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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tonight: LiveFastDie, Die!

The last show ever played by LiveFastDie is tonight (wink wink) at Rock Star Bar. Golden Triangle is playing and there's free Colt 45! Also, there are going to be special guests, I wonder who that could be? In completely unrelated news Black Lips are playing the Pool Party tomorrow.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

MyOpenBar iPhone App

Those crazy drunks over at MyOpenBar managed to stay sober long enough to put together a totally bitchin' iPhone app. Now you can check out the daily listings, map 'em out, and submit your own open bars. Destroy your liver, and your reputation, from the convenience of your iPhone. And for those of you without iPhones just remember, it's easier to get one when it's owner has been double fisting free Colt 45 and is face down in a puddle of their own piss and vomit.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wavves, Woods, Real Estate, & Popo Played Bowery Ballroom 7/15

Battle of the Bands: Vocal Distortion Edition would be a great way to describe this show and honestly it's the only thing these four bands had in common.

I got there pretty early and for good reason, Popo was playing. These dudes have played a few shows out in deep Brooklyn and they're good. Wednesday night was no different. They play high energy punk and had the Ballroom packed, which is not easy to do when you're the first of four bands.

My only negative thing is that they have a song that has the exact same riff as "Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag. When they started playing that I actually started singing along and then realized they weren't. So yeah, let's scrap the Black Flag knock off song, otherwise good shit - as always.

Next up was Real Estate, whom I've seen once before in a similar situation. Here's the thing about Real Estate - they're super fucking mellow. Like drink a jug of red wine, eat ten pot brownies, and take a toke off an opium pipe mellow. So why is it these dudes always play AFTER fast punk bands? Honestly I think I like them but I'm always so worked up from the opener and then they come on and bore the shit out of me. Again, it's weird because I dig their music it's just that it's a tough transition to go from pogoing to sitting on the floor vibing.

Woods was next up on the bill. I didn't know much about them before-hand, aside from seeing their names on Todd P bills at far off DIY venues. I had no expectations and that's probably good because they were pretty weird. The music was interesting and they had this circus gimp dude writhing on the floor screaming into a pair of rigged headphones. On the floor in front of him were a bunch of pedals he was using to manipulate the fuck out of his vocals. It was kinda cool really. But again, Popo set the mood for me and these kids were also kinda mellow so I couldn't get into it.

From what I've heard of Wavves I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean I thought they were kinda punk but then the fact they have Woods and Real Estate opening for them made me think I may have been misled. Well, they quickly affirmed their punkness when they opened with "Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag. Sound familiar? After the first few chords I was like, "Oh shit, these dicks ripped off Black Flag too?", and then the vocals came in and it was actually the real "Nervous Breakdown". It was a killer cover (and likely a jab at Popo) and it was a great way to wake everyone the fuck up. A pit instantly formed and did not die down for the rest of the set.

That's pretty much all it took for me. I was sold after that. The originals that they followed with were all in the same spirit. People were jumping around going crazy. It was super fucking fun. My single complaint with Wavves is the vocal distortion is too much. I dig vocal distortion but when no one can understand what you're saying between songs it's too much. Otherwise Wavves play this very So-Cal sounding brand of garage punk. Lots of Agent Orange and Black Flag can be heard and then a little modern indie is thrown in to keep the youngsters interested. I'm just super bummed that I didn't go see them at Market Hotel.

Wednesday night could have been two awesome shows but instead it was one mediocre event. Popo and Wavves whould have played a show together and the same goes for Real Estate and Woods, both would have been cool shows. But sandwiching Real Estate and Woods between two upbeat punk bands is just dumb. It totally ruined it for me. I still left happy after seeing Wavves but it was just a weird night overall.





Friday, July 17, 2009

Tonight: The End w/ Midnight Masses; Two McKibbin Loft Parties

There's a shit load to do today. BFC is hosting a bunch of short films about the apocalypse and Midnight Masses are playing. I'll be there early on for sure. Then I'm stopping by Hugs because Tom (BSC & Radio America) is DJing. And then I'm probably heading to 255 McKibbin #507 because Gunfight is playing and they are god damn bad ass. If you're more into the dance party thing then all ya gotta do is go a couple buildings down to 265 McKibbin where Igor and Baby Sinead are having a party, actually I'm not sure it's their party but they are involved somehow. But yeah, fun night! And two chances to get attacked by bed bugs.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tonight: Wavves @ Bowery; Motel Motel & Evil Dead 2 @ McCarren

Wavves, Woods, Real Estate, & Popo are playing Bowery Ballroom tonight. That's a pretty solid lineup if you ask me. I've seen both Popo and Real Estate before. Popo are just fucking awesome and Real Estate is good but a little too mellow at times. I'm sorta on the fence about Woods and Wavves so seeing them live will be interesting.

Elsewhere! Motel Motel plays at Summerscreen at McCarren Park across from Turkey's Nest. They actually let people in with Big Buds last time, which is super awesome. Also, the movie is Evil Dead II, so it's going to be really fun.

Gutter Punks Take Over Williamsburg

The Daily News has printed an article about how heroin addict crust punks have taken over Williamsburg. The article itself is loaded with cliches and myths but let's be honest here folks, when it comes to crust punks most of that shit is true. On the rare occasion I stroll down to the Bedford area I have been noticing quite a few crusties around but I just figured there was a Leftover Crack show at The Charleston or something that night. But it seems like they've taken up residence at the unfinished luxury buildings all over the fucking place.

While I'm not at all a fan of gutter punks I'm also not a fan of the Wall Street douche that has moved into the hood either. Frankly I'm not sure which is worse. Either way the complaint is clearly coming from the new residents and you know what - fuck them. I mean if they weren't building all these god damn shiny buildings all over the fucking place this would have never happened. There would still be nice old brick buildings not occupied by crusties and collar poppers.

But really, the truth is - I don't give a shit. I haven't lived around the Bedford area in about four years. This does not affect me and I think most of the people reading BSC are probably in the same boat, living a few more stops out on the L, off the J, or in Greenpoint.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

$5 Motorhead Tix 9/9/9!

Hell yeah kids, there's a promo going on for $5 Motorhead tix! Seriously, I just bought two and sure they end up being $10.50 with surcharges but it's fucking Motorhead so who cares. The last time I saw Motorhead was back in 95 or so and there were bikers chain whipping people - it was terrifying.

The show is on 9/9/9 at Roseland. To buy tix use the code "Subway$5tix" on LiveNation.

"Trick question, Lemmy is God!"

Tonight: Boy Crisis, Apache Beat @ Glasslands

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tonight: The Non-Worker Party III w/ Pow Wow, The Loom, & More (Open Bar)

We're having another party at Red Star Bar tonight with The Music Slut. It's going to be pretty killer yo. We got Pow Wow, The Loom, Holler Wild Rose, and Lemming Malloy playing. BSC contributor and Radio America frontman Tom Stuart will be on the decks. We also have a Stoli open bar from 10-11PM! Yeah, that's right VODKA, no light beer or malt liquor this time around. So tonight when you're already in Greenpoint or the Burg, might as well come get drunk with us.

The Non-Worker Party
@ Red Star Bar (37 Greenpoint Ave)
Doors 8PM, Bands 9PM
Open Stoli Bar 10-11PM

Pow Wow
The Loom
Holler Wild Rose
Lemming Malloy
DJ Tom America

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tonight: Matt & Kim and Team Robespierre, Free Show On The Hudson.

Brooklyn electro-punk bands Matt & Kim and Team Robespierre, both of whom are must-see live bands are playing a free show on a pier tonight. It's at whatever pier is at the end of 14th Street, you'll see it. Anyway, this is going to be fucking awesome! Especially if you sneak some booze in. Team Robes goes on at 6:30PM.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tonight: Wild Yaks Play Summerscreen

Tonight kicks off the first of the L Magazine Summerscreen events. The movie tonight is Reality Bites, which is kinda cool I guess. More importantly though the Wild Yaks are playing before the movie! The show is free and taking place at the ball fields across from the Turkey's Nest. You know what that means right? Big Buds to-go!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Brooklyn Ski Club Is Offline

So you may have noticed a drop off in posts lately. Sorry about that. The thing is I moved recently and thanks to the efficiency of Time Warner I have to wait a week for them to hook up internet. And thanks to NYC for allowing a monopoly in my area. I enjoy having no fucking alternatives for broadband internet, seriously what fucking country is this?

Oh and while I'm ragging on Time Warner, how about that $40 "transfer fee"? Really dudes? I've moved like 8 times in the past 8 years and I've never had to pay a transfer fee. You fucking dick knobs wait until a recession to implement a transfer fee? If you apply that $40 fee to improving your service then I'm happy to pay it. I'm kinda fucking sick of my connection dropping every hour and not being able to stream video most of the day because of slow service. You guys are doing a bang up job over there. GFY!

Anyway, I should be up and running again soon. I'll try and get some posts up whenever I have a connection in the meantime.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Brooklyn Bowl Opening July 7th!

A few months back I got the grand tour of this place and despite the fact that it was under pretty heavy construction it was clear that Brooklyn Bowl is fucking rad! I mean, how can you go wrong with a bowling alley, gourmet restaurant, bar, and music venue in one big ass building? Plus it's all eco-friendly and has some crazy state of the art sound system. This is going to be the place to be once the doors open.

2009 JellyNYC Pool Parties Announced!

The 2009 Pool Party, which will not actually take place at McCarren Pool this year, lineups have been announced. I'm pretty excited about some of the talent this year - Black Lips, Mission Of Burma, Dark Meat, etc. Honestly I rarely ever even notice there are bands playing, too busy drinking and hanging out under the sun. This year the party moves to the Williamsburg water front, which means there should be a nice breeze coming off the river. Despite all the bands and the new location you know what I'm most excited about? BASKETBALL! Yup, there's going to be basketball courts this year and I'm going to fucking school you suckers.

JELLY Pool Parties 2009
In Partnership With:
Converse, Bud Light, SPIN, MySpace Music, Gibson, Caf Bustello, SESAC, KEXP, The Open Space Alliance, New York State Parks

July 12th
Mission of Burma
Fucked Up
Jemina Pearl of Be your Own Pet

July 19th
Dirty Projectors
Magnolia Electric Company
White Denim

July 26th
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
The Black Lips
Grupo Fantasmo

August 2nd
Round Robin show w/ Deerhunter, No Age and Dan Deacon

August 9th
Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set)
Fiery Furnaces
Dark Meat
The Netherlands

August 16th
Del tha Funky Homosapien
Kenan Bell

August 23rd
Girl Talk
Max Tundra
Wiz Khalifa

August 30th
Grizzly Bear
Beach House

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