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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tonight: Freelance Whales Playing Jerky Party!

The secret guest was just announced for the SlantShack Jerky launch party at Brooklyn Fireproof and it's Freelance Whales! So for $10 you get free jerky, free beer and Freelance Whales. Sounds good to me.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tonight: The Last Wild Yaks Show Ever!?


The band that I've probably seen live more times in the last 2 years than any other is calling it quits. Tonight is what they're claiming will be the last show they ever play. For the record, they've made this claim before - several times, actually. Will this be it for Wild Yaks? I doubt it but at the very least it will be awhile before you get to see them again. If it is in fact the last show I'm super bummed because I can't go. I destroyed my knee and can barely walk and therefore a Wild Yaks show is simply dangerous. So do yourself a favor and go, for me, if not for your own satisfaction. Farewell drunken troubadours and broken guitars.

Wild Yaks
@ Cameo 
Doors 8PM
Cover ?? (probably $5-7)

Of course you don't believe me that this is the last Wild Yaks show ever. You think I'm your raving uncle? Like you have company over and I'm just talking and talking in the backyard and your guests are like, what's all that racket? And you're like, that's just my raving uncle.

Of course I am not done playing music. As long as this pervasive heart ache continues, as long as love threatens to squeeze my little heart to lovely death I will have no choice but to go on singing this joyous, lonesome lament. 

I'll sing to a rock. To a tree. Haven't you seen me do it?

Of course I am not finished playing music with Martin and Dan. Do you know those beautiful men? Am I not the luckiest man that ever lived? I got to ride the white horse long into the night with world class, beautiful tragic fools.

I've been fighting so long. Believing that some gesture, some approach to beauty, could somehow make up for the all those times in my life that I felt like a loser. All those times I felt like I deserved more. Deserved better. But I have given up that war. 

We cannot save the past! 

I have laid down all my curses. Put them in the earth to wait for time to mellow their poison.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tonight: Wild Yaks Playing A Church

Wild Yaks are playing at the church on Maujer & Leonard tonight around 11pm. No idea who else is playing or what the cover is but weird shit like this in random places is always awesome. Also, there's this:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tonight: Smell The Glove w/ Wildstreet (No Cover + Open Bar)

The third edition of my guilty pleasure party, Smell The Glove, is tonight! If you haven't made it to STG yet then be sure to be at this one. The last two were so rad we decided to move it to Thursday (used to be a Tuesday party) so you can stay out late and get totally hammered.

In fact, we're giving away free vodka from 2-3am courtesy of our homeboy Luc from The Drunk Diet. Luc will also be hosting and DJing the party along with Eric Jayk from Wildstreet, it's his official birthday party so let's get him wasted! There's tons more going on, check out the Facebook invite for all the details.

Vodka Open Bar 2-3am
$2 Bud & Bud Lite 10-midnight

PS: If you hurry you can enter to win a free bottle of vodka for the party: 

Facebook Invite (RSVP):

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Danzig - Deth Red Sabaoth (Full Album Stream)

The brand new Danzig album, Deth Red Sabaoth, is streaming on AOL. I took a listen and the first few songs are kinda, well, old sounding. I'm not saying it sounds like old Danzig, I'm saying it sounds like Oldman Danzig. His voice just isn't there in the early tracks. Plus, track three sounds an awful lot like Marilyn Manson's version of "Sweet Dreams" (Seriously, try singing the lyrics over it, fits perfect).

Luckily that all disappears on track four, "Black Candy," which is pretty good, especially the vocals. From there on it's pretty much what you expect from Danzig. The tunes are killer all the way to the end. My only complaint is the excessive use of guitar squeals on every song, courtesy of Prong's Tommy Victor. Otherwise I'm digging the album, it's got the classic blues tinged metal made famous by Glenn. There's nothing here that's going to blow you're mind but that may be a good thing. Sometimes it's nice when a band/musician sticks to their guns.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today: Crest Fest

As long as this doesn't get crazy packed it'll be good times. My pals Sundelles and Wizardry are playing along with Motel Motel, Darlings and some other rad bands. Get going, it already started.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Williamsburg Walks

The L Magazine just announced the dates for this summers Williamsburg Walks, June 26 & 27. If you're not familiar this is when they shut down Bedford to cars and you get to walk on the road and buy stuff from vendors. It's during Northside Festival so random bands will be playing acoustic sets on the sidewalks, like gypsy's (hold onto your wallet and don't bring your children). Vendors, activities and music all day. It's like a fair but on the street, a "street fair" if you will...and you better.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Invisible Hand

I did something I haven't done in a very long time today - I opened an email from my Ski Club inbox. The very first one I checked was from a band called Invisible Hand. All you hip fucks probably already know about these guys but for a square like me they're still new. Surprisingly, the very first band from the very first email actually turns out to be really good.

They're straight forward rock n' roll with influences coming from every direction. At times they sound a bit Brit, like The Beatles or The Libertines but then out of nowhere you hear a little Wolf Parade or even Queens Of The Stone Age. Actually, that's not even all that accurate but the point is they're all over the place, in a good way. Whatever it is they're doing, I'm digging it. They'll be in NYC soon so check them out.


NYC: Rockwood Music Hall - June 20th

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Refused Live Album Streaming (MySpace)

The Refused, who are responsible for arguably the greatest album ever (The Shape Of Punk To Come), are streaming a previous unreleased live album on MySpace right now. It's part of the newly remastered recording of The Shape Of Punk To Come. 

Someone please tell this band to get back together. I mean, seriously; Record a fucking masterpiece and immediately breakup thus leaving an entire genre of music in ruins because, frankly, no one could compete or even fathom the next logical progression. Not cool, bros. Anyway, give it a listen.


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