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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Twin Sister & Holiday Shores Played Glasslands 4/1

Meet Kate, she's the newest contributor to BSC. She went to Glasslands on Thursday and this is what went down...

I don't know if it was the avant-garde loft, the first sunny day we've had in two weeks, or the stellar drink specials but I've never seen so many happy New Yorkers in one room as I did last at Glasslands on Thursday. I was able to catch 4 different artists, all equally as eclectic as they space they performed in. 
I arrived to the venue around 9 just as Ocotillo was going on. The place wasn't too crowded and I was able to score a spot at the bar. Ocotillo sounded great. His performance was really low key and laid back, but at the same time enchanting.

As the hour grew later, the crowd grew larger. Next up was
The House Floors. These dudes started out pretty strong, sounding a bit like Vampire Weekend, with less vocals and more music. I think the first performance may have mellowed me out a bit too much because I had to sit down for half of The House Floors set. They seem to be having a lot of fun and the crowd was really digging them, making them enjoyable to watch.

By the time Holiday Shores took the stage my space at the bar was non existent. Remember those really rad parties you'd go to in the summer when you were younger, that consisted of cheap beer, great music and someone hooking up in your older brothers room?  That's what Holiday Shores had turned this space into to. These kids had the crowd dancing and singing. Their music exuded happiness, so much in fact that the couple on my right made out for half of their set, and the kid behind me started to pet my head. I went with it though. 

Last up was Twin Sister, who seemed to be a crowd favorite. Despite having slept in a hotel bed the night before that was filled with broken glass these guys were still able to put on a pretty great performance. While The House Floors and Holiday Shores were more upbeat dance music, these guys were more exploratory and experimental. Their performance seemed very improvised but also very cohesive. I really enjoyed watching them and found myself, much like the rest of the crowd, bobbing my head to the bass.

Overall is was a pretty cool Thursday. The music was great, the crowd was fun, and the decor had made me feel like I was tripping  on acid for a good portion of the night, which I felt okay about.


Anonymous said...

Sweet review. It's provided me with my daily amount of irony. Who is this Kate? She should post pics of herself. She sounds totally hot. And by hot, I mean ambiguous.

-Cameron Weinershniztel

Unknown said...

Best new contributor to Brooklyn Ski Club. Can't wait to read more of your reviews/go to these shows with you.

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