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Sunday, January 29, 2006

For The Metal Heads

I was on YouTube checking out the recent video of Metallica at Sundance - which is just sad, by the way. While I was watching that train wreck I glanced at the similar video's and I found this first one. It's Pantera and Metallica playing "Whiplash". Actually, I think it's just Jason Newstead but it's cool anyway. Phil is playing guitar and Dime is singing - Phil shreds the solo.

Whiplash - Pantera & Metallica (Video)

While I was checking ot this I found something even better - way fucking better actually. It's Pantera circa 1986 playing "Seek & Destroy". I know this is blasphemous, but i think I like it better than the original. This was when Pantera was a shitty hair band but they showed they could play real metal with this cover. Dimebag does the vocals and absolutely destroys the solo. His version was renamed "Drink & Destroy".

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