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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tonight: NinjaSonik, Team Robes, Cerebral Ballzy, Juiceboxx!!

Yes, all of the above are playing together tonight! Plus you also get Wild Yaks, MNDR, Dre Skull and more. This shit is going to be crazy. I'm still fucking sick but that's not stopping me from going to this - nothing will. I'll punch my way in if I have to. Oh, and free beer!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Andy Rejoining Conan In LA

Yesterday I got a text message from my brother telling me Andy was going to reunite with Conan. I thought it was just a bullshit rumor but apparently it's truth.

Part of me is looking forward to a future with Staring Contests but part of me is worried. You see Conesy came into his own when Richter left. He had to step it up since he no longer had someone to fall back on. The difference between him being good and him being great was the loss of Andy.

So I'm curious to see how this works out. Conan has become the late night favorite on his own and has developed a bigger, bolder persona. What's going to happen with Andy back on his couch? Especially now that Andy has had a few shows of his own. This isn't going to be the same two awkward nerds who are just happy to be there. These guys are veterans now, which means this is either going to be gold or it's going to be a disaster but there's no way it's going to be the same as it used to be.

Murry Wilson, Beach Boy Dad

Boing Boing has a great post up about Murry Wilson, father of Brian Wilson. The post has links to studio outtakes of Murry guiding the Boys along in the studio. It's pretty funny in that train wreck sorta way. What's also interesting in the outtakes is the rapid rate the Boys piece some of these songs together, check out "Help Me Rhonda" from the outtakes for an example.

The post also links to some pretty funny cartoons inspired by old Murry.


Fiasco Add Tour Dates w/ Monotonix, HEALTH, & More.

Buscemi and the boys have added some more dates to their current tour. Fittingly the shows start in Brooklyn. We just love these little fuckers here, don't we?

3.11 - Death By Audio w/ Aids Wolf, Sightings, US GIRLS - Brooklyn, NY

3.13 - Comet Pizza and Ping Pong w/ The Homosexuals - Washington, DC

3.14 - Bourbon St w/ Talk Normal - Columbus, OH3.15 - Hideout - Chicago, IL

3.16 - Scagnoli's Cajun and BBQ w/ Aids Wolf, US GIRLS - Lafayette, IN

3.17 - Valley of Vapors Festival (Panache Showcase) w/ Monotonix, Aids Wolf, US GIRLS - Hot Springs, AR

3.21 - Panache Booking / Lovepump United Records SXSW Showcase @ Mohawk w/ Monotonix, HEALTH, Aids Wolf & more - Austin, TX

3.22 - Numbers w/ Aids Wolf - Houston, TX

3.23 - Bourque's Social Club w/ the Moaners - Scott, LA

3.24 - Egan's w/ the Coathangers - Tuscaloosa, AL

3.25 - Greene Street Club w/ HEALTH, Pictureplane - Greensboro, NC

3.26 - The Triple - Richmond, VA

3.27 - Danger Danger Gallery w/ Shellshag - Philadelphia, PA

For some reason the Santos show on Feb 28th wasn't included in the email I got so here ya go:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

E. Town Concrete: The Return

On February 21st I trekked down to Central Jersey for the return of E. Town Concrete. Two years ago they played their last show and disappeared. Then a few months back their MySpace page had a new image that said "The Return". As soon as the show was announced I bought my tickets.

Lots of people don't get ETC and I understand why. If you're only glancing at them and hear a song or two then you might get the wrong impression. The thing is they are uniquely Jersey, and I'm from Jersey and no band better represents all that is Jersey then ETC. They are my generations Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi. Which is why they can sell out two consecutive nights at Starland - that's about 2,000 people!

For this reason I was willing to make the trek down to Sayreville, which is a bastard to get too from NYC. On the train ride down I met a dude named Ross who flew in from fucking Chicago just to ETC! That's serious fucking dedication. Anyway, he joined our crew for the night and we got to the show as the first band was on.

We walked in as they walked off stage so I'm not sure who it was or how they were. Then One 4 One came on. If you don't know NJHC then let me tell you these dudes are legends and I was excited to finally see them. Unfortunately I seemed to be the only one. The crowd was oddly young and most had no idea what they were seeing. Granted the sound was awful (way trebly) but booing fucking One 4 One? That would have got your as beat down ten years ago.

Then For The Love Of came on and, holy shit, those dudes are good. Honestly I never really gave them a chance but aside from ETC they blew everyone else off the stage. Agents Of Man, another Jersey favorite, came on next and were pretty damn good. I never really dug their albums but they killed it live.

Once they finished up I grabbed a beer and headed down to the floor area for ETC. I was so fucking excited to see what was my favorite band from ages 18 to 25. Once they took the stage all fucking hell broke loose. The entire floor was a massive pit, one of the biggest I've ever seen.

They played a ton of classics - "Guaranteed", "Time2Shine", and even old shit like "Ashes 2 Ashes". It was funny because everyone knew every word to every song - except "Ashes 2 Ashes." That one was for the real old schoolers.

The show was amazing and aside from getting flipped over a guardrail and almost smashing my face on the mixing console I had a great time. It was just awesome to see so many people come out for ETC. I think they should keep playing but only in the Jersey/NY/CT area. They're the kings around here but outside of the area nobody gets it - so fuck em.

Hopefully I get to see them again sometime soon, let's just make it another venue next time. I'm sick of having to leave during the encore to catch the last train.

I wasn't able to take pics but this guy did: ETC Flickr

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tonight: Skarhead Playing Secret Show In Greenpoint

I went to the E Town Concrete reunion show last night. It was the second of two reunion shows. The first show on Friday had NYHC legends Skarhead open up and apparently they put on one hell of a show - despite only playing five songs. I just got word that Skarhead is the "special guest" at the Danny Diablo show tonight at Redstar Bar in Greenpoint. I'd be there but I'm battling a bout of travelers sickness from last nights trek into Jersey.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tonight: Death Set, Ninjasonik, Cerebral Ballzy, House Party

Unfortunately this isn't all the same event but there's plenty to do tonight. Rumor has it Ninjasonik is playing a Dominican strip club on Broadway near Myrtle. If this is true then it's going to be fucking insanity. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So So Glos Played Castle In Hell 2/13

Last Friday I headed over to Castle In Hell for the So So Glos show. This was my first time seeing them but I was already a fan and have been listening to their album a lot lately. When I got their some band just started playing that was really good. I tried figuring out who they were but no luck. They played semi-spastic punk with some cool Mike Watt-esque bass lines. If you know who they were then email me.

Anyway, So So Glos were fucking amazing. They're the real deal and are a must see. There's an obvious Clash type thing going on but they don't sound like copy cats, just admirers. You can tell they truly give a shit about their music and spend a lot of time getting it right. It was great to see them at Castle In Hell, which is basically the basement of an apartment in Bed-Stuy. I don't think they'll be playing random spots like that much longer.

TV On The Radio Tour Dates

Presale info here.

5/12 Louisville, KY@ Headliners Music Hall
5/16 Austin, TX@ Stubbs
5/17 Dallas, TX@ House of Blues
5/18 Oklahoma, OK@ Diamond Ballroom
5/22 Oakland, CA@ Fox Oakland Theatre
5/23 Portland, OR@ Roseland Theatre
5/25 Vancouver, BC@ Malkin Bowl
5/27 Edmonton, AB@ Edmonton Events Center
5/28 Calgary, AB@ Macewan Hall
5/29 Saskatoon, SK@ Louis’ Pub
6/2 Toronto, ON@ Sound Academy
6/3 Montreal, QC@ Metropolis
6/4 Boston, MA@ House of Blues
6/5 New York, NY@ Central Park Summer Stage
6/8 Washington, DC@9:30 Club"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tonight: Rock N' Roll High (I'm Hosting)

Kids, I'm guest host at The Skinny tonight for the first installment of Rock N' Roll High. If you don't have plans get your ass off the couch and come out. It starts at 10PM so don't worry, you'll still be bale to watch Lost. If you have plans (I'm looking at you Ella kids) then stop by before or after you hit your destination. It's free to get in and the vodka open bar is at 11PM. Oh and Michael T is DJing. 

Shai Hulud Touring With New Found Glory!

Before I even start let it be known that I hate New Found Glory. Not only are they a shitty pop-punk band but they're responsible for ruining one of my favorite bands when I was a teenager - that band was Shai Hulud.

You see when Shai started they had a young whipper snapper on the mic named Chad Gilbert. Dude was beyond amazing - he had deep poetic lyrics and a monster of a voice. Then something awful happened, he quit Shai and decided to play guitar in New Found Glory.

The hardcore world lost a great talent that day and Shai Hulud was never the same after that. Now, all these years later, Shai Hulud and New Found Glory are touring together. That means there's a small glimmer of hope that Chad Gilbert might take the stage with Shai Hulud and perform a few songs from "Hearts Once Nourished..." and that makes me very happy.

The audio sucks on this but apparently Chad re-joining Shai has happened before!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BSC Guest Hosts Rock N' Roll Hight Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the launch of a new Wednesday night weekly called Rock N Roll High at The Skinny. I pretty much know everyone involved in this thing so it made sense for me to be the guest host of the night. 

Michael T and Ilan will be spinning rock n' roll, classic punk, and soul all night. Mr Photog will be making you look prettier then you really are. Eddy and friends will be go-go dancing. And I have the easiest job of them all - guest host. 

So come out tomorrow night and drink with me... excessively. You're going to be 
out anyway so stop by, dance a little, drink a lot, and stumble home. 

Rock N Roll High
@ The Skinny
10PM (Free Vodka 11PM)
DJs: Michael T & Ilan 
Photos by Mr Photog

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tonight: So So Glos, Cerebral Ballzy, Trash Anniversary

There's simply too much to do tonight. 

So So Glos
@ Castle In Hell
Free Beer 8-10, $2/after 10

Cerebral Ballzy
w/ Thriller, Smarts, Grocery Thief
@ Bodega

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tonight: So So Glos @ Crash Mansion

If you haven't given the So So Glos a listen yet then do yourself a favor and click here. They're fucking awesome! Imagine if the Clash was born thirty years later and came out now with all the influences of the 90's and 00's incorporated into their music. That's kinda what So So Glos sound like.

If you can't make it out tonight then I highly recommend checking them out at Castle In Hell tomorrow - that will be FUN!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tonight: Japanther, Ninjasonik, Spank Rock, & Totally Michael!

Holy shit! Once again the Bodega comes through with the party of the night. The lineup is crazy, the venue is awesome, and the beer is free. There's other shit happening tonight but I'm not sure why you would go anywhere else. 

Japanther, Ninjasonik, Spank Rock, & Totally Michael
@ Bodega

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lamb Of God - Official Wrath Trailer

The best American metal band (sorry hipsters it's not Mastodon), Lamb Of God, have a new album coming out on Feb 24th. Will it be awesome? Of course it will! LOG are sitting on the throne that Pantera vacated many years ago. Like Pantera, they can't fuck up. Even their average shit is as good as the best shit by anyone else in the states right now. So I'm very excited to get my hands on Wrath. Here is the official trailer (it's very short, sorry).

Monday, February 09, 2009

Meet Dan Aykroyd at Astor Wines, Thursday

I just got an email from Astor Wines telling me that Dan Aykroyd is going to be at the store on Thursday. It appears he has his own vodka brand, Crystal Head, and he wants you to buy that shit.

Dan Aykroyd
@ Astor Wines
12 - 2PM
Thursday, Feb. 12th

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Unemployed Yet? Start Stocking Up On Ramen.

TV On The Radio, SNL Debacle

Did anyone watch SNL this weekend? Yeah, I know it's awful these days but I know at least a couple of you were still too hungover from Friday to go out on Saturday and saw this.

TV On The Radio was the musical guest, which is awesome right? Not so much. I'm a huge TVOTR fan, I think they're one of the few original bands out right now and I love just about everything they've done.

That said the SNL performance was horrid! There was so much wrong that I really don't know if the band was fucking up, the sound guy fucked up, or all of the above. Actually the mix was bad, no doubt, but that doesn't explain the general terrible-ness of the set.

SNL has a long history of making great bands sound average so I'll cut TVOTR a break and blame the shit sound crew on SNL. Take a listen to this catastrophe...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Grand - Matt & Kim

Luckily I saw Matt & Kim live before I ever heard their recordings. The fact is if it was the other way around I would have hated this album and everything before it. Luckily though that didn't happen because I love Matt & Kim now.

When I heard they were releasing a new album I was worried that they couldn't recreate their infectious live shows on album. Well I can honestly say that Grand gets about as close as you can. The production is excellent and really has a live feel. The funny thing is I've heard all of these songs so many times I didn't even realize they were "new." I knew half the words to the songs before I ever even listened to the album.

If you live in Brooklyn, especially Williamsburg or Greenpoint, then every songs seems like it's about your life. The thing is, it kinda is and that's what's so awesome. Matt & Kim really are just like us - they're friends of friends (literally), they ride their bikes on the same streets, they drink coffee at the same shops, and that's exactly what they write songs about.

The question is, would I recommend Grand? If you like bubble-gum punk then yes. If you've seen them live then yes. If you like upbeat indie rock then yes. But the thing is if you're any of those people then you already have it. If not this is the best I've ever heard M&K so pick it up.

So to those BSC readers that like it fast and heavy - go see Matt & Kim live. The smaller the venue the better. After that you won't need me to recommend it.

Cramps Singer Dead. RIP Lux.

Man, I was listening to the Cramps this weekend and was wondering why i don't listen to them more often. Then today I open up an email telling me that Lux Interior is dead. What a bummer, dude was only 62. Luckily I got to see the Cramps live a couple of years ago.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Cerebral Ballzy & PoPo Played Bodega (Pics)

It's so fucking great to have a killer skate punk/thrash band in Brooklyn. Cerebral Ballzy played a crazy show at Bodega on Saturday - bodies were flying, kids were dancing, and ears were bleeding. It was good times. PoPo was awesome as always but the kids didn't seem all that into it which is a bummer because they're damn good too. Between sets the Ninjasonik crew kept everyone hyped up - as they always do.

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