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Friday, March 26, 2010

Black Lips Playing FREE Show In BK!

Super rad! Show is on April 29th and you better get there super early. 


Tonight: Make The Girl Dance @ The Studio (TRASH); Shai Hulud @ Party Expo

It's been a long as time since I've been to Trash and I think tonight might be the night I revisit it. Make The Girl Dance is performing live and while that type of music isn't typically my thing in a setting like Trash it should be pretty damn fun. If you wanna keep it heavy then Shai Hulud are playing the Bushwick Music Festival tonight (I don't get it either) at Party Expo. Shai Hulud is one of the more creative hardcore bands to come out of the 90's scene.

Shai Hulud @ Party Expo

Wanna Write For BSC?

I don't really go to as much shit as I used to so I'm looking for some punks to run around the city going to parties and shows. All you gotta do is send in an interesting, and hopefully funny, post about it and a few pics. It's a great gig for anyone starting out in the journalism/blogging world who wants some quick reads. Also, you get to go to shows and parties and what-not for free. Sometimes you even get free product like cell phones and sneakers and shit. If you're interested email me news[aT] Brooklyn Ski Club [dot] COM

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black Lips Playing Brooklyn Bowl

Black Lips just announced some new tour dates and it looks like they'll be in stopping by Brooklyn Bowl on March 23rd. Tickets are kinda expensive ($17) but I'm sure they'll be playing some $5 yet-to-be-announced Todd P show or something too. 


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tonight: Soul Clap & Dance Off 3rd Year Anniversary Party

Jonathan Toubin is the dude who made NYC dance parties fun again. Tonight is the third anniversary of what may be the best party of the past few years, Soul Clap and Dance Off at Glasslands. He spared no details for tonight's celebration so do come out.

Son House "Death Letter"

One of my favorite genres of music is blues. There was a time when I was borderline obsessed with it. While I love Chicago/electric blues, in particular Muddy Waters, there's just nothing better then Delta blues. Charlie Patton and Robert Johnson (although his style was more Texas blues) were great but when it comes to pure raw emotion Son House was second to none.

Today I was surprised to see a post with Son House in the title on Boing Boing. I checked it out and they have an amazing sounding version of "Death Letter" posted. It's really bad ass and bums me out that there's just nobody making country blues like this anymore.


White Stripes version

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tonight: Tigersapien @ Little Field; Radio America @ Legion; Newsonic Loft Party

We're giving away tix for the Tigersapien show so email me if you want in. The details for that show is a post down from this one.

w/Radio America & Chappo
@ Legion

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Win Tickets To Tigersapien @ Little Field, Tomorrow Night

The Tigersapien dudes want to put you on the list for their show tomorrow night at Little Field with Tone, DJ Jeremy Bastard, DJ Stylus, & DJ Brian Blackout. All you gotta do is go to the Brooklyn Ski Club Twitter account and ReTweet my message about the contest. I'm going to pick a random ReTweet and contact your ass via DM, so check your messages.

Smell The Glove Was Rad, Dude

The first ever Smell The Glove went down on Tuesday night at LES rock bar St. Jerome's. The shindig started off with the listening party for the new Scorpions album Sting In The Tail. By 9:45 the place was already pretty full and everyone seemed to be rocking out to the new Scorps.

The first DJ was our bro Matt aka Klicka from Wizardry. He went on around 10PM and got the night started right with some killer hair metal, hard rock, and some gritty punk tunes. Also around this time the lovely go-go girls Amber Star and Apathy started doing their thing. As advertised we had Scotty Skitzo cutting free Mohawks and the first victim stepped up around 10:30. Unfortunately, our buddy Lex was the only one with enough balls (and booze) to go under the knife.

The next DJ up was iLan, who happened to be celebrating his birthday. He broke out some rare and rowdy 80's hard rock. St. Jerome's sounded (and kinda looked) like the Sunset Strip in 1986. The night ended with Cobra (Sean Carpenter) who got a little heavier with some Sabbath and Maiden.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tonight: Gunfight! & Shark? @ Glasslands (The Battle Of Unnecessary Punctuation)

What a fun show!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (see what I did there?). All jokes aside this will be lots of fun. I think I developed an ulcer so I'm staying home and curling into a ball...but you kids have fun. Don't you worry about old man Ski Club, I'll be just fine.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Brooklyn Ski Club Party: SMELL THE GLOVE (March 9th)

About a month ago I was waiting for some pals in the LES so I stopped into Welcome To The Johnsons for a brew. As I was sitting on the wood-arm chair by the door sipping my PBR I had an idea. How awesome would it be to have a party at Johnson's? Really fun. The problem is it's just not set up for it. So I thought about other joints and the first one to pop into my head was St. Jerome's. Did I mention Motley Crue was on at the time?

So I shot my homeboy Carlos a text about having a super fun metal party. Not like Lamb Of God & Pantera stuff - I found out in high school that shit scares off broads - but instead fun metal, like Crue, Poison, Motorhead, KISS and maybe throw in some punk and glam, like Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, NY Dolls, etc. We were onto something but it needed more.

So we called up some girls to gogo and looked for someone to give people free Mohawks. Then we called up some friends in killer local bands about guest DJing. We contacted Universal Music and about having the official NYC listening party for the new Scorpions album, Sting In The Tail. We also spoke to some awesome local shops about partnering up on the whole thing.

Somehow ALL of this came together and the end result was SMELL THE GLOVE! We have high hopes for this party. It's my first without bands playing so I'm nervous but the early feedback is better then anything I've experienced before. This party is going to rule hard. Come out, get drunk, and rock out to some fist pumping tunage.

More Info:

Freelance Whales Playing Bedford L Platform Tonight

Freelance Whales are going back to their roots this evening with a show on the Bedford L train platform at 6PM. This is awesome news and will be fun. My only issue is the L platform at Bedford is a shit show at 6PM on a weeknight as it is. Here's to hoping the crowd doesn't spill out onto the tracks.

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