Buzzed Bands Podcast, Ep. 2 w/ Cold Blood Club

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Naked People & Free Booze

Tonight is another installment of Rated X at Scenic. Last week I went but I wasn't really feeling it. I left early because I was very tired. This week I'll be sure to drink my Sparks so I can get all crazy and take my pants off. Actually, from what I hear there were more than enough naked dudes last time. Hopefully tonight isn't another Vienna (Sausage capitol of the world... get it?).

Anyway, I will be there bright and early so I can get my fill of free booze. Let's make a pact to get totally shitfaced hammered and act like maniacs. Who's with me? Don't forget, Cutie will be there taking photos for Brooklyn Ski Club. Make sure you get all naked and make out with strangers when you see him coming. Make out with Cutie while you're at it - he's fuckin' adorable. Oh, and by him beer when the open bar is over, he's really poor. It will all be worth it when you wake up Sunday and see your mug on BSC (and maybe My Open Bar)


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