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Saturday, January 14, 2006

iPod Fashion Is Dumb

I saw this little number yesterday. Apparently, Levi's have decided to make iPod Jeans. What the fuck??? Is this really necessary, last time I checked I had pockets. Do I really need them custom shaped to my iPod? And iPod's change shape every 6 months or so. Does that mean I need to throw out all my jeans when I get a new iPod? Actually, wouldn't thieves be able to tell what kind of iPod you have by your jeans? "Yo, that dude has a Nano son" says thief 1. "Yeah but that dude has the 60gig Video - lets get him"

This whole thing is just gay. Come on people don't buy this dumb shit. Of course now that I said that I'll be the one rocking them in 2 years... damnit.

Here is the story from MacWorld

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