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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

JV & Elvis Fired - The Witch Hunt Continues...

If you haven't already heard JV & Elvis have been fired. Now I know a lot of you think the show was juvenile and dumb but that isn't the issue here. The issue is free speech and it's in jeopardy. The fact is JV & Elvis was a popular show, very popular for it's time slot. What got them fired was a dumb prank call that most kids have made by the time they're twelve. Was it funny? Was it in poor taste? It doesn't matter!

The way it's supposed to work is if people say shit that is offensive and not entertaining then you turn your radio/tv off. If the majority of the people dislike something and turn it off then the company makes no money and they fire the entertainment. In that way, and only in that way, content which goes out over the airwaves is regulated. But what we have now is a situation where any special interest group trying to make a name for themselves can speak up and get someone fired.

It's a flawed system that caters to a small minority of listeners. And I don't mean minority in the racial sense. Even if we're talking white people here, the majority, these special interest groups are composed of a few hundred people. In no case do they speak for the majority of the group they allegedly represent. If every person offended by the call shut off their radio then the theory says tat they would be fired. But here's the thing - NO ONE shut off their radio. You know why? Because it was a god damn joke. The people filing complaints aren't even listeners of the show - which is proven by the fact that NO ONE complained the first time they aired the it.

Again, I know most of you don't give a shit about JV & Elvis or Imus. But you're naive if you think this snowball won't eventually hit music. Make no mistake - comedians and TV are next but music will be hit. And then you're going to get off your ass and start complaining. But guess what? It will be too late by then. We all need to stand up for free speech in every case that it is jeopardized - even if we don't like what is said.

Here is a clip of Glenn Beck talking about JV & Elvis and radio censorship. Now I hate Republican douchebags like this but I have to say he's pretty on point with this one. See, free speech is a unifying issue...



nice post!

i agree republican assholes suck but he's very much on point.

Anonymous said...

jv and elvis got screwed...

They had NO PROMOTION, they were in one of the worst time slots possible yet they still managed to draw just as good ratings as the drive time shows.

Jv and E will return.


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