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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Return Of Rated-X

Last night marked the return of NYC's most debaucherous party. After a couple of months I have to say it was good to be back at Scenic... I mean Club Midway. Anyway, the place has been slightly modified but the party has not. It's the same old drunk, naked, glam fest it's always been.

When I first got there I had to piss so I headed for the bathroom. I stood in line for a half hour before I actually got into a bathroom. I noticed groups of like 3-4 people going into the bathroom at once... gee I wonder why? Once I got downstairs and ordered a drink I noticed it was kinda empty. I actually managed to pull up a seat at the bar, which was nice but I don't think that's happened before.

It was a good time overall - it would have been better if I got there in time for the open bar. The hot bod contest was a step up from past performances. There was actually more than one hot chick in the contest this time around. Although that one hot chick from past hot body contests was there to defend her crown. By the end of it there was some full frontal nudity onstage - it's good to see some things don't change.

Shortly after the show the kids cleared the stage the audience seemed to do the same. We were starving and decided to call it a night and get some food. Overall the party was fun but I expected a little more. I was surprised by how few people were there. It was far from empty but usually you can't move in that place. Actually I hope it stays that way - I like not having to wait 20 minutes for a drink.

In general, Saturdays tend to be pretty boring. It's nice to have Rated-X back because it's always a good time on a Saturday night... which no other party can guarantee. Plus there's titties, which is nice.

More pictures over at LNP

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Anonymous said...

Did the Colt 45s survive "Scenic's" extreme makeover?

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