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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tonight: She Keeps Bees, Raccoon Fighter, Spanish Prisoners & More @ Cake Shop; Wild Yaks @ Legion

My friends in Raccoon Fighter and Radio America are playing a show tonight with Spanish Prisoners, She Keeps Bees and Hombre Nombre (SHARK? side project). Elsewhere, Wild Yaks are playing as a 3-piece at Legion. They go on around 9:30, I think. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tonight: Black Lips DJing All Over Town

OK, really just in two spots - Cameo and Motor City. I will most likely end up at Cameo because it's not in Manhattan. Anyway, those dudes are insane fucks with pretty good taste in music so both should be good fun.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tonight: Gogol Bordello @ Brooklyn Bowl

I totally slacked and didn't get tix in time for this one. If the insane Monotonix show at Brooklyn Bowl was any indicator of what's in store then I'm very jealous of any of you going tonight. Gogol is one of my favorite live bands and Brooklyn Bowl is turning out to be one of my favorite venues.

Gogol Bordello 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Municipal Waste At Knitting Factory (Photos)

Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste

Amon Amarth & Holy Grail Played Irving Plaza 4/25

Last night we headed over to Irving Plaza to check out Viking metal legends Amon Amarth, Celtic metal Swiss band Eluveitie and LA-based NWOHM revivalists Holy Grail. Believe it or not the show actually seems to have started on time, which means we missed a couple songs from Holy Grail. Given my new party, Smell The Glove, is all about hair metal and NWOHM tongue-in-cheek goodness I was pretty excited to see these guys.

We walked in mid-song, I wish I could tell you what song but I haven't heard much from these guys. What we did hear was pretty fantastic in that campy metal kind of way. I like a band that knows how to have a good time and doesn't take themselves too seriously and that can certainly be said for these guys. It seems like an odd pairing with the other two bands but considering there aren't many contemporaries out there right now I guess you have to start somewhere. The set was awesome but I'd love to see them play a dingy little LES joint.

Up next was Eluveitie who play a weird Celtic metal complete with lutes, fifes, mandolin and all types of other traditional instruments. Considering I've never even heard of these guys it took a little getting used to. After a few songs I started getting into it, at least at points. Some of it was a little too out there for me but when they nailed it I was pretty impressed. Being Scottish/Welsh/Irish I'm way into Celtic music and some of the songs really incorporated it well with the heavy stuff and at other times...not so much. The closing tune was especially awesome, whatever it was.

Finally the kings of Viking metal were up. Around this time I look over to the right side of the balcony and saw Howard Stern writer and former Death/Iced Earth drummer, Richard Christy. As soon as Amon Amarth got started Richard was air drumming and head-banging like a mad man. It was pretty awesome!

Amon themselves are fucking amazing and kinda funny too. I wasn't expecting humor from a Scandinavian death metal band but the singer was saying some pretty funny shit and was way entertaining between songs. The first few tunes were a bit too "metal by the books" for my taste but the precision was impressive. Then they started into some of their more recognizable tunes about Odin, Valhalla and the whole raping and pillaging shit.

They ended with some awesome violin outro and all the heavy stuff dropped out. Then the lights dimmed and the band stepped back into the shadows. The violin continued to play and build momentum. Then all of a sudden the band emerged from the shadows and blasted into some insane heavy stuff all in one smooth motion. It was beyond impressive, something like that takes years of playing together to nail so perfectly.

After that song the band left the stage and the crowd went crazy, demanding an encore. Amon Amarth came out and played another 2 or 3 killer songs and then took their bows and departed, off to rape and pillage the next town.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonight: SMELL THE GLOVE @ St. Jerome's!!!

Friends, countrymen, lend me your beers! Tonight is the second installment of my super bad ass party, Smell The Glove. We got free beer 9-10 (or until it's gone), killer DJs and gogo babes. You're going to come out right? Call out of work tomorrow because you're going to have wicked hangover. Party Hardy!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Freelance Whales & Lawrence Arabia Played Bowery Ballroom 4/13

On Tuesday we headed over to the Bowery Ballroom after a round of drinks at Home Sweet Home. The Freelance Whales were headlining a sold out show with New Zealanders, Lawrence Arabia, warming up the crowd for them.

Let me start by saying that I hate the name Lawrence Arabia, it's just awful. Fortunately, I can't say the same thing about their music. The first song started off very slow and frankly I wasn't impressed. However they picked things up during the second song and I got a better feel for what they were all about. Most of their songs started out very slow and then about a minute in they'd start rocking. They kinda sounded like Band Of Horses covering the Pixies. Overall, I think they're a pretty good band but it would be nice if they mixed up the formula a little more.

Next up was my favorite band from Queens, Freelance Whales. It's hard to believe that the first time I saw them they were playing in front of 20 people upstairs at Pianos. In less then 6 months they're now headlining a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom, that's just amazing!

This was the 4th time seeing them for me but the first show on a big stage. I was really curious about how they would pull it off since they usually just huddle around in a circle and play unamplified. Obviously that wouldn't work in a room the size of Bowery Ballroom. When they came out they were set up like any other band - drums on a riser, guitar to the left, bass to the right and the singer in the center.

The sound was pretty fantastic but I have to say I enjoy the smaller setup more. As great as the songs are they lose a little bit of their charm when played on the big stage. That said, Freelance Whales are just an amazing band and it's only a matter of time before they're headlining the big stage at Central Park.

My only real complaint is they opened with some of their best songs first and played new stuff at the end. I would have much preferred an encore with a song I could actually sing along to. But all-in-all that's a minor complaint for an otherwise beautiful show.

Soundgarden Played A Secret Show In Seattle

Last night Soundgarden played a secret show in Seattle under the name NudeDragons. Word is they played a 2-hour set. So far it doesn't appear that any video has surfaced but I'm sure that will change soon.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Tonight: Disco Vibes @ The Cove; HMHH @ Arrow Bar (Peter Steele Tribute)

After work today I highly recommend heading to Arrow Bar for Heavy Metal Happy Hour. This week it's a tribute to Peter Steele of Type O Negative you passed away yesterday. He created beautiful music and you should pay your respect. Late night we've got another edition of Kill Shop Kills dance party Disco Vibes. 

Kill Shop's Dance series continues with:


We're super happy to announce this month that we have snagged the lovely/super amazing PRINCESS SUPERSTAR coming in as our guest dj.

This is going to be crazy on a whole new level.

Your resident DJ's DLNGR and K!O will be holding it down, with early and late sets by DKDS and DJ Lani Love.

your hosts Devon and Dayna (Disco Down), Drat Saddam (Wckids), and Kiki Valentine (Sunday Show), will be going extra crazy on the dance floor this month.

Theres no reason to miss this party.

plus The Dandilion King, Driven By Boredom and Dr.Photog will be snapping pictures of all you cute kids.

come out for a night of Disco, House, Electro, Sexy.

Get down on it!

sponsored by Kill Shop Kill and Boom Boom Chik.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peter Steele Is Dead (RIP)

There was a time when I listened to Type O Negative religiously. To this day they are one of those few bands that all these years later I still get that same feeling I got the first time I heard them. Without Peter Steele they would have been nothing.

He was a giant of a man with a booming, deep voice that - along with a very unique guitar sound - set TON apart from other heavy bands. Not only were they an amazing band, they were also incredibly unique which is a very rare quality. Additionally, they never put out one bad album. That's an incredible feat for any band but for one so humble and modest it's even more amazing.

One of my favorite concert memories involves Type O at Ozzfest. Peter invited Phil Anselmo from Pantera on stage to help with vocals on "Kill All The White People." Phil always seemed like a big, scary, tough guy but when he walked on stage he looked like a kid standing next to his dad. Peter simply towered over him and was double his size. He greeted Phil with "Hello Phillip" in his deep baritone voice. It was a memorable moment indeed.

I'm bummed that Pete is dead. TON were a huge part of my life and certainly influenced me creatively. To think I'll never get to see him on stage towering over everyone is depressing. Fuck. Rest in piece Pete.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tonight: MONOTONIX @ Brooklyn Bowl!

One of the best live bands I've ever seen (out of several thousand bands) is playing Brooklyn Bowl tonight. Monotonix are simply mind blowing live. They alone are worth the price of admission but you also get the Legendary Shack Shakers, Old Time Relijun and Skeletonbreath (O'Death side project). Every band playing tonight is awesome so I say cancel any plans you had and go to this because it will be one of the best shows you'll ever attend, I promise.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smell The Glove, April 20th w/ Prince Terrence, Fanelli (SHAPES), Amber Star & More + Open Bar!

Round 2 of my awesome new party is going down on April 20th at St. Jerome's. This time around Earache fucking Records is presenting it! Earache is home to one of my favorite bands, Municipal Waste, so that's pretty killer. We got Prince Terrence (from Hussle Club), Fanelli (from SHAPES), and Matt Kepler (from Precious Metal) on the wheels of steel. Amber Star is will once again be gogoing, this time with Victoria Privates.

If you dig old 80's hair metal then you gotta know RATT. Well they are releasing their first album in 10 years the day of STG. As such, this edition of the Power Hour will be the official listening party for Infestation by RATT. The Power Hour also includes a PBR open bar!

We also will have my pal Doktor Photog taking pics of your ugly mugs and my homegirl Eddy will be shooting video and projecting a video installment on the big screen.

Do you like free shit? Well, besides free beer we've got giveaways from, KillShopKill, Nickels & Dimes NYC, and more. Oh and there's also $2 Bud until midnight. Party hardy!

Deftones - Diamond Eyes (Video)

Deftones have a new video out for their new tune "Diamond Eyes." The song has one of the heaviest riffs I've ever heard from them, it's almost Pantera heavy even. Honestly I don't want Deftones to get too heavy which is nice that they mellow it out in the chorus a bit. The video itself is nothing special. The only thing that got my attention is that Chino actually looks like Chino again, which is to say he's not a big fat ass anymore. Good for you buddy, you'll be dusting off those old Dickies in no time flat.

Akudama Played Cameo 4/10

Kate checked out Akaduma at Cameo on Saturday.

So Saturday night I headed to Cameo to check out the band Akudama. If you’re ever looking for this place it’s behind the Lovin’ Cup. And by that I mean walk through the restaurant all the way to the back, past the bathrooms, through heavy dark curtains, text the word ‘Indigo’ to the number 22922 and then open a door that looks like an emergency exit. You will then enter a tiny room that on Saturday, happened to be decorated like my Junior Prom.  

I arrived around 12:15, just in time to hear

Tonight: Greg Ginn (Black Flag) @ Cake Shop; Freelance Whales @ Bowery Ballroom

If not for my recent obsession with Queens band Freelance Whales I would most definitely be at Cake Shop catching Greg Ginn and the Taylor Texas Corrugators. You see, Greg Ginn started a little band back in the late 70's called BLACK FLAG! Yeah, he's one of those dudes that more or less shaped all modern rock music and without question influenced anything remotely related to punk and hardcore. His current band is almost a jam band of sorts so don't bother strapping on your hippie stomping boots because this sure as shit ain't no Black Flag show.

Greg Ginn & TTC
@ Cake Shop

Freelance Whales 
@ Bowery Ballroom

Apollo Run Played Bell House 4/9

Kate went to see Apollo Run on Friday....

So happy hour before a concert, bad idea. Happy hour before a concert sans dinner? A disaster. But alas, I ventured south Friday evening and made it to the Bell House to catch Apollo Run. The venue was super cool. Take an old warehouse, exposed wooden beams and all, add a couple chandeliers, some leather couches, and a large eager crowd and you've got my Friday night. 

Oh and another main component to my evening, the band. Their instruments varied just as their sound did. They were blues, jazz, and some rock rolled into one, and at the same time their sound was completely organic. Their front man, John McGrew managed to stayed strong on the keys, and homeboy was even rocking the trumpet at one point. His voice was soulful, and whispery and when you combined that with the fully stocked band behind him the performance was both innovative and entertaining.

These dudes were even kind enough to say what up after the show. The crowd favorite for sure was "That's how it felt" and they saved that for the end of their show. The entire audience, including myself found their performance enticing. My apologies for the picture-less post, as my camera is no longer with us at this time. Although I spent a large portion of my Saturday in bed dying, the hangover was totally worth it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tonight: GWAR Crack-A-Thon Opening; Wild Yaks @ Don Pedros

GWAR is in town for some kind of art gallery event. Tonight is the opening party and I have no idea what to expect. That said there's no way I'm missing this. Also, Wild Yaks are back in NYC after 3 months on the road. They're playing Don Pedro's and it's a totally unannounced show. Not sure about time or cover but just go, it'll be good fun.


Friday, April 09, 2010

Tonight: Night Vision IV


(3D electro madness! )

with DJ's...


and special guest NICK HOOK (CUBIC ZIRCONIA)

106 N6TH @ THE COVE 10 - 4



Thursday, April 08, 2010

Freelance Whales - Generator 2nd Floor (Video)

I love this song but the video is kinda boring - not bad, just kinda meh. They're playing Bowery Ballroom on April 13th and I am very excited!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Andrew W.K. Was A Teenage Stalker

If this is real, and not just a PR stunt for his album, it's fucking amazing. Back in high school Mr. W.K. wrote a song for the girl he was in love with. Unfortunately, she didn't quite feel the same and his love song turned landed him in therapy and with a restraining order. Check out the post and listen to the song and it's pretty obvious why. That poor girl must have been afraid to leave her house. It's still fucking funny as shit though. 


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Twin Sister & Holiday Shores Played Glasslands 4/1

Meet Kate, she's the newest contributor to BSC. She went to Glasslands on Thursday and this is what went down...

I don't know if it was the avant-garde loft, the first sunny day we've had in two weeks, or the stellar drink specials but I've never seen so many happy New Yorkers in one room as I did last at Glasslands on Thursday. I was able to catch 4 different artists, all equally as eclectic as they space they performed in. 
I arrived to the venue around 9 just as Ocotillo was going on. The place wasn't too crowded and I was able to score a spot at the bar. Ocotillo sounded great. His performance was really low key and laid back, but at the same time enchanting.

As the hour grew later, the crowd grew larger. Next up was

Friday, April 02, 2010

Cerebral Ballzy #8 On NME's Top SXSW List

Our homeboys Cerebral Ballzy played some shows at SXSW and apparently impressed the Brits. NME put together a list of the buzziest acts at SXSW and Ballzy came in at #8!


You can also buy the Cerebral Ballzy griptape 7" here for $6.66

Shark? "I've Got Friends" (Video)

I've Got Friends from Ugly Sweaters on Vimeo.
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