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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Brooklyn? Ski Club

So tomorrow I'm moving to the East Village. I've been debating whether or not this move warrants a name change to Brooklyn Ski Club. I've decided that I will not change the name. So BSC won't be EVSC anytime soon.

So tonight is my last night in South Williamsburg. I'm going to miss Brooklyn but I've wanted to live downtown since I moved to NYC 5 years ago. If anything this will make BSC a better site because I'll be able to make it out to more shows and parties. You'll still be seeing me at all the great restaurants and parties in Brooklyn - I'm only moving one stop away.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Jersey This Weekend

This weekend I'll be in Jersey for some BBQ's. It's unlikely I'll be posting anything as I'll be too drunk to type and the internet hasn't quite made it to the swamps yet. I will be back next Monday or Tuesday, so don't forget about BSC.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ultrasonic Youth

WOW! This thing is absolutely insane. I still don't know if I believe it but it seems legit. This company, called Compound, out of the UK claim to have developed an ultrasonic frequency emitter that can only be heard by teenagers. The point of it's existence is to keep those god damn kids out of your 7-11 or other potential gathering places. The frequency is supposed to be very annoying and they claim teenagers usually leave the are within minutes.

Now I have a few questions about this thing. First of all, how the hell does it distinguish between teenagers and young adults? Surely when one turns twenty they don't suddenly lose the ability to hear this frequency. Also, what if the kid has bad hearing? When I was 17 my ears were already shot from being in bands. Would that have worked on a kid like me who already heard constant ringing?

Now let's just say this thing works. How much fucking fun would this thing be? God, anytime I get bored I would attach this thing to a chain and wear it around my neck and then go out. Here are some ideas I came up with.

1) Emo shows and malls: It would be so much fun to go to a MCR show and crank this thing up in the middle of the dance floor and watch all the little bastards run for cover.
2) Misshapes & other parties: No more wondering if that hot girl you're talking to is legal. Just flip the switch, if she doesn't start twitching and foaming at the mouth she's good to go.
3) Pop Music: The way I see it is, if there's a harsh ultrasonic teen sound then there must be a pleasant one too. Find that fucker and insert it into your bands songs. Suddenly you'll see hordes of teenagers showing up to see your avant-garde polka metal band.

The possibilities are endless... and fun.

I heard kids are recording the sound and using it as their ringtone so the can get calls in class with out Miss Crabapple knowing anything of it. Damn kids always one step ahead.

Mosquito by Compound

CBS News

Mosquito Sound
Just The Tone

Let me know if you hear anything

Alice In Chains at The Bowery (Live Video)

Unfortunately, I missed this show last night (5/23) and I'm really pissed about it. I thought it would just suck without Layne but I've heard nothing but the opposite. EVERY person I know that was at the show said it was amazing. Well the best I can do is offer this video - which sounds horrible and is only half the song. At least it's something though.

Junkhead Live

Get this video and more at

Found via Blabbermouth

Gnarls On Conan Tonight

Everyone's favorite new band, Gnarls Barkley, will be on Conan O'Brien tonight.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Need Fans? Got Radiohead Tickets? Problem Solved.

Well I have to say that this is a new approach to expanding your fanbase, for a band at least. I recieved an email from some band called The Hypertonics. I get plenty of email from bands you've never heard and at first glance this was just like the rest. Then I noticed something about Radiohead.

Apparently the band is giving away a pair of tickets to one of the upcoming gigs at Madison Square Garden. I asked some friends and coworkers if they heard anything about a band called the Hypertonics opening for Radiohead. No one knew what the fuck I was talking about. So then I decided to actually see what this ticket contests was all about.

This band has abso-fucking-lutey nothing to do with Radiohead in any way. These bums are giving away a pair of tickets to another bands show to get people to theirs. Seriously, if you go to their upcoming show and pay the cover you have a chance to win a pair of tickets for the Radiohead gig at MSG. WTF? Have some fucking pride man. I mean I'm all for gimmicks - hell, I work in marketing. But this is crossing a line and it's just fucking sad.

In all fairness I haven't really listened to the band, maybe they're good. Really, that is beside the point right now. So now that The Hypertonics have opened up a whole new means of getting people to shows I have a few promotions I'd like to see run.

1) Buy a 1979 Gremlin and you are automatically entered to win a Bentley.
2) Rent a studio in Bed-Stuy and enter to win a free year in a Tribeca 3-bedroom.

This shit is fucking ridiculous. Here is the contest page for these genius marketers.

Sit through our set and WIN a pair of tickets to see a real band - Radiohead!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Between The Buried And Me

Tonight Between The Buried And Me played at the Knitting Factory. I didn't go but I wish I did as BTBAM are perhaps one of the best metal bands out there right now. I know most of the BSC readers out there aren't really into metal, but I am and occasionally I need to take a break from punk and indie rock.

Mordecai - BTBAM
Camilla Rhodes - BTBAM

Sunday, May 21, 2006

E. Town Concrete's Farewell... Hatebreed Played Too.

Last night was something special for me, it was the last ever show by E. Town Concrete. The Jersey boys who I considered my favorite band from about 1998 - 2004 called it quits last night. As soon as I heard about the show a few months back I bought some tickets. However, I didn't do much planning besides that and on Saturday I still didn't know how I was getting to the show in Sayreville, NJ.

The problem was I don't have a car and my only other option was taking the train. Except the closest train is in South Amboy - about a 15 minute drive to the venue. So even if I took the train I would still need a ride to the venue. The whole week before I called all my old friends in Jersey to see if anyone was down to go but everyone had other shit going already. The day of the show I called my former college roommate, Andre, and he said he was down.

After I knew I had a ride I headed for the first train to South Amboy. I ended up pulling into town at about 6PM - right on time. Dre said he would be a little late so I figured I'd see him around 6:30 or so... or so I thought. Come 7:45 and I'm still waiting for him but by 8PM we were on our way... finally.

We got to the show and put down a couple of 22's in the parking lot. Then we headed into the Starland Ballroom just before NJ Bloodline was taking the stage. We ordered some Yuengling's ($9.45 a pop, ouch) and waited for Bloodline to start. I always dug Bloodline and I've seen them play a few times back in the day. Sadly, this was not the same band. They sounded like crap to be honest and that hurts me to say.

NJ Bloodline played a painfully long set. After they finished it was time for the big "special guest", I think it was supposed to be a surprise but everyone knew who it was. As the curtain lifted none other then Hatebreed was standing on stage. The whole place immediately went apeshit. I'm not nearly as big of a fan as I was back in the "Satisfaction" days but these bastards still put on one hell of a show.

They only played about 5-6 songs but that's all they needed. The entire time they played 75% of the floor was a pit - it was insane. I was happy they stuck to a short set, they're a huge band and they could have stole the show. But tonight was about ETC and they understood that... hell, that's why they were there. They don't really play too many small venues these days unless it's for a good reason and this was a great one.

After the brief set by Hatebreed the curtains dropped and the E.Town banner was raised. It was getting close to that time... the last time. For the record the last show marks the 15th time I've seen ETC. The funny thing is amongst E. Town fans that's actually a low number. The band has one of the most loyal fanbases I've ever witnessed. When the crowd is yelling out the names of songs only recorded on cassette demos in 1995 you know they're the real deal.

E. Town took the stage with "The End" by the Doors playing - it was awesome. As soon as they busted into the first song everyone went fucking crazy. All the Jersey tough guys started bashing each other. ETC was on point last night and played shit I've never heard live before - shit from the 1995 cassette demos. I was a bit drunk but I'm pretty sure I heard them play "Full Effect", "Ashes 2 Ashes", and "ETC" at some point. I just remember thinking "Holy shit, I can't believe they're playing this" several times throughout the set.

At one point the guy standing next to me said "Man, I hope they play Dirty Jer-Z and Heart Of The Wolves", I told him I was thinking the same thing. Literally within seconds of his comment they went into "Dirty Jer-Z" and then followed that up with "Heart Of The Wolves", that guy must have telekinetic powers. I was so excited to hear "Dirty Jer-Z" as I literally asked Ant to play it at every ETC show I've ever been to since "Second Coming" (my favorite album ever). This was only the second time I've ever heard them play it live.

Shortly after that I looked at the clock and realized it was getting late. You see, in Shitville NJ the last train to NYC leaves at 1AM, which meant I had to leave around 12:30 or so. As 12:30 approached I started to head out when I looked back at the stage and Jamie Jasta (Hatebreed) came onstage. I decided I had to stick around to hear Jaime and Ant do "Battle Lines" live. Just before that the crowd started to mellow a bit but as soon as they saw Jamie and Ant side by side they stepped it up a notch.

Then I had to leave and I know I missed a lot but Jaime and Ant doing "Battle Lines" together isn't a bad last memory to have. I would have preferred to hear "One Life 2 Live" as my last ETC song but I wasn't so lucky. Anyway, I get to the train station at 12:58 and the train is literally pulling in at the exact minute we got there. Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the tracks.

I jumped out of the car and ran towards the, still moving, train. As it came to a stop I had to crawl underneath of it to get to the other side - I think it was still moving at the time. Once I made it across and got to my feet I hauled ass to the front of the train, luckily the dude saw me and waited for me as I ran forward. I caught my back on the undercarriage of the train and have a nasty gash from it.

Once I got on the train I found a seat and passed out. I ended up back in NYC and headed back to Brooklyn where there was a party going on at my apartment. I walked in and was greeted by a stranger - the place was fucking trashed. I retreated to my quarters and chilled out for a minute before heading back to the party and downing some wine.

But fuck all of that shit - this is about E Town. It's a fucking shame that they're done. They were just too fucking good last night to stop now. Please leave comments and let me know what happened after "Battle Lines". Hopefully this won't be the last thing we hear from Elizabeth's finest.

Ant $
Teddy P.
Eric D.

E. Town Concrete

Ant $ and Jaime Jasta

"Battle Lines"

Someone really likes Hatebreed... and donuts.

"Do not cross tracks"... especially under a train.

My ride to the show, and only 2 hours late.
Meet Andre AKA the only Black dude at the Starland

Friday, May 19, 2006

Trash at Rififi

It's been a while since I've been to Rififi - I think it's about time.

Trash! @ Rififi
332 E. 11th St. (Between 1st & 2nd Ave) (212) 677-1027
21+ 10PM - 4:30AM
This party is FREE, but rsvp to to skip the line!

Dancing Backroom!
Filthy Films
Go-Go Kids abound

Holy Shit! Izzy Joins Axl On Stage (Video)

I was just about to go to sleep when I saw this on Blabbermouth. This is so fucking awesome - well the video quality and audio sucks a big one but whatever.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

We Are Americana & Breakup Breakdown Tonight

We Are Americana & Breakup Breakdown @ The Delancey
168 Delancey btwn Attorney & Clinton
FREE with RSVP to

At Soulpusher!

She Went Black - Breakup/Breakdown

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Clerks II - The Trailers

This will either be horrible and disgrace the name of the original or it will be perfect. I don't see how it can fall anywhere in between. Anyway, here are the trailers:

Monday, May 15, 2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Grand Street Block Party - Right Now

As I type this a block party is happening in the hood. I'm walking out th edoor right now.

See A Li'l Guns N' Roses Tonight

So the 4-show GNR in NYC fest has begun and according to Brooklyn Vegan it sounds like the show last night was actually good. I have a hard time buying that A) GNR could possibly be good without Slash, Duff, & Izzy and B) Axl still has a voice. Nonetheless, looking at these pics kinda makes me wish I was there. Oh well, I have a back up plan for anyone who didn't buy tickets like me.

Tonight at The Annex, Li'l GN'R ar playing. Yeah that's right, an all kid version of GNR. Which I have to say I would prefer to an all old man version of GNR. You and I both know that this is going to kill that band of fucktards Axl is heading up right now.

Tiswas 2.0 @ The Annex
152 Orchard Street (Btwn Stanton & Rivington)
21+ General Admission $10
Guest List Available.
$5 All Night when mention Shaw Promotion!

Sympathy For The Devil - Guns N' Roses

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jesus 2.0

Oh now this is good shit right here. In the near future a new 2.0 startup with hit the net. Another social bookmarking site? No. A photo sharing site? Nope. A wiki? Nah son. The new kid on the block will be none other than eBible - that's right Bible 2.0. It only took 2000 years but the Bible will now be online and fully searchable. The aliens who created Jesus must be proud of our tech advances.

Thy Holy eBible

BTW - It's a beta so you have to prove your devotion to get an account - not only to Jesus but to 2.0 as well. It's safe to say one thing though, Jesus is

The Bronx


The L Party - Free Booze

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Porn Time

Fleshbot is holding a contest to cast a non-sexual role in the upcoming Joanna Angel porn flick, "Joanna Angel's Fuckin' Guide to Fucking." Normally I wouldn't post this sort of thing but the shoot is in NYC so it makes perfect sense. Plus Joanna Angel is just fucking awesome.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

WiFi iPod In The Works

As expected iPod plans to release a WiFi capable iPod in the future. Not only will it have WiFi but possibly a built in phone and other nifty shit like that. A much better explanation below.

The Return Of Rated-X

Last night marked the return of NYC's most debaucherous party. After a couple of months I have to say it was good to be back at Scenic... I mean Club Midway. Anyway, the place has been slightly modified but the party has not. It's the same old drunk, naked, glam fest it's always been.

When I first got there I had to piss so I headed for the bathroom. I stood in line for a half hour before I actually got into a bathroom. I noticed groups of like 3-4 people going into the bathroom at once... gee I wonder why? Once I got downstairs and ordered a drink I noticed it was kinda empty. I actually managed to pull up a seat at the bar, which was nice but I don't think that's happened before.

It was a good time overall - it would have been better if I got there in time for the open bar. The hot bod contest was a step up from past performances. There was actually more than one hot chick in the contest this time around. Although that one hot chick from past hot body contests was there to defend her crown. By the end of it there was some full frontal nudity onstage - it's good to see some things don't change.

Shortly after the show the kids cleared the stage the audience seemed to do the same. We were starving and decided to call it a night and get some food. Overall the party was fun but I expected a little more. I was surprised by how few people were there. It was far from empty but usually you can't move in that place. Actually I hope it stays that way - I like not having to wait 20 minutes for a drink.

In general, Saturdays tend to be pretty boring. It's nice to have Rated-X back because it's always a good time on a Saturday night... which no other party can guarantee. Plus there's titties, which is nice.

More pictures over at LNP

Bikes Everywhere

This morning as I was laying in bed I realized that my apartment wasn't shaking from passing traffic. I noticed an odd calmnes on the street outside. Then I started hearing voices - lots of them, like when you're in a park. So I fought through my hangover and got out of bed to see what was up. This is what I saw outside, tons and tons of bikes. I didn't know there was going to be a huge bike race/marathon. I might have signed up myself if I knew.

Later on when I actually got up the strength to venture outside I saw something pretty funny. On the corner there were two signs advertising the bar down the street, "Beer & BBQ - 1 Block". Yeah, that's exactly what people in a bike marathon want - beer and BBQ. It would make the race a lot more interesting I suppose.

Alice In Chains With Phil Anselmo & Maynard Keenan

I heard about this performance a while ago but this is the first time I've seen it. Former Pantera front-man Phil Anselmo performing "Would" with the remnants of Alice In Chains. It's not bad but Phil really ain't got shit on Layne. Don't get me wrong, I love Phil and all but let's be real here. It's a valiant effort though and I would rather see AIC with Phil than with whoever that dude they have now is.

Phil w/AIC

...and with Layne (I miss this junkie bastard)

In finding these videos I stumbled upon two awesome MP3's from Toolshed. It's Maynard James Keenan with AIC and it's fucking awesome. Maybe maynard should hit the road with AIC. By the way, the new Tool... it's not all that - which pains me to say.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rated-X Is Back In Action

Re-Opening of Rated X - The Panty Party @ Midway (The old scenic)
25 Ave B (btwn 2nd and 3rd)

The Return of RATED X

Open Bar from 11-12
2 4 1 Drinks 3-4

2-4-1 All Night if tou check your PANTS!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

NYC Murder Map

This is fucking awesome - a Google map that shows you where all the murders in NYC have taken place in the past few years. There were only two near my current residence, which is less than I expected. Anyway, take a look - it's fun.

GNR Opening For The Stones

As reported by the Gauntlet, Guns N' Roses will be opening two shows for The Rolling Stones over in Germany. Do you really care about this? Probably not, but it seemed news worthy. Of course I'm slightly intoxicated right now so maybe it's just bullshit. Anyway, here's the whole story:

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Greenpoint Fire

This morning as I stepped out the door I realized that while the south side was bright and sunny the north side was dark. At first I thought it was some odd storm cloud rolling in. Then I got a better view and realized that those storm clouds were huge plumes of black smoke. Obviously something wasn't right but I had no idea what was up.

I continued my trip to the subway covering my face as best I could. With Williamsburg's chemical past who knows what kind of poisons were roasting away in the fire. When I finally got to work (subway stopped for five minutes at every stop) I asked if anyone knew what was going on. No one had any details on had happened.

So now it's 10:30 and I just turned on the news and saw the aerial shots. Wow! That's a huge fucking fire - 7 warehouses I think they said. I also heard "one of the biggest fires in the cities history". That's some crazy shit. Here are official details.

NY Times

So a string of river front warehouses happen to burn down in Greenpoint. I bet this has nothing to do with the condos they want to build along the river. I also bet it has nothing to do with those responsible for setting that whole deal up. This world is just chock full of crazy coincidence.

Black Lips To Play Brooklyn

Here's what I say - fuck the YYY/Black Lip shows. I mean I'm sure they'll be good but this will be much better. The Black Lips are playing a gig in Brooklyn. If you are unfamiliar with the Black Lips then you should piss in your own mouth. Here is my review of the Black Lips show at The Merc Lounge.

Black Lips
May, 5 2006 at "place"
SW corner of norman and kingsland
greenpoint, NY

G to nassau, L to graham
with Soldiers Of Fortune

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for finding this

Brooklyn Party Tonight

From my email box:

thnx to the finest bar-room fistslinger this side of the Mississippi
and resident get-you-drunk-machine @ cynlounge, laura a.k.a. doublefists

after a series of wildly successful house parties in the greenpoint and bushwick areas,
party captain and danger danger about to scum up the yuppie streak on the ol' bedford strip

here's the dillio:
text your song request to 917 ZXQ 1992
post your song requests on
post your song requests on the thread

if we play your request (i like your chances!) you win a free shot of Kamikaze! Maybe 2!

accepting requests all nite until either i pass out or doublefists knocks you out ;)

Cyn Lounge. 216 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211 at N. 5th St .
L: Bedford

+ fuckin splenderiffic drink specials thnx to Cyn Lounge:
$2 PBR
$3 Bud
$5 PBR/jamieson


Monday, May 01, 2006

Links Of The Day

Some good stuff came onto the radar today.

Holy shit! This is awesome. Browser add-on allows you to download any embedded video.
Video Download

Yet another reason celebrities should steer away from music. Nu-metal + Jada Pinkett Smith = WTF?? I heard about this shit a while ago but thanks to Buzzgrinder for leading me to this video.
Wicked Wisdom

It might be suggestive but it's great for hangovers... Gatorade that is.
Gatorade Penis

Live "Average Homeboy" MP3

For those of you who missed it Denny Blaze aka Average Homeboy took part in a radio interview on Friday. The highlight of the interview was a live version of "Average Homeboy" with a chorus and the missing third verse. It could have been a little more funny but it's still worth listening too. Oh... his rapping hasn't really smoothed out much - but that's a good thing.

I recorded the original broadcast and clipped out the "Average Homeboy" live track. Yeah I know... you're welcome.

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