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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Pickle Girl

This is fucking hilarious...

As one YouTube commentor said "What about cucmbers?".

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Help Redesign BSC... Please

I'm sick of the current design of BSC. It's just getting more and more cluttered with every addition. So if any of you fine people are willing to help me redesign this piece of shit I would be much obliged. Of course, I can't pay you because to date I've only made about $17 from this site. I can however get you into parties and some concerts for free. So it might be worth your time, depending on what your time is worth.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Here are some links you should check out:

I hate thieves but this is fucking funny
Link: MySpace Mugging

Proof that bloggers are, in fact, bums
Link: Can You Spare Some Change For Bandwith?

Vote for Al Gore or we will all be dead
Link: Bye, Bye Glaciers

We are all going to have brain tumors soon
Link: Cell Phone Excitability

Who can stop terrorism? Motorhead's roadie... seriously
Link: Motorhead Anti-Jihad

Drunk friend: Oh John, you're sooo funny. You should do stand-up?
John Mayer: Really? You think so? I guess I am pretty funny.
Link: John Mayer Avoids Black People, Loves Sluts

The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

Please welcome Bryan to the Ski Club. For his first post he covered the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Here goes:

The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival at the Tobacco Factory in Brooklyn on Saturday wasn’t a last ditch effort to save hip hop. If anything, it was the perfect opportunity to show every skeptic that the music is thriving; it walked a fine line to acknowledging that, by saying if we can look back, there’s a good chance we can see the future, too.

I got to the show a little late, so I missed the first groups of Panacea and The Strange Fruit Project, but by all accounts they did their thing. The first act I caught was The Procussions from the Rawkus Records stable, once the be-all and end all for the backpacking set and label behind the super-group Black Star’s [Mos Def and Talib Kweli] rise to fame.

I actually first heard of The Procussions on a trip through Colorado two years ago: a mom and pop record shop with a homegrown artists category had their “…As Iron Sharpens Iron” at the front - dope album, a little rough around the edges, but enjoyable nonetheless. When I saw them this time though, they looked and sounded like pros [bad and unintended pun], an encouraging sign for a group that’s being hailed as the ones to bring Rawkus back to the top. Their deliveries were on point, albeit a little sharp from a bad mix, and the energy was up their entire set.

Brooklyn’s own Maya Azucena followed. Mostly a crooner, she rocked with a live band and definitely did her thing with a couple mid-tempo joints that had just about everyone in the audience nodding. Given some deserving props by the Village Voice and the NY Post (“a towering voice which has echoes of Chaka Kahn and Roberta Flack”], she was entertaining, but I thought the performance got a little sloppy in areas. Maybe the back and forth with the other singers and emcees… it could have been the sound system acting up, too. Sound issues were actually an unfortunate theme throughout the show.

A hype set by special unbilled guest Craig G was ruined because his partner’s mic wasn’t on and by the looks of it, took him from hype to angry. Shouts to Talib Kweli for popping out of nowhere during Craig’s set, though [maybe next year 40 minutes of Black Star???], as well as Sean Price and Buckshot from Boot Camp for coming through. The crowd seemed to have bouts of what I’ll call sluggishness through the show, and although Craig’s set reeked of old-school flavor, something about it seemed a little off. I think he sounded too angry, but I’d never seen him before outside of some battle shit on DVD, that could just be his style.

Of the top billed stars, three out of the four delivered. I should probably count Sleepy Brown in there and make it five stars, but his performance, while exciting, was really laid back and relegated to mostly him doing snippets of songs he laced with his dungeon family [Outkast, Organized Noise, “I Like the Way You Move,” “Can’t Wait” etc.]. He did a few songs for the ladies, but I think the crowd was hungrier for the kind of energy that resonates with an emcee rhyming rather than a slick dood like Sleepy singing.

Rhymefest was on last year’s bill and he definitely did not disappoint. I’d been hearing about him for awhile and was never really sold on his voice and delivery till I heard him rhyme. Fest definitely did some Chi-city shit, dipping, sliding and stepping through his set, not too mention lacing the illest freestyle of the day, some shit about [and I’m paraphrasing] “jumping into the crowd next to a white girl with a black girls’ ass and holding [my] own poster” – as he was doing each thing he mentioned. Fucking insanely good live performer.

I was disappointed the other young dude, Lupe Fiasco, billed as an emcee to watch didn’t come off as crazy. On tape, son is crazy... his rhyme schemes and layered punchlines "brown nosing like alf" have you constantly listening close, but live something about it didn't translate [tho "Kick Push" is gonna be a fucking classic]. In all fairness, though, his and Sleepy Browns’ style seemed not to mesh with the vibe the crowd was looking for whereas Fest’s did. While Fest was on some just rhyme shit, Lupe had a more gangster edge to him; the acapella he dropped was dope, but it had elements of the money/cash/hos/drugs theme that people came to escape from that I think lost him points.

For me, the highlight of the festival was two-fold. I got to see the headliner Big Daddy Kane, a mic LEGEND without question, AND I got to czec CL Smooth who I’ve always heard was incredible live. Some people might kill me for this, but I think CL stole the show. Kane had some great moments and his last song “Ain’t No Half Steppin” ranks among the craziest I’ve ever seen a crowd, and his tribute to hip hop greats who’ve passed [“A Moment of Noise”] was a dope way to celebrate those who’ve left this world and hip hop behind.

But CL just crushed the show with this ridiculous look on his face, kind of a smirk, kind of in disgust that he had to remind us he was dope, and kind of a smile cuz he knew that WE all knew he was dope to begin with. But holy shit, his rendition of “They Reminisce Over You – T.R.O.Y.” was jus CRAZY. The flow… it’s still beautiful. Granted after 14 years, it oughtta be, but still. The dude was relentless.

I think I was in the minority though, because everyone was basically hyped out of their minds about Kane’s performance. He talked with the crowd about how you have to respect the past in order to move forward and he was no doubt the guy performing last night was the kind that, in his heyday, elevated him to his now revered status. The guy just oozed charisma.

Aside from the shitty weather and a few sound problems, the show was seriously off the fucking cliff. There’s something about the energy at hip hop show that nothing else can duplicate, at least for me. Everything is clear, the vibe is crazy. Daps to Brooklyn Bodega for organizing it, czec them out: Brooklyn Brewery was also on hand for liquid fuel.

Bottom-line, anyone who wasn’t there, missed the fuck out. When you can hear the bass 5 blocks away, you know you’re in the right spot. For a purist, it was further proof that when the time is right, hip hop as a music will find it’s way back from what it is now to what it was then by embracing all it can and more importantly, SHOULD, become. Till then, we’ll reminisce over H.E.R.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

BillyBurg Film Fest POSTPONED

Sorry kids but the rain has cancelled your plans for tonight. This means no Japanther, no Showalter, and no MyOpenBar after party at Supreme Trading. Actually, I'm not so sure MOB has cancelled the after party. I know they had a shitload of beer and who knows how long it is until the raindate. They might need to get rid of it. Olga is doing some research to find out whats up, if I hear anything I'll let you know.

A Calm Night In The Village

Last night around midnight we headed over to Lit. It was surprisingly dead for a Friday night. Downstairs Deva (female Devo cover band) was playing, who I have been meaning to see, but I wasn't in the mood to see a band. So we decided maybe it was time to move on.

We headed over to Rififi for Trash. On the way there we passed by Moby on the street - he was alone with a big hat on trying not to be recognized. We got to Rififi just as the rain started to come down. Again it was kind of calm - which is unusual. Within a few minutes of our arrival the power in the backroom went out. I'm pretty sure it was a breaker since it was only the backroom but I'm not a fucking electrician. People started to head for the exit and then boom - music. Everyone turned around and went back to dance.

I stayed up front by the bar since I'm not a huge fan of dancing but very fond of drinking. You know the comedian Eugene Mirman? You should check him out if you aren't familiar he's pretty funny. Well, he is also kinda creepy. He was pretty much lurking in the shadows all night. He was carrying around a camera tripod but I did not see a camera. Mirman would do a little pace from the front of the room to the back and then just stop and stand in the middle of the room and stare at the crowd. It was really fucking weird.

I like Rififi on Fridays quite a bit. It's cool because it's a crazy hipsterish party but without all the retardedness. Well last night the Blue States Lose people made an appearance. In particular 70's jogger man - dude was rocking 70's short shorts with an ass tight cotton jersey and I'm pretty sure he a had a headband on. Seriously, what the fuck? Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me to capture his magnificence. He wasn't the only one either, so I moved on.

After that it we took a trip to 7B for a night cap. Man I love that bar, great jukebox. Nothing exciting happened there at all. We just drank a couple of Natty Lite tall boys and rocked out to some Danzig. So overall last night was cool but there was a weird calmness in the air. Fucking summer in New York man - everyone stop going to the Hamptons and Jersey Shore. There is plenty fun to be had here.

Friday, June 23, 2006

WIN: Guestlist To Rated-X Saturday Night

Hey... so you want to check out the legendary debauchery of Rated-X but you don't want to pony up the $10 because a) you're cheap b) you're poor c) you're afraid to spend money on something you're unsure of. Well my friends, you are in luck because Andy Shaw (Shaw Promotion) wants to hook you up with a spot on the guestlist! All you have to do is send an email to with the Subject: I'm A Winner.

I will randomly choose one winner who will get their name on the guestlist with a +1. Hurry the fuck up this shit is tomorrow night.

See what you have been missing:
Brooklyn Ski Club @ Rated-X (NSFW)


Theo & Michael T
Rated X/Panty Party...
Sci-Fi Mutant Prom!
@ Luke N Leroy
7th ave South & Leroy st
Saturday, June 24th
[Gay Pride/Shame Weekend]

Doors 10pm/21 +/ID Please!
$5 w/invite $10 w/out all nite!

2 4 1 Domestic Beers all nite for pant checkers!
$3 Alien shots for "Sci-Fi" patrons..all nite!
2 4 1 Domestic Beers & $4 Mixed Drinks btwn 3-4 for all!

Outer Space Cabaret Show @ Mid-Night!
Janice De Milo
Cathy Cervenka
Michael T aka..."The Mothership"
MC:Peppermint Gummybear
Hot Body/Sci-Fi Costume Contest
$200 GRAND PRIZE @2am

Justine D [Motherfucker]
DJ Jess [Trash]

Spinning:Icy New Wave, Road Warrior Post Punk & Glitter Galaxy Glam

Downstairs Dj's:
Rok One [The Bangers]
Kimann Foxman
Spinning:Intergalactic Soul& Nu-Wave Martian House!

invader hosts :

Stage, Lights& Decor:Ted E

Dresscode:Sci-Fi Movie looks [50's-80's] Gary Numan Meets Hazel O Conner
Spaceage Cowboy, Hookers from Mars, Silver, Spandex, Stars & Sequins!

Distributions:Shaw Promotions
Photos by:lastnightsparty

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Internet Partially Down?

So I was just about to put up a fresh post and I noticed some of the sites I needed to go to aren't loading. I am online - I'm on AIM right now and I'm posting this - so I have a connection. MySpace, NetVibes, Blogger, and Gmail are working just fine for me. Well actually, MySpace is working fine except some peoples pictures aren't loading. This is all really fucking wierd, can anyone explain to me why this is happening?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Holy Diver!

Here is the latest from metal band extrodanaire Killswitch Engage. It's a cover of the Ronnie James Dio classic "Holy Diver". As great as the origianal is I think I like this version better. Sorry to all the old school metal heads out there. I mean this is the only Dio song I know, which is either something to be very proud of or very ashamed of - I'm not really sure.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Kings Of New York: Madball (& Turmoil) at CBGB's

This was a concert I was looking forward to for a long time. My favorite NYC hardcore band ever, Madball, and my favorite Philly hardcore band ever, Turmoil, playing together at CBGBs. I had some trouble getting in and I thought I might miss the show, which would have been horrible.

You see, I was supposed to be on the Madball list but somehow that didn't happen. I tried to explain this to the guy at the door but no dice. It was ok though because I was told if I wasn't on the list to give Freddy Madball a call and he would get me in. So I gave Freddy a call - no answer - fuck! Then I stood in front of CB's for about 30 minutes hoping I would see someone I recognized so I could plea my case - I didn't see anyone.

I was really nervous/pissed that I might not get to see this show. I swore that I read the show was sold out so I never actually asked if there were still tickets, and the door guys didn't mention it either. I saw Turmoil was loading in so I found another door guy and asked if there were still tickets. To my surprise he said yes, so I reluctantly coughed up 15 dollars and headed inside.

Turmoil was setting up their shit when I walked in - perfect timing. The band took the stage and that's when I realized how long it's been since I've seen these guys. They looked much older then I remembered. The singer who used to be a skinny dude was huge now - not really fat but stocky. It was weird because he was famous for being this fairly small dude that used to go into the pit during shows and fuck people up. I never saw a Turmoil show back in the day that didn't end with him covered in blood (I'm not exaggerating at all).

Anyway, they started exactly the way any Turmoil fan would hope - "What the fuck! - are! - you!". It was great to those words after all these years. Turmoil was always one of my favorite bands to see live and based on what I was seeing they still are.

My complaint is that one of the best parts of seeing them way back when was the crowd interaction. They were in the pit with everyone else and it was insane to witness. This time around they barely moved at all and stayed far from the pit - when there was one. Which also surprised me about this show - no one seemed to give a fuck about Turmoil. I mean come on, one of the best late 90's hardcore bands back together and no one cares. There was barely any action on the floor at all and it was a bit depressing. Turmoil didn't let it phase them though, they sounded awesome.

After Turmoil finished I moved to the side of the stage, where I found a chair to stand on. I had a pretty good spot, despite the monitor being in front of me. I wasn't staying on the floor for Madball - pits aren't fun for me anymore, they fucking hurt now. As expected a few minutes after Turmoil the flood gates opened and CB's filled with NY's hardest. One thing about Madball shows is that these are real fucking hardcore cats, not suburbanites with backwards hats. The crowd at a Madball show in NYC is a bit frightening and they fucking go apeshit.

I can't even remember what song they opened with but the floor exploded instantly. People jumping off of speakers, flipping into the crowd - the way a hardcore show should be. The thing is these weren't kids, these were old crusty punks/thugs cracking some skulls. It looked pretty brutal from my perch.

Madball NEVER puts on a bad show. I've seen them more times then I can count and they always destroy. There is a reason that they are considered the best NYC hardcore band (props to SOIA) and it's not their albums. Madball, like always, was on point - hell it's CBGBs, where it all started, of course they were on point.

Some of the notable moments of the show was when Toby from H2O joined the boys for a song. Hoya (bass) and Freddy (vocals) switched it up for that song. So Hoya and Toby were on vocal duty with Freddy playing bass. At another point in the set Freddy announced that Hoya was getting married (aww). Everyone gave him a big congratulations and then the show went on. They played quite a few songs, the best being "Pride" and "Down By Law". Those aren't my favorites they were just the best of the set.

I always love seeing Madball, especially in NYC. You know why? Because Madball are the kings of New York. You missed a great fucking show kids, don't slack next time they're around. Which won't be at CBGB's, this was officially they're last gig at CB's which just fucking sucks.


Toby from H2O & Hoya

Freddy Madball


Denny Blaze Update

The latest from the Average Homeboy:

Denny Blaze on ABC Affiliate WEWS in Cleveland

Denny Blaze - Hey Bone Lady (The Making Of)

Average Homeboy Returns - A Doogtoons Music Video

Tropical Getaway - Denny Blazin Hazen

1,000+ Visitors Today!

If you haven't heard, the post I put up about people buying MySpace accounts was picked up by today. Shortly after that Boing Boing linked to it as well. Then a bunch of smaller sites all started linking to it too. The traffic today was insane, as of now over 1,000 unique visitors! This is by far the most viewed posting ever on BSC. Unfortunately, according to my site meter no one seems to be looking at any posts but the MySpace post.

Division Day "Hurricane" Video

"The video was shot... using a camera and film yoinked
from the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel."
BSC Review of "Beartrap Island"

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Forward Russia @ Mercury Lounge

I'm not going to bother with a big write up because Brooklyn Vegan already put something up with all the links you'll need. I didn't actually hear Forward Russia until the day of the show - I listened to some tracks on Hype Machine. I thought it was pretty damn good so I might as well see how they are live. Prior to the show a friend told me they sounded like Refused kinda. Then I read a review online that said they sounded like Bloc Party, which is nothing like Refused.

During the show at some point it dawned on me what they sound like, Blood Brothers covering Bloc Party with the singer of Bloc Party sharing vocal duties. I really don't think you can beat that comparison because these guys are exactly what that would sound like. And they know how to put on a show too - very energetic.

The songs are good too but there is a problem with them as a whole, they all sound the same. Now if all of your songs are going to sound the same then they picked a good one song to put on repeat but they could use some variety. The only song that stood out to me was the one with the drummer chick counting, that was an outstanding tune.

I think you should go see these guys if you have a chance but they aren't a "must see" at this point. They do have the potential to get there but that will take some time.

Forward Russia

Easy Money, Sell Your Friends.

I recieved the following email in my MySpace inbox yesterday. Some company is buying up profiles with over 20,000 friends. Take a look:

From: Jessica
Date: Jun 14, 2006 7:55 PM
Body: If you have over 20,000 myspace friends in your account and would like to sell it, please contact me
I'm offering top dollar for these accounts. So, if you or someone you know wants to sell, then I'm looking to buy. ;-)
email me at:


Ain't that some shit? Now all I need is Adder Robot and a few gmail accounts and I'll be able to make a quick buck. I wonder what they pay? I'll drop them a line and find out, I'll let you know what happens.

** Update: I contacted these people via email and I got a reply back. They wouldn't tell me straight up how much they would pay for a profile. Instead they wanted to see my profile and how many friends I had before they talked business. The problem is I don't have enough friends - so if anyone out there has 20K+ friends and is willing to play along let me know.

Thanks to Waxy and Boing Boing for linking to this!

If this is your first time at BSC please look around, it's possible there's more then one good post here.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Make Those Hipsters Dance (Gogol Bordello Show)

Gogol Bordello is the best live act there is right now. Friday night at Irving Plaza proved that the Warsaw show was not a fluke. Irving Plaza was not the ideal venue for an act like Gogol but that only slowed them down a bit. The venue was to narrow, the people trying to dance were just knocking into each other. I saw a few fights almost break out because of this.

The show itself was almost exactly the same as the Warsaw gig - jumping in the crowd, drum surfing, etc. It would have been nice to see a new stage show but seeing Gogol do the same thing is better then seeing something new by most other bands.

This show was not the Warsaw gig - that was a once in a lifetime show. It was really fucking good though and once again everyone was dancing. If you still haven't seen Gogol then get your ass in gear and go see them. Seriously, quit fucking around - there's no excuse.

Don't Fuck With Saget

Too bad Jaime Kennedy is in this shit.

The Gap Van Featuring Lindsay Lohan, Misshapes, & Perez

A block away from where I work the Gap van set-up shop. I walked by it during lunch and some rasta looking dude was spinning bad music and a bunch of morons in Gap shirts were trying to force feed me beads. Later on I found out that a super star DJ set was coming up, including Perez Hilton, The Misshapes, and Lindsay Lohan.

A few coworkers went down there around 5PM and Lindsay was just starting her set. They came back and started making fun of her DJ skills. On my way home I cruised by to see what all the fuss was about and I managed to catch about 1 minute of the Lohan set. Then she ran off with a couple of security guards - which was funny because there was only about 30 people there. Oh and not to get all gossipy but that broad is really fucking skinny.

My conclusion - the Gap wasted a shit load of money on a really fucking stupid idea.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fuckin' Thieves

I want to trust people but it just gets harder everyday. Today I go to Tompkins Square to shoot some hoops and some scum fuck steals my ball. I was playing a game and some kid asks if he can shoot around with my ball. I said it was cool, and that was the last time I saw the fucking thing.

Here's what really gets me - that was my shitty ball. It had tears in it and no grip, the reason I bring that thing to the park is so I don't have to worry about it. If it was a new ball then I could understand someone stealing it, in fact I would have deserved it. This was just sickness from a sick bastard - if you're going to be a dirty thief at least steal nice shit.

Now I have to bring the nice ball to the court and that's when I really have to worry. This is why I hate human beings.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Minibosses - Live Nintendo Music

These guys are no HORSE The Band but it's still kinda cool. They are a Nintendo cover band and they're called the Minibosses. I don't feel like explaining their sound any further so just check them out.

The Minibosses

Super Mario 2
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden (live)


Contra (live)

Wizards & Warriors (live)

The Strokes + Eddie Vedder + Josh Homme = Gaye.

Well this is an interesting mash up - The Strokes with Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) helping out on drums and Eddie Vedder helping on vocals. What song do they play together you ask? According to it's going to be "Mercy, Mercy Me" - which should be pretty badass. The track will be released mid-July but I have a feeling those damn dirty bloggers will get their hands on it before then. So keep an eye out and an ear open.

A Wedding In New Jersey

So from what I hear I missed quite a weekend in NYC. I had to take a little trip down to South Jersey for my homeboy's wedding. It was a pretty brutal trip all around. Friday night we (me and girlfriend) went to the Gogol Bordello show at Irving Plaza (review is coming). I don't know what time we got home but we didn't fall asleep until 2:30AM.

I know what you're saying - "2:30, that's fucking early you pussy!". Normally I would agree but normally I don't have to be at a wedding in another state by noon. So we end up taking a 2 hour nap and are awoken by the alarm at 4:30AM. We get ready and head over to the Port Authority to catch the 6 o'clock Greyhound to Philly.

Normally I take the Chinatown bus when I got to Philly because it's like $12 cheaper, but there are no 6AM Chinatown busses, so I had to cough up the bucks for Greyhound. In fact this was my first Greyhound to Philly ever. The funny thing is, people always give me shit for taking the China Express - they try to make me out to be a cheapskate. Well let me tell you something, they are absolutely wrong.

That fucking expensive Greyhound was the grossest piece of shit I've ever been on - and that includes the band van. The seats were ripped and covered in graffiti and the bus smelled like rancid asparagus piss. Now, the Chinatown bus smells like piss too but only right near the pisser - not the whole fucking bus. It smelled like someone hosed that fucker down with a piss canon. Fuck Greyhound in it's ass.

So after a horrible journey through Jersey we end up in Philly. From there we grabbed a cab over to National rent-a-car. This was my first time renting a car and I have to say it's not such a bad thing. It was a bit pricey but not horrible - it ended up costing about $80 for two days. We get in our midsize Impala and cruise to South Jersey. We get to my parents house and start getting ready for the wedding.

Going on 2 hours of sleep we take our pretty asses and get back in the car. The final stage of travel was about to take place - a 30 minute drive to some marina outside of AC. We got there about 5 minutes late, which isn't too bad all considering. I say my hello's and catch up with some friends.

The ceremony was held next to the inn, it was supposed to be by the water but the winds were too strong. The new location for the ceremony was right next to the highway and I didn't hear a single word spoken during the whole thing. Then came the reception and all that jazz.

I was so fucking tired by the end I could barely keep my eyes open. The drive back was fairly dangerous since I kept dozing off. Good thing my girl was passed out or she might have been a bit concerned. Anyway, we got back to the parents dwelling around 5PM or so and went straight to bed.

Up until we left at 5PM the next day we really did damn near nothing. Despite not going anywhere near a jet we were completely jet-lagged. It's good to be back in NYC, that's all I can say. Oh, we took the Chinatown bus back.

Congats to Mr. Boston

Be A South Park Character

Through my high school age cousin I discovered a few websites on the internet which allow you to create a South Park depiction of yourself. This seems like one of those things that has been around for years but I just found out about. Either way it's a pretty cool little toy to play with. Here I am as a South Park character:

Make one and leave as a comment:
SP Studio

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Olga's Pick

Hey Brooklyn!
Matt's gone and I am stuck in the shitty this weekend, but that's OK because there is a ton of good stuff going on today.

You can start the night off and Lulu's where you can eat and fill up on as much booze as you want.

Ill Out Your Grill
@ Lulu's Lounge
Corner of Greenpoint Ave and Franklin St
Free but Must RSVP or come out with printout

Open Bar Brooklyn Lager 9-10 and Open Bar Skyy Vodka 12:30-1:30. Plus, free Grilled Po'Boy Sandwiches until 12 and giveaways all night long.


Or you can go to the VICE magazine photo exhibit opening.

The 6th Annual Vice Magazine Photo Issue Exhibition
@ Silverstein Photography
535 West 24th St
RSVP for guaranteed admission

From the looks of it, this art opening will not be your typical one. For starter there's free Sparks!

Have fun,

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Government

No more posting pictures of your mega bong hits on MySpace
Link: Social Network Mining

Big Brother hates gays less then you think
Link: Gay Marriage Bill

If You Can't Make It To Gogol Tonight...

Try this out instead:

Gogol Bordello At Irving Plaza Tonight

This show is sold out but you have to go see Gogol Bordello. Do whatever it takes to get in. Granted it's at Irving Plaza - which sucks, but this is the best live band in existence. I'm dead serious, they have my vote.

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