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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shaw Promotions

Today as i was checking my MySpace mail I saw a letter from Shaw promotions. They do promotion for parties like Trash @ Rififi and Rated-X @ Scenic. I've blogged about both parties a few times on BSC. My last blog about Trash was pretty negative and my last blog for Rated-X, while not negative, wasn't hugely positive either.

So, before opening said email, I was expecting to see a "What the Fuck is your problem?" type of letter. To my surprise it was a very pleasant read. Apparently, Andy Shaw is a fan of the BSC and actually accepted the posts for what they were - constructive criticism. As I've always said, Trash is one of my favorite parties - so Andy forwarded my post to the good people of Trash so as to help improv the situation at Rififi.

Anyway, I've always trusted Shaw Promotions when it comes to parties. They list them all week and, for the most part, it's practically my personal list of favorite parties. Considering this, and how cool Andy seemed, I have put up a permanent link on the sidebar. So go check out their site and MySpace page if you haven't already.

Shaw Promotions
Shaw MySpace

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