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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Since I'm going to be at the Merc Lounge tonight anyway, I'll probably hit Shithammered/We Bite afterwards. It's right down the street at Happy Ending - maybe I'll see you there.

PS - Free Rum 10:30-11:30

Monday, January 30, 2006

Free Tickets

As I've mentioned before I'm an editor for What's Up NYC. We have giveaways every week now so I figured it would make sense to list them here. This week we have tickets for the Your New Best Friend, The Fatales, Saints and Lovers, and Taxpayer show. The gig will be on Thursday at Fat Baby. Go to What's Up NYC to enter that piece.

We are also giving away guestlist spots for Hiro on Thursady and Rated-X @ Scenic on Saturday

Replace Her Face

The first picture of Isabelle Dinoire have been released. Who the fuck is Isabelle Dinoire you ask? She is the worlds first successful face transplant recipient (if you exlude Nicholas Cage & John Travolta, of course). She passed out all rocked on drugs one night and her dog ate the lower part of her face off - bad dog! So they hacked off the face of some dead broad and glued it on. This is some pretty freaky shit, but I guess it's better than looking like Skeletor.

Tuesday Night: People In Planes

Tomorrow I'm going to see People In Planes at the Merc Lounge. They're a new band out of the UK that I'm doing marketing for. I've only heard the single but it's pretty interesting so I'm excited to see what they're like live. The show is with The Waylons and Jeff Klein. Here are the details:

People In Planes
@ Mercury Lounge

If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode) - People In Planes

As always I'll have some pics and a review after the show

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Smash It Up

It's Sunday and I'm not doing shit tonight, but if I was I'm pretty sure this is what I would do. Smash It Up is tonight at Movida. I've heard some good things about it and if I didn't have to work tomorrow I would check it out myself. Those of you out there who will be attending - feel free to send me a review and pics. If it's cool I might post it.
Smash it Up @ Niagra
7th Street & Ave A

21+ No Cover

For The Metal Heads

I was on YouTube checking out the recent video of Metallica at Sundance - which is just sad, by the way. While I was watching that train wreck I glanced at the similar video's and I found this first one. It's Pantera and Metallica playing "Whiplash". Actually, I think it's just Jason Newstead but it's cool anyway. Phil is playing guitar and Dime is singing - Phil shreds the solo.

Whiplash - Pantera & Metallica (Video)

While I was checking ot this I found something even better - way fucking better actually. It's Pantera circa 1986 playing "Seek & Destroy". I know this is blasphemous, but i think I like it better than the original. This was when Pantera was a shitty hair band but they showed they could play real metal with this cover. Dimebag does the vocals and absolutely destroys the solo. His version was renamed "Drink & Destroy".

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Trashed Again...

I finally figured out my problem - my pursuit of open bars has made life boring. Last night, instead of trying to catch an 11pm open bar we were just hanging out having some beers when at the apartment. All of a sudden we decided to head to Rififi - it was already 1am at this point. We got there about 1:30 or so and walked into a fucking killer party.

When you show up at a place at nearly 2AM everyone is already completely shitfaced and swinging from chandeliers. I used to know this but the lure of free booze made me forget. Maybe open bars aren't that cool, maybe it's worth just paying for it like a normal person. The problem with pounding booze at 11 is by 1 you're fucking spent - and that's not fun.

Anyway, last night we get in to Rififi and the party is raging. It wasn't quite like the old days but it was the best I've seen it in a while. To be honest nothing super exciting happened, it was just a combination of cool people to talk to and great music to dance to - which is what drew me to Trash in the first place.

At one point some tall hot girl walks up to me when I was in line for the bathroom and asks if I was in line. I said yes and then noticed she looked totally fucked out of her mind. I said, "Are you OK?" and then she threw up all over the floor inches away from my shoes.

We left after last call with a swarm of flashing lights outside. I was pretty gone by that point and didn't bother to notice if it was cops or the fire department - either way flashing lights are never good. Anyway, it looks like the Trash crew has stepped it up a notch. For the second week in a row Trash has been a good time, this time in particular.

Come out next week and wear your dancing shoes - just make sure that broad doesn't hurl on them.

Trash @ Rififi

Bronques & Hank (The guy skiing up top)

El Bandito de Stinkfinger

Sidewalk Piss

As you can see Bronques was there so you might want to check LNP for more (and better) pictures.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Don't Forget Mr. L Train

The goddamn shithole fucking MTA is shutting down the L train this weekend - again. I've had enough of this crap. Don't get stuck in Manhattan tonight, or get stuck there - what the fuck do I care?

Friday Night Options

What to do? What to do? There are a few things going on tonight that might be pretty good. I'm not sure what I'm doinng - I might not go out at all. If I choose to though I'll probably end up at one of these events.

Trash @ Rififi
11th St. btwn 1st & 2nd

Tonight at Rififi they are having a screening of Live Freaky Die Freaky. It's a flick by Billie Joe Armstrong... or something - he's involved somehow. This should be good Trash seems to be picking up a little lately so expect a good time. Avoid the line by RSVPing

Sweat @ The Delancey
Delancey & Clinton
FREE (open Heineken bar 10-11)

I'm not really a fan of the Delancey, although the roof deck is amazing. The vibe at this joint is always kinda wierd - I can't figure it out. Nonetheless this sounds half decent, plus there's free booze - which I guess is expected at this point.
That's it for me - there is also a party at Lit which I hear will be good but I really hate that place. They will have free Sparks though so you never know. Buy me a beer if you see me.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shindig Busted!

Big fuckin surprise. Yet another Shindig was shutdown by the wonderful NYC police. It was a damn good time up until the shutdown. I got there around 10 and had to wait in line for about 10 minutes - it was fucking freezing. I throw down my $15 to the port-o-potty girl and then get my hand stamped by Officer Indie.

Once inside I headed straight for the bar and grab myself a Rockstar and vodka. Then I made my way over to the stage to check out the tunes. The first band was Young Lords (I think) and they weren't bad. They kinda reminded me of the Stones at times and Kings of Leon at others. When the band got done I started my first round of meet and greet. I also started drinking lots more.

I was getting loaded on Rockstar & vodka when I noticed the kegs were free for all. This is my favorite part of Shindig - pump your own beer. I love it - no line, no tipping... no bartender. It cuts out the middle man and makes my life that much easier. I also like the whole flashback to high school aspect of it. I miss keg parties and I wish there were more of them - if you hear of one let me know.

Anyway, The Go Station was next up and they weren't too shabby. I don't think they deserve the buzz I've been hearing but I enjoyed the show. After that was Aberdeen City, who are supposed to excellent live. To be honest I wasn't feeling it. Maybe it's because I was feeling the booze and I wanted to hear something more rock n' roll. They were just a little too mellow for the mood I was in.

Things got a bit hazy towards the end of the set. I started wondering around and talking to everyone and I'm not sure exactly what went down. All I know is that Officer Indie jumped on stage and told everyone the cops were shutting the joint down. What? Fuck you... I want my Mooney Suzuki, goddamnit. He insisted everyone leave so I ate my 15 Mooney bucks and headed out the door.

When I got outside there wasn't one friggin cop in site. The guy at the door told me they came by told everyone to leave and then left. Yeah, that happens. Here's my theory: either they never had Mooney Suzuki or Mooney bailed the last second. Instead of being honest and telling everyone Mooney wouldn't show they instead chose to fake a raid.

Of course my theory is entirely speculation. I have no idea what actually happened, but I was pretty fucking pissed about the situation. Everyone was saying the party was moving to Black & White, but I just went home. Here are a few shots I took, Bronques was there doing his thing so check LNP for more. There's a picture of me on LNP making some cheesy face - because I don't know how to smile for pictures.

Florida and Officer Indie

Wow! My fake ID worked this time... awesome!

I hope no one sees me pour my own beer.

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Diamond Dave - Please Stop

Every morning I wake up to the radio. For more years than I can count I woke up to the mighty Howard Stern. Now I have no choice but to wake up to David Lee Roth. I like Dave, he seems like a good dude, a bit of a douche maybe but he's not too bad.

This fucking show though... Fuck, what the hell is the point. He just rambles on about nothing. The few times there is an actual point it's that he is a good/special person. Stop talking about how you're an EMT and you date super models - just fucking stop. I miss Howard... bad.

They should replace Dave with Jackie Martling - that would be fantastic. Anyway, here are some Howard MP3's to hold over everyone out there in the same boat as me.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Shindig Wednesday

The day is upon us - another Shindig is tomorrow. This time around there are some good bands, not that the bands that have played before suck but they're not Mooney Suzuki. Along with Mooney Suzuki the show/party features Aberdeen City, The Go Station, & Young Lords.

I've been told that Aberdeen City has really stepped up their live show and to expect big things. The other bands I don't know much about. The Go Station has a little bit of buzz but I haven't heard enough to comment.

Here's the point... $15 gets you four bands and all the booze your diseased liver can handle. You'll party all night, make out with a random stranger, stumble home, and wake up late for work and hungover. Sounds like fun doesn't it.

See you there...
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16 Year Old Dimebag Darrell

I just randomly stumbled upon this video about 2 minutes ago. It's Dimebag Darrell from Pantera when he was 16. Whether you like metal or not you have to watch this clip. It's goddamn ridiculous - keep in mind he's only 16. Most people who have been playing guitar for twenty years can't even come close to this shit a 16 year old kid is playing.

I heard stories that when he was a kid he used to enter guitar contests. Apparently he never even came close to losing. In fact I heard he got banned from the competition's because it was unfair. I always thought that was just exaggerated bullshit but now I believe. Sixteen for fuck's sake, how?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Bloc Party - DFA Remix

I've been seeing this track around and I finally gave it a listen the other day. You see I'm not really into the whole remix thing but I figured what the hell. I have to say, I really dig this - this actually makes me want to dance. Very cool, it makes me feel like I'm downstairs at Happy Ending bouncing around with a Sparks in my hand. Which is weird because I don't think that's ever actually happened. So without further ado here's the track.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fueled By Ramen

Most of us have at one point in our lives lived on the ramen diet. Whether it was out of desperation or because its all you could cook in a dorm we've all had ramen. Last summer I was broke as hell and I was eating ramen 2-3 times per day. It was very sad but absolutely necessary. Anyone who's been through this knows that variety is essential - those flavor packs get old fast.

I had a few favorites which included ramen & hot dogs and ramen spaghetti. So when I was directed toward this site recently (thanks Charissa) I got a bit nostalgic. I really don't plan on eating much ramen anymore but if I do then I'm hittin' this site up first. It's called the "Official Ramen Homepage" and it has 300+ recipes for ramen noodles.

I highly recommend this site - especially if times are rough and you're eating this shit twice a day. With these recipes you'll convince yourself you're actually eating decent food. This site has been around since about 1995 so you may have stumbled upon it before. Either way it's worth checking out since it appears to be updated frequently. You can even submit you're recipe for ramen chili.

I need to go boil some water...

Rated-X Last Night

So after much deliberation I decided to head to Scenic once again. This was the third week in a row and I really didn't want to go this Saturday but it was Michael T's bday bash. There was huge hype around this weeks Rated-X and I didn't want to miss anything.

We showed up a little after 11pm and headed down stairs to hit the open bar. It was fucking packed down there and it was only 11:15. I have never seen so many heads there before midnight. We muscled our way through the crowd and posted up at the end of the bar. Then we started working on our Red Bull & vodka. Nights that start with Red Bull & vodka are always interesting - caffeine, taurine, & booze is a vicious combo.

As always nothing really changed during the open bar. We held our positions until midnight. Once the free booze dried up we started roaming around. I went upstairs and met some guy in a Devo cover band. He introduced me to a 6'4" amazon woman who is also in the band. They were both pretty cool and I promised I would check them out when I had a chance.

Things at this point start to get a little blurry. I think I was drinking PBR but I'm not sure, at some point I bought a Colt 45 forty which I nursed all night. I know at some point Michael T was onstage with his band. They were surprisingly good, their cover of Jet Boy was pretty killer. I think they should stick with the band theme, it was fun.

Upstairs there were a bunch of half-naked dudes dancing on tables. It was super gay, but this was Michael T's birthday party after all. Honestly, I wish I had some more interesting tales to tell. There was tons of scandalous shit going on but I was fucking twisted and forgot most of it.

It was very hot inside and I decided to take off my hoodie and throw it over my shoulder. Somehow, in my drunken stupor, I lost the fucking thing. That was the least of my worries - I also, at that point, realized my cell phone was missing as well. Oh the horror!

This all took place right around the same time the hot bod contest started. So instead of checking out the naked ladies I was walking around with my roommates phone staring at the floor and calling my cell. I was hoping the flashing lights would lead me to it but that never happened.

After about an hour of that my roommate gave it a go and somehow managed to find it. It was under the bar - I guess it came out of my pocket when I was reaching for cash. I still managed to see a little bit of the show. The same dude and chick that were in the finals last week re-entered. Once again they made it into the finals but were beaten by some femme boy.

Searching for the phone killed the night for me and we took off immediately after finding it. We hit the hot dog joint and then hopped on the J train. I was still hungry so we went to the Puerto Rican food place under the train. The place was packed and the food was cheap and delicious - my favorite combo. Then I went home and ate a bag of popcorn. At that pace I'll be a fat bastard in no time.

BSC's first nip shot

Sorry, China Club is uptown... nice tits though.

Michael T & co.

Man ass

Peace... right?

Tom Morello?


**Check comments for a link to the hot body contest pictures

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another Option For Tonight

If Rated X isn't all it's supposed to be I think I might head over to the costume loft party in Soho. This party is at some random loft downtown and it's free if you're wearing a costume. Sounds like it will be really fun... or complete shit. I don't think there's any middle ground for this one. It's BYOB so go pick up a case of Natty or PBR and hit this shit up, instead of spending the same amount on three drinks somewhere else.

It's here:
149 Wooster St, btw Houston and Prince

More details at MyOpenBar

Rated X - Bday Bash & After Party

I wasn't planning on going to Rated-X tonight because I've been there the last two weeks and I need a change of pace. But this might be too good to pass up. It's Michael T's birthday so all of the freaks will be coming out of the woodwork for this one - it should be fantastic. I expect extreme craziness and naked bodies everywhere. But we'll see what happens - it's been pretty tame lately. If one thing will turn this back into the party it's hyped up to be it's a Bday party for Michael T.

I noticed on the flyer that it's a Red Bull open bar. What the fuck is that? Does that mean Red Bull and Vodka or just Red Bull. Why even call it an open bar if it's just a fucking energy drink? That's like having a Mountain Dew open bar - who fucking cares? There better be some goddamn booze at this thing and it better be "open". I can afford to pay for my drinks but most of my friends can't and I don't want to go to this thing alone. My peeps live off of open bars and Red Bull just won't do the trick.

Anyhow here's the flyer with all of the details for your stank ass:

Michael T Debaucherous Afterhours party tonite...

Beauty Bar
14st btwn 2nd & 3rd ave
Doors 4-7
Party till 8 w/booze

Host:Haley Hot Pink
Dj:Brett Burton

No Cover

Codeword:"More Rape For Mother"

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Editors Show Moved... Again.

I just got word that the Annex is not ready for Tiswas. So for the third time this week it's being moved. It looks like the show will be moved to Rothko but nothing is set in stone - which should be obvious at this point. This whole Tiswas thing has turned into a huge fucking mess. Next time a huge famous party is relaunched it should be done a little more carefully. Tiswas is losing huge points for all of this crap. Just keep in mind that all of this is the venues fault - not the people throwing the party. I really have no idea how this will effect the Editors show but I'm sure it will be complete chaos. Be prepared for a hassle if you're going.

Editors last night at Merc Lounge
[source: Mediaeater Flickr]

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Just Like The Old Days

Last night I decided to head over to Trash at Rififi. Lately, I haven't been very happy with the way things have been going down there but I thought I'd give it another chance. Last night was a big double birthday extravaganza so it was supposed to be a grand ol' time.

I got there early because my roommate wanted to catch the open bar, which started at 11pm. This was by far the earliest I have ever been to Rififi. When we arrived we saw a huge line to get in, normally I would have had to wait and my roommate would have missed his open bar, but Antonio got us in.

Antonio throws Trash at Rififi - that sounds funny. Anyway, because of my reports on BSC he got in touch with me and wanted to let me know my comments were being taken into consideration. I had the pleasure of finally meeting him last night.

Once we got inside we headed for the bar which was completely mobbed. It was like wild beasts fighting over a carcass. After some pushing and clawing we finally got close enough to grab a bartenders attention and order drinks. The freebies tonight were Vodka & MGD. The first round was MGD after that it was mixed but mostly Vodka. For the entire duration of the open bar (1 hour) it was completely packed. The bar itself was surrounded and people were standing or dancing everywhere else.

It looked like it used to here a few months ago. I was having a great time, and a great time at Rififi is better than most other joints. Once the open bar stopped the crowd scattered. Suddenly there were open spots at the bar and you could walk more than three feet without someone spilling your drink. It was cool to finally be able to chill out for a second.

Right around this time the 5-0 made an appearance. They came in with their chests puffed up and walked around like tough guys. Then they had a chat with the bartenders and went on their way. Weird - this place usually gets shut down at first sight of cops. I was very curious so I asked around and found out that they were there because some old lady made a noise complaint - apparently she does this every night. The cops just asked them to turn down the music a little bit, they didn't even write a ticket or anything.

After this little incident we grabbed a few seats on the couches up front and hung out. Speaking of the couches - someone has to do something about the coat situation here. Ninety percent of couch space is covered with piles of coats - it sucks if you want to sit after you get done dancing. Anyway, back to the storyline - if you can call it that.

We pretty much chilled here for the remainder of the night - excluding my half-hour long bathroom wait. Before we hit the couches I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, which was a huge mistake. I never order these evil bastards but something told me I should today. This particular Long Island was like fucking gasoline. Holy fuck butter! This may have been the strongest "mixed" drink I've ever had - and I'm the guy that people won't let mix them drinks because I make them "too strong".

My original plan was to hang on the couch and get a little buzz, then make my way over to the dance floor. Well my demonic concoction put an end to that plan. I didn't want to move about halfway through that thing. At some point Andy Shaw from Shaw Promotion came by and introduced himself. We bullshitted for awhile and then he took off - very cool guy, this was the first time I met him.

Shortly after that we got out of there - I think it was 3ish but I have no idea. I was completely wasted at this point. We stumbled onto the L train and I finished off my night with a huge plate of tater tots and an Anytime burger.

What a way to end a night. Anyway, this was pretty close to the good old days of Trash. I had fun and I got wasted - what more can you ask for? A blowjob would have been nice... but aside from a blowjob, what more can you ask for?

Trash @ Rififi

"I'm soo wasted... Wooo!"
Green shirt just realized he has no friends

This Guy: See note below
*So somehow I start talking to this dude - he's a blogger from out west somewhere, probably LA. Anyway, he was investigating the hipster phenomena. He was going around asking people if they were hipsters, straight out - "Excuse me, are you a hipster?". EVERYONE said no, and they seemed pretty offended by the question. I thought this was hilarious, apparently there wasn't a single hipster in all of Rififi, could of fooled me. He said he's been going to all the major "hipster" joints and asking his question but not a single person said yes. I love it - so good. If anyone finds his post about this please email it to me.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

WIN! See Editors at Tiswas.

As some of you may already know one of my other gigs is as an editor for Whats Up NYC. Well, at the last minute Whats Up and Shaw Promotion teamed up to giveaway 2 guestlist spots for tomorrow nights Tiswas featuring the newest buzz band - the Editors.

This is THE hottest ticket in town - I can't even get into this damn thing, but you might. Go to Whats Up NYC and enter the contest - but you better hurry.

Return to Trash!

I usually try and make it to Trash every week or so but last week I had prior engagements. So, I feel like I have to stop by for the party tonight. I love Trash despite my recent problems there. I have a feeling this will be better then recent times would suggest. Please come join me, we'll dance in the back. Wait... I mean there's no dancing at Rififi. They obey the cabaret law like champs.

A Drunken Recap

I managed to get to the Brooklyn Brewery right on time. The open bar started at 8pm and I was there at about that time. Despite my timeliness I was rudely awoken by a 200 person line. Ok - maybe it wasn't 200 but it was close. I was with 3 other people and two of the 8 hands weren't drinking. We worked out a plan where one would stand in line and then we would sneak in towards the front.

I know that this sounds scumbag and all but if you saw this line you would have done the same thing. People were double-fisting and then going straight to the end of the line. Why? Because when they got back to the front they would need more beer. It actually worked well, unless you were planning on drinking and being social - then you were fucked.

Right around 10 or so some dude got on the loud speaker and told everyone to piss off. What bullshit, how does a fucking brewery run out of beer? I think it was the same dude at the door. If you met him you would know that he isn't funny at all. Yet, he tries his best to be the next Carrot Top - yeah that's how bad he was. I left when the announcement was made - others were more reluctant.

I did have the pleasure of tasting Smoked Porter by Brooklyn Brewery. Wow! So damn delicious. Here's what it tastes like - now stay with me. It tastes like coffee with barbecue sauce. Yes, you heard it right. It was absolutely delicious. A smoked coffee taste - so damn good. Trust me and try it, well worth the risk.

If you enjoy standing in line then this was the party for you.

Here are some pics from the night:

Not People Hanging Out: A Line For Beer

This Guy: Always Wasted, Funny Bastard.
Mmmmm.... Smoked Porter

Pop Yo Colla If Ya Flossin'

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brooklyn Brewery

I'm skipping the gym today (I lasted a whole 2 days) and heading over to the Brooklyn Brewery for the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival Last Call Party. It starts early which kinda sucks but I need a drink anyway. Be there at 8pm for the free lager - it flows until 10pm, at which point you'll have passed out anyway. At least you'll catch up on that sleep you've been meaning to get.
N.11th & Wythe(?... not sure about the Wythe part)

More on MyOpenBar

Suicidal Video Collection Added

I know I just posted about Suicidal Tendencies but there has been some worthwhile news in the last couple days. Suicidal Tendencies have added a bunch of old videos to their MySpace page. I just got the bulletin about an hour ago so this is fresh news. The videos are in the blog section but I'll just link to them directly.

Institutionalized (You loved this song in High School)
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow (One of my favorites)
I Saw Your Mommy (Live- 1984)
Trip at The Brain & You Can't Bring Me Down
Possessed To Skate

The last three were posted awhile ago but the first 3 are fresh on the page. Damn I love this shit, I feel like skating and smashing bottles right now - just like the old days.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Music Kills Boredom

Random songs with absolutely no theme what so ever. Enjoy the sounds...

Williamsburg The Movie

It appears that N.6th has become the latest WIlliamsburg movie set. If you live in Williamsburg seeing film crews is a familiar site, but it's usually on back roads - N.6th is hardly a back road. Be forewarned that you're favorite restaurants, bars and shops may be shut down sometime during the next few days for shooting.

I don't have specific closings but I know for a fact that Topp's is shutting down at some point. I expect other locations will be doing the same for their 15 minutes of fame. Although, I have no idea what movie this is, so most likely it's some indie film no one will ever see but it will win 3 Sundance awards.

If anyone has specific closings let me know

Wednesday Night Party

Tonight I think I'll make my over to Beauty Bar on 14th Street for Bang! I've mentioned this party last week but never made it there. When this was at No. 1 Chinese it was one of my favorites. It looks like it may have gotten better dince the move, based on pics I've seen.

I've heard that they no longer have an open bar. Now it's $2 Svedka instead - but it's for two hours instead of the hour the open bar was. I think I can deal with that but it's weird not having an open bar at Bang! I couldn't find a flyer so here are the details off the top of my head piece:

@ Beauty Bar
14th Street (between 2nd & 3rd)
$2 Vodka from 10-12

I also want to mention that the 4-year anniversary party for Happy Ending may be happening tonight. I got an email about it today but it didn't have a date on it. Anyway, they clame to have free Sparks - but last time they said that it was gone fast. I doubt I'll go anywhere but Beauty Bar tonight but if I do it will probably be here.

Million Dollar Hijack

Hackers have taken over the Million Dollar Homepage and held it for ransom for $50,000. I previously refused to link to the page but I guess it's ok now. Anyway, the owner of the website refused to pay and the, alleged, Russian hackers crashed the site. Since then mister millionaire has upped the security at his site and it is up and running again.

How funny is this? Russian hijackers? WTF? This is like the script to the most boring James Bond movie ever - and that's saying something.

I guess something like this was bound to happen. The guy made a small fortune for a ridicously simple idea. It was only a matter of time before one of thse "why didn't I think of that?" people got pissed and tried to do something about it.

Read the full story here

Thanks Morgan

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AXL.... AXL....

Axl rose was asked about the state of Chinese Democracy at some party for Korn. Apparently, it's going to be released sometime this year... I heard that before. Anyway, does anybody really fucking care anymore? We all know that this thing is going to suck ass. The only thing said that interested me was the possibility of reuniting the real Guns N' Roses.

Axl seems to have forgiven his former bandmates. Somehow I have a feeling they might not share his sentiment. Even though all of these guys are past their prime I would love a chance to see GNR live. The closest I came was pay per view in 1990 - some band called Soundgarden opened for them.

More about Chinese Democracy here
Creepy Fucking Axl pictures here (that hair is killin' me)

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Monday, January 16, 2006

New Suicidal Tendencies In The Works

LA thrash/punk kings Suicidal Tendencies plan on releasing a new album sometime in 2006. It will be their first in 6 years. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. This band's first album, circa 1983, is brilliant in my opinion. After that they slowly went from a thrash-punk style to straight thrash. They decided to aspire more towards a Slayer sound. The problem is they never really pulled it off.

In the late'90s they seemed to realize they were a better punk band then metal band and switched back to their roots. It wasn't great but it was better the most of the stuff they did prior. So what will this one be? I'm thinking more punk, which I look forward to - if it's metal then I'll pass.

Suicidal Tendencies were one of my favorites when I was a kid. I was fascinated by the whole latin street gang playing punk aspect. The early style they had was pretty original at the time and helped pave the way for an entire genre. The first band I ever saw was ST when they opened for Metallica and Danzig. I was about 12 and a big fat biker guy tried to pass me a joint.

(Hey, Look what I found)

The ST website is pretty damn good - tons of cool things to check out. Anyway here are a few tunes from the SuiCyko's.

Oh and by the way, I've noticed like 18 year old kids rockin' the ST style hat with the brim flipped up on the streets of NYC lately. I even see them with "Suicidal" written underneath.

More about the new album on Blabbermouth

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Do Believe The Hype

Brooklyn Ski Club has been added to Hype Machine. If you aren't familiar with the site they pull MP3's from various blogs and list them. They give you several ways to listen - I usually just use the player they provide. You can also listen via podcast, which is very cool. Now you can hear Brooklyn Ski Club posted MP3's on your iPod. Anyway, this is a killer site and I'm happy to finally be listed.

Hype machine is driving some pretty good traffic here so please return the favor and check them out.

Brooklyn Ski Club on Hype Machine

Editors at Tiswas

On Saturday Tiswas is scheduled to open at it's new location, The Annex. It actually re-launched two days ago but had to be moved last minute to Hiro. Anyway, in my book this is the party to be at on Saturday. Buzz band, Editors, make what I believe is their US debut. Everyone is talking about these guys right now, and deservedly so - for once.

In addition to the Editors, Peter Hook of New Order/Joy Division will be spinning records. So now you have two reasons to check this gig out.

This is going to be damn near impossible to get into so start coming up with a plan of attack now. I could be totally wrong though, I don't know shit about the Annex so I don't know what kind of capacity it can hold. Just be aware there are a lot of people that want in for this show.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Swamp Rats

Whenever I talk to people about rock n' roll and old punk and garage, or whatever other labels you can tack on, I mention the Swamp Rats. No one ever knows who they are, not even the music geeks. This band is so fucking good and they get no credit. They were making music in 1967 that could be released now and do just fine. They were way ahead of their time in my opinion.

I discovered these guys about a year ago or so while doing research on the Sonics. They were mentioned on a website as a similar artist so I decided to check them out. I was floored when I heard the first few songs - especially considering this was out in 1966, it's so punk. Since then I have been championing this band to everyone I know and most people love what they hear.

The Swamp Rats were a cover band, for the most part. But they added so much originality to the songs that they became theirs. Keep in mind most rock bands of this time period played LOTS of covers - it was expected of them. This version of Louie Louie is probably my favorite. This song has been played by every band in the world and it's usually annoying after 2 listens but this is great every time.

Check out the tracks and go buy this album, it's worth the money.

Louie Louie - Swamp Rats
Here, There, & Everywhere - Swamp Rats
She's Got Everything - Swamp Rats
I'm Going Home - Swamp Rats
It's Not Easy - Swamp Rats
Till The End Of The Day - Swamp Rats
Psycho - Swamp Rats

Song Tapper

I just came across this little number. It's a website called Song Tapper where you tap out a melody to a song on your keyboard and it guesses the tune. It's kinda stupid really and get's old fast but still kinda interesting.

Mooney Suzuki Shindig

It's finally time for another Shindig. One of the best parties in NYC returns with some pretty good bands. Wednesday night in a huge commercial space on Gansevoort you can see The Mooney Suzuki, Aberdeen City, The Go Station, and Young Lords for $15. Trust me, this thing is well worth the money. First of all The Mooney Suzuki are playing, that's worth $15 in itself. Secondly, there is a killer open bar - usually a couple of kegs plus bartenders serving mixed drinks all damn night.

If you miss this then you kinda suck, this is so worth showing up late for work the next day. This party gets better everytime so I expect big things. I will be there getting bombed and dancing to the sounds of Mooney Suzuki.

Warning: the bathroom is a filthy port-o-potty, so make sure you do your business before you get there.

Mooney Suzuki see previous post
In Combat - Aberdeen City
Wandering Away -The Go Station


Last night I made my way over to Scenic for another installment of Rated-X. Last time I went I wasn't feeling so hot and wasn't able to have as good a time as I should have. Yesterday I made sure I took my medicine (Sparks) before I went out. After braving the elements we arrived at Scenic right around 11PM - which, by chance, was when the open bar started.

Once we got in I immediately went downstairs because there are always less people down there. In timed open bar situations getting a good spot near a bartender is crucial. For the next hour we held our ground at the end of the bar sucking down Vodka tonics with reckless abandon. Once midnight hit I reluctantly dished out some cash for a beer. I ordered a PBR and ended up spending $8, that's right 8 beans for piss in a can. Obviously the girl fucked up or fucked me, either way I let it slide.

Now that I was free from my open bar master I roamed the floor to see the action. People were dancing everywhere you looked - which is always a good sign. Cutie was bothering people for pictures, which got fucked up because the camera shudder didn't open all the way. Nothing of note really went down for awhile - just the normal make-out party.

Around two the famous hot body contest started. Last week I left before this thing started and missed it. I heard it was total dude fest, which I was hoping would change this week. Not so much, only two girls entered this contest but that was ok because the winner was so hot. At least that's what my drunken eyes were telling me. It wasn't very crazy though, the closest to being rated-X was a topless three way make out session - which is more like R. The camera died so I have no pictures from the contest. I saw lots of pics being taken though so if you have any or know where some are posted hook me up.

After the contest I went upsatirs, did a little making out of my own and then went on my way around 3 or so. It was a fun night overall, my only complaint would be the lack of girlies in the contest and my camera fucking up all night.

Funny side note: An unnamed friend went home with this girl. They always see each other out and are nightly dance partners but nothing else, until last night. Apparently they did the deed and this morning, after she left, he gave me a call. After telling me what happened he said something like this, "Dude she does not look good in the morning. I was dry-heaving in the shower". This is a fucked up thing to say but nonetheless funny. I hope she's not reading this...

Rated-X @ Scenic:
"This solo fucking shreds"

**Update: Check comments for link to hot bod pictures

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