouldn't get fired for that? Or if I made a racist comment towards him I should use the Freedom of Speech card and not get fired? You can still say what you'd like on the streets, but when your working for someone that’s a different story. And yes you are pussies if you cry over the fate of 2 guys named JV and Elvis. Just pull out some old recorded audio of these guys and pretend that it's new shit. Problem solved. Then you could save your tears for other pussy moments. It doesn't get more clear cut then that.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with anonymous. This isn't a free speech issue. We all know that public airwaves are owned by corporations that sell advertising. Bad publicity is what got Imus, JV and Elvis in trouble with their corporate employers. So, hate the game don't hate the players.

... said...

It is a free speech issue because the bossman would have never said a ting to them if it wasn't for some DC interest group stepping in a whining about a fucking joke. If they were fired because their boss didn't like them or their ratings sucked then that wouldn't be a free speech issue. But that's not what happened - a bunch of thin skinned special interest groups are responsible for ALL of this. Their argument is based on PC crap that we all know is garbage but whitey is afraid to stand up for free speech if it in any way involves race. It's a bunch of pussies bowing down to an even bigger bunch of pussies.

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