Buzzed Bands Podcast, Ep. 2 w/ Cold Blood Club


Brooklyn Ski Club* is mostly Matt K. Wanna know what the K stands for? Really? OK, then follow Brooklyn Ski Club on Twitter, I think the full last name is there. Please don't steal my identity. Over the years my friends have helped out too. Thanks Cutie, Tom, Gabe, Olga, Kendra, Kenya, Kate, Ryan and even my dad. Who else? I'm forgetting people. Sorry.

Brooklyn Ski Club started out in 2005, mostly covering nightlife in NYC but quickly jumped over into music. We've covered countless shows in NYC over the years and hopefully you've discovered a few bands we wrote about. Brooklyn Ski Club posts have been picked up by the likes of Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, MTV, The New York Times (blog), Boing Boing, Best Week Ever and many, many more.

During the past few years Brooklyn Ski Club has been putting shows together...awesome shows! We've been fortunate enough to have bands like Das Racist, Darlings, Cerebral Ballzy, The Beets, Wild Yaks, Hank & Cupcakes, Sigmund Droid and many more play our shows. We also throw a tongue-in-cheek hair metal party called Smell The Glove which has featured some of the best DJs in NYC including (but not limited to) Kelle Calco, Prince Terrence, Ian El Dorado and guest sets by bands like The Dirty Pearls, SHAPES and Sex Slaves. STG has been covered (or recommended) by the Village Voice, TimeOutNY, MetroMix and more.

So that's about it, dude. We don't post everyday like we used to but we try. If anything, check in every once in awhile and see what's doin'. If you want to put a show together or get Brooklyn Ski Club involved in your party shoot us an email, it's on the homepage.

*The name Brooklyn Ski Club has nothing to do with skiing or cocaine. Thanks for asking.
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