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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Need Fans? Got Radiohead Tickets? Problem Solved.

Well I have to say that this is a new approach to expanding your fanbase, for a band at least. I recieved an email from some band called The Hypertonics. I get plenty of email from bands you've never heard and at first glance this was just like the rest. Then I noticed something about Radiohead.

Apparently the band is giving away a pair of tickets to one of the upcoming gigs at Madison Square Garden. I asked some friends and coworkers if they heard anything about a band called the Hypertonics opening for Radiohead. No one knew what the fuck I was talking about. So then I decided to actually see what this ticket contests was all about.

This band has abso-fucking-lutey nothing to do with Radiohead in any way. These bums are giving away a pair of tickets to another bands show to get people to theirs. Seriously, if you go to their upcoming show and pay the cover you have a chance to win a pair of tickets for the Radiohead gig at MSG. WTF? Have some fucking pride man. I mean I'm all for gimmicks - hell, I work in marketing. But this is crossing a line and it's just fucking sad.

In all fairness I haven't really listened to the band, maybe they're good. Really, that is beside the point right now. So now that The Hypertonics have opened up a whole new means of getting people to shows I have a few promotions I'd like to see run.

1) Buy a 1979 Gremlin and you are automatically entered to win a Bentley.
2) Rent a studio in Bed-Stuy and enter to win a free year in a Tribeca 3-bedroom.

This shit is fucking ridiculous. Here is the contest page for these genius marketers.

Sit through our set and WIN a pair of tickets to see a real band - Radiohead!


Anonymous said...

Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have contacted you about this when I saw you liked Hatebreed and all permutations of that mook "hardcore 4 life" type nonsense. Your tastes don't allow for any deviation from that script.

I accept blame for this, I got greedy. Luckily only me and your three closest friends read your blog, so the damage will be minimized...

Beyond that, thank you for the advertising, I see why marketing is your chosen profession.

The Hypertonics

... said...

Actually, I've only posted reviews of two Hardcore shows ever on this site. The vast majority of the reviews and postings are of artists similar to yourself. If you read my posting about your ticket deal you would have seen that I mentioned that my opinion of this scam has absolutely nothing to do with your music.

I was simply commenting on how desperate this scheme you have going sounds. "Come see our band at Sin-E and win tickets to Radiohead at MSG" - you have to admit that's a bit tacky.

Anonymous said...

hypertonics handed me a cd outside a beck show once. it was really boring.

Anonymous said...

Bands have open bars, bands give out CDs to the first 100 people at the door. Bands do their thing to get new people to the shows, it happens. You're the marketing guy, you'd prefer flash-drive keychains or something? Something less volatile?

My bass player had an extra pair of tickets so he thought this would be a good way to meet some new people. I think you're more concerned about this than you really ought to be.

If you're gonna write a music blog at least take the time to listen to the music. We've had our share of praise and criticism, but I can't get too roused when someone critiques our promoting skills. At least Gypsy Macanudo said our music was boring. He's an '80s disco retread, so he knows boring all too well.


Anonymous said...

Can I just have the radiohead tickets for free and I'll tell everyone your band rocks?

Jenna Appleseed said...

what a bunch of desperate wankers, shame cos part of the album they've got as a stream is pretty good (the old one 987654321/Vigilante Balastnot Brian Lord's boring solo one)

Jenna Appleseed said...

oh and a bunch of spammers

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