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Friday, January 13, 2006

Morningwood/The Exit

Well, it's been a few days but I'm back. Sorry for the lack of posts recently - it's been hectic. Time to backtrack a bit.

Wednesday night I went to see Morningwood and The Exit at the Bowery Ballroom. The show was sold out but I got in because I am doing some marketing for The Exit. I got there a bit late and missed the first three songs of The Exit's set. As soon as I entered I headed for the stage to snap a few pictures.

I've heard the album by The Exit and it's not bad - kinda sounds like late Police mixed with early U2. Honestly though I wasn't super impressed with it. But this was a different band I was seeing - they fucking rocked. Far from the mellow mood they project on tape. The band is extremely tight, this has a lot to do with the drummer - who is incredible. The guitarist/singer really has a presence on stage and he kinda looks like Phil Lynot from Thin Lizzy.

This band is very good live - one of the better ones I've seen in a while. If you have a chance I recommend them highly.
The Exit @ Bowery Ballroom

After the band left stage I started to look around at the crowd. I noticed that about 85% of the people there were bloggers and label types - very funny. I'm not talking shit because I'm both, I'm just saying you don't see crowds like that often.

Next up was buzz band Morningwood... Blehhh. I just don't get it - there's nothing interesting about this band. It is nice to see Rachel Dratch has something going on the side - just kidding. But speaking of the singer, what the fuck? She is the queen of schtick and it's pretty goddamn annoying.

I don't have any pictures of Morningwood because I couldn't get anywhere near the stage. I had enough after 2 songs and went on my way.

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