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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Williamsburg List

I decided to post a quick hot/not list for North & South Williamsburg in 2005. I'm doing this off the top of my head and not in order, so don't get too pissed at me. Also keep in mind I was broke most of 2005, so I avoided expensive places. Here goes:

Worth it:
(N.6th & Wythe) - A poor man's paradise, $1 PBR always and a great happy hour until 9PM. The tater tots are fantastic - so is everything else for the most part. This is the place to pre-game and post-game. Just try and block out the horrible music

Bodega subs (any bodega) - Fuck Subway. If you want a real sub go to any bodega in the hood and get a ten inch monster with the works for only $3 dollars! While you're there grab a PBR 22oz. for a buck and you're set.

Union Pool (Union near Lorimer L) - This is the only guarantee of a good time in Williamsburg. Most bars are good one night and suck the next, but this is always at least decent. If you're stuck in the hood this is always a safe bet. Plus, half of the place is outside for all you smokers. Don't worry, they have a fire pit for the winter months.

SEA (N.6th & Berry) - Yeah this place is trendy as fuck, but come on, the food is good and it's CHEAP. This is a great place to fool dates into thinking you have class. Meanwhile you only end up spending $30 - you bum.

Marcy J Stop (<---- stupid) - Quit being such a pussy and take the J. No one is going to rob you son. In general this is the better train to take unless you're going to Uptown Manhattan or the far Westside. Also, that area has some cheap ass shit around there. Try the grease pit under the tracks on the Manhattan bound side - very cheap and tasty fried food. FYI: The video store on the other side has the cheapest internet prices in the area

Not So Much:
(along Bedford) - I used to like this bus - it was consistent and fast. But lately it has fallen off. It never comes on time and takes forever once you're on it. Unless you can actually see this thing, just walk. Don't waste your time waiting.

The L Train - Oh God, have you seen the shut downs that are in store for us? Fuck the MTA and fuck the L train.

Trash Bar (Grand & Roebling?) - This bar was cool for awhile, with the daily open bar at 9PM and the "new" bands. Well, I've finally realized that this place sucks cock. Apparently "new" is just code for horrible - you haven't heard these bands because they couldn't get gigs elsewhere. As far as the open bar goes, it was cool to pay $6 and drink for an hour - until we all learned about Now that shit seems like a rip-off. The only reason to go here is for the free tater tots.

Royal Oak (N.11th - or something) - This is all of the cool kids favorite bar - but I don't get it. I've been there a few times and it always sucks. The music sucks, the people are tools, and the drinks! Oh god... how can they get away charging what they do? I mean it's off the strip in Williamsburg for christ's sake. I can get hammered in Midtown for less.

Vera Cruz (Bedford & N.6th) - This place is always packed... always. I don't get it, the food is average at best and there are several better alternatives nearby. Until recently I've always (twice) sat outside in the back, which is a comfortable space. The last time I went I had to sit inside and it was torture - how do you do it? The table was tiny and the next table was mere centimeters away. Oh, and the food sucked too. Vera Cruz is crap.

Now that was fun. I've change my mind - this isn't a 2005 list. I plan on doing this shit on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. With that in mind, I left off a few for next time. Feel free to suggest something to me - maybe I feel the same way.

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