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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Just Like The Old Days

Last night I decided to head over to Trash at Rififi. Lately, I haven't been very happy with the way things have been going down there but I thought I'd give it another chance. Last night was a big double birthday extravaganza so it was supposed to be a grand ol' time.

I got there early because my roommate wanted to catch the open bar, which started at 11pm. This was by far the earliest I have ever been to Rififi. When we arrived we saw a huge line to get in, normally I would have had to wait and my roommate would have missed his open bar, but Antonio got us in.

Antonio throws Trash at Rififi - that sounds funny. Anyway, because of my reports on BSC he got in touch with me and wanted to let me know my comments were being taken into consideration. I had the pleasure of finally meeting him last night.

Once we got inside we headed for the bar which was completely mobbed. It was like wild beasts fighting over a carcass. After some pushing and clawing we finally got close enough to grab a bartenders attention and order drinks. The freebies tonight were Vodka & MGD. The first round was MGD after that it was mixed but mostly Vodka. For the entire duration of the open bar (1 hour) it was completely packed. The bar itself was surrounded and people were standing or dancing everywhere else.

It looked like it used to here a few months ago. I was having a great time, and a great time at Rififi is better than most other joints. Once the open bar stopped the crowd scattered. Suddenly there were open spots at the bar and you could walk more than three feet without someone spilling your drink. It was cool to finally be able to chill out for a second.

Right around this time the 5-0 made an appearance. They came in with their chests puffed up and walked around like tough guys. Then they had a chat with the bartenders and went on their way. Weird - this place usually gets shut down at first sight of cops. I was very curious so I asked around and found out that they were there because some old lady made a noise complaint - apparently she does this every night. The cops just asked them to turn down the music a little bit, they didn't even write a ticket or anything.

After this little incident we grabbed a few seats on the couches up front and hung out. Speaking of the couches - someone has to do something about the coat situation here. Ninety percent of couch space is covered with piles of coats - it sucks if you want to sit after you get done dancing. Anyway, back to the storyline - if you can call it that.

We pretty much chilled here for the remainder of the night - excluding my half-hour long bathroom wait. Before we hit the couches I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, which was a huge mistake. I never order these evil bastards but something told me I should today. This particular Long Island was like fucking gasoline. Holy fuck butter! This may have been the strongest "mixed" drink I've ever had - and I'm the guy that people won't let mix them drinks because I make them "too strong".

My original plan was to hang on the couch and get a little buzz, then make my way over to the dance floor. Well my demonic concoction put an end to that plan. I didn't want to move about halfway through that thing. At some point Andy Shaw from Shaw Promotion came by and introduced himself. We bullshitted for awhile and then he took off - very cool guy, this was the first time I met him.

Shortly after that we got out of there - I think it was 3ish but I have no idea. I was completely wasted at this point. We stumbled onto the L train and I finished off my night with a huge plate of tater tots and an Anytime burger.

What a way to end a night. Anyway, this was pretty close to the good old days of Trash. I had fun and I got wasted - what more can you ask for? A blowjob would have been nice... but aside from a blowjob, what more can you ask for?

Trash @ Rififi

"I'm soo wasted... Wooo!"
Green shirt just realized he has no friends

This Guy: See note below
*So somehow I start talking to this dude - he's a blogger from out west somewhere, probably LA. Anyway, he was investigating the hipster phenomena. He was going around asking people if they were hipsters, straight out - "Excuse me, are you a hipster?". EVERYONE said no, and they seemed pretty offended by the question. I thought this was hilarious, apparently there wasn't a single hipster in all of Rififi, could of fooled me. He said he's been going to all the major "hipster" joints and asking his question but not a single person said yes. I love it - so good. If anyone finds his post about this please email it to me.

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