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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Brooklyn Ski Club Is Fucking Dead...

As you may have noticed there hasn't been a BSC post in a long time. The truth is I don't have much time to post anymore. Plus, I am a bitter old man now. My ear is no longer to the ground. The Euro-trash asshole at Union Pool on Saturday night probably knows more about the local music scene these days than I do. I used to go to 6 shows per week. Now I watch 6 shows on TV per night (just kidding, but you get the point).

Is Brooklyn Ski Club done for? Nope. I'll still whip up the occasional show and or party but the blog is more or less done. Of course, when there is a show I'll post it but that's about it. No more videos, MP3s, event listings, interviews, album reviews, show reviews or any of that shit. Someone else has to do it now.

Over the years I've tried to bring in outside help but for various reasons it never really worked out. I have unusual taste in music and finding someone else who likes the same shit as I do is tough. Anyway, that's it. Maybe someday in the future we'll get this bullshit going again but until then go through the archives and read some old stuff.

Tumblr will still be active:

***One more thing: To all of the bands and young promoter types who reach out to me for advice, keep it coming! I love to help out and advise people who are trying to set up shows and new places for bands to play. I like knowing that I've played a small part in the success of some people and bands that have gone on to do pretty big things. I'm not naming names because I'm not looking for credit, seeing other people succeed is all I ever wanted. So if you need some help getting shit going drop me a line. Adios Amigos! 
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