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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Subjects Tour Dates

The Subjects, who played the first Non-Worker Party back in May, are hitting the road with Bad Veins. These dudes are awesome so go see them.

US Tour Dates

Sat 9/26 - MPMF Festival - Cincinnati, OH $
Sat 10/3 - Middle East Upstairs - Boston, MA *
Mon 10/5 - Club Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA #
Tue 10/6 - The Bishop - Bloomington, IN #
Wed 10/7 - Lager House - Detroit, MI #
Thu 10/8 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL #
Fri 10/9 - TBA - Lincoln, NE #
Sat 10/10 - Hi Dive - Denver, CO #
Mon 10/12 - Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT #
Tue 10/13 - Reef - Boise, ID #
Wed 10/14 - High Dive - Seattle, WA #
Thu 10/15 - Rotture - Portland, OR #
Fri 10/16 - Sam Bond's Garage - Eugene, OR #
Sat 10/17 - Luigis - Sacramento, CA #
Mon 10/19 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA #
Tue 10/20 - TBA - Los Angeles, CA #
Wed 10/21 - TBA - Tucson, AZ #
Fri 10/23 - Emo's Jr. - Austin, TX #
Sun 10/25 - Cicero's - St. Louis, MO #
Tue 10/27 - The Cambridge Room @ HOB - Cleveland, OH #
Wed 10/28 - DC Nine - Washington, DC #
Thu 10/29 - Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA #
Sat 10/31 - Santo's Party House - Halloween Party - New York, NY

$ = w/ Chairlift, Micachu and the Shapes, Heartless Bastards
* = w/ The Soft Pack
# = w/ Bad Veins

New Juliette Lewis Album Out Tomorrow (Produced By Omar of Mars Volta) + Tour Dates

Gunfight, Live At Crash Mansion (Video)

Yesterday Gunfight played Littlefield for After The Jump Fest. They were awesome as always. Unfortunately it was pretty early when they played so the crowd wasn't jumping around like they normally do at Gunfight shows. On that note I wanted to share some video from the time they played the Brooklyn Ski Club curated show at Crash Mansion earlier this month. This band has quickly become one of my favorite NYC bands to see live, here's why:

"Woof/Howl" live @ Crash

"What A Rip Off" (Drunk Girl on stage)

Tonight: Sigmund Droid & Bottle Up And Go @ The Studio

This shit is freeee, son!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

After The Jump Fest Starts Tomorrow! Full Lineup & Set Times Announced. (Ninjasonik, Gunfight, Bottle Up & Go Added)

Fri (8/28):
8pm Dinosaur Feathers
9pm Holiday Shores
10pm Thing One
11pm My Teenage Stride
12am Javelin

Sat (8/29):
3pm Shark?
4pm Captain Ahab & The Sea Crackens
6pm Bottle Up And Go
7pm Talk Normal
8pm Wild Yaks
9pm Drink Up Buttercup
10pm Free Energy
11pm Ninjasonik
12am Das Racist

Sun (8/30):
3pm The Octagon
4pm I’m Turning Into
5pm Get Haunted
6pm Gunfight
7pm Hospitality
8pm Acrylics
9pm Julianna Barwick
10pm Blood Warrior
11pm Suckers

Purchase tix here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tonight: Vivian Girls & The Beets @ DBA

DBA is going to be a hot, sweaty mess tonight.

Vivian Girls, The Beets, Real Estate, Best Fwends
Time: ??
Cover: ??

Sorry for not knowing time but I think you're safe if you show up at 8PM. And I have no clue what the cover is, let's say $7 - give or take.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Karen O & The Kids "All Is Love"

"All Is Love" which is the song that Karen O recorded for Where The Wild Things Are is streaming on MySpace. It's good, I like it. Take a listen.

**Update: The overwhelming consensus is that this song sucks. Here's the deal people, it was written for a kids movie. It's not a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song and shouldn't be rated as such. It's a soundtrack. You do understand that the goal when writing a song for a movie, television, art installment, or anything of that nature is different then when writing a song for an album, right? It's meant to compliment visuals and in this case for children. It's not the same as writing a pop song for a bunch of whiny hipsters. Please tell me you already know this. I'm not defending Karen O, hell I'm not a very big YYYs fan, but the lack of common sense is disturbing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Video From The Todd P / Bikes In The Kitchen Show

It's nice that there's video from the later part of this show because I stumbled out drunk during the Juiceboxx set and never made it back.

Pics Of Wild Yaks & Cerebral Ballzy From 600 Bushwick

Wild Yaks and Cerebral Ballzy (amongst others) played the Todd P / Bikes In The Kitchen show yesterday at 600 Bushwick. It was hot as fuck and everyone was piss drunk, including yours truly. All I managed to get were shots of WY & Ballzy. Not even sure I saw anyone else. I kinda roamed the hood part of the day - drinking on roofs, eating at Popeyes, and other bullshit. But from what I remember I had a great time and saw a ton of friends, made a few new ones too.


Friday, August 21, 2009

So So Glos Not Playing Broadway Backyard Tomorrow

I knew it was too good to be true. Bikes In The Kitchen put together what looked like the perfect show. Then about an hour ago I found out that So So Glos dropped off the bill. Damn it! I bought a ticket and everything and now no So So Glos. This sucks...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time Top 10 Greatest Guitar Players (Bullshit List)

With the passing of Les Paul Time decided to release a piece which ranked the top 10 guitar players of all time. Obviously they got the most suburban yuppie turd they could find to put this list together because it fucking sucks.

Top 10 Time

01. Jimi Hendrix (Of course, good call.)
02. Slash (#2, fuck off. Maybe 10, maybe.)
03. B.B. King (HAHAHA. Seriously? In the world of blues alone BB King isn't even top 10.)
04. Keith Richards (We love Keith, but #4. No way.)
05. Eric Clapton (Not a fan at all but Clapton could shred, should be higher)
06. Jimmy Page (Love the dudes style but not sure he belongs on this list.)
07. Chuck Berry (HIGHER! #7! Go fuck yourself Time. Dude perfected Rock N' Roll guitar.)
08. Les Paul (Look Les Paul could play and is super important to guitar but not sure he's top 10.)
09. Yngwie Malmsteen (Technically the best guitar player ever BUT fuck him. No soul, off the list.)
10. Prince (Again, HAHAHA. I know everyone loves Prince but I just don't get the guitar praise he gets.)

Now for the real questions. Eddie Van Halen?!?! Stevie Ray Vaughn? Duane Allman? Jeff Beck? Randy Rhodes? Dimebag? The Nuge? Brian May? I mean there are just so many dudes that are better then the cats on this list. I mean, fuck dude - SLASH at #2!!! That just blows my fucking mind.

via Blabbermouth

Goodbye Summer Show w/ So So Glos, Team Robes, DeathSet, Ninjasonik, Wild Yaks, & More!

If you're a fan of the current Brooklyn music scene then this might be the best show ever (flyer below). My only question is where's Boogie Boarder and Matt & Kim? Oh wait, there's "special guests" - OK, I get it. The show is $10, which isn't bad at all for an all day thing and it's at the Broadway Backyard.

**Update: According to MyOpenBar there's going to be some kind of free booze too.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michael Jackson 51st Birthday Party, Thanks Spike Lee

I've actually been surprised by the lack of MJ since his death. The first 2 weeks all I heard was MJ and I figured it would be like that until at least October but it's already quieted down. Spike Lee wants you to remember and has taken time from his busy schedule to organize a 51st birthday party for Jacko at Fort Greene Park on Saturday, Aug 29th.

They're getting the borough prez on stage to declare it MJ Day. Which makes sense because, you know, Michael Jackson was from Brooklyn and lived here most of his adult life. In fact most people don't know this but Neverland Ranch is in Prospect Heights.

Anyway, after the holiday is declared DJ Spinna will be rockin' anything and everything Jacko. Then there's going to be a giant "Happy Birthday" sing-a-long to close it out. I've never been to Fort Greene Park before, maybe this is a good excuse to check it out.


Tonight: So So Glos DJ @ Arrow, NinjaSonik & DeathSet DJ @ Beauty Bar

The Brooklyn boys are hitting the decks tonight. The So So Glos will be spinning at Arrow Bar tonight. The NinjaSonik, DeathSet, BikeInTheKitchen squad will be at Beauty Bar Brooklyn.

The Bravery Playing A Free Amstel Light Show

I know it's not cool to admit you like The Bravery but you used to be way into them, admit it. If you didn't see them back in the glory days of 2004 then now's your chance. They're playing a free Amstel Light show. Being an Amstel Light show it means all the beer you can drink! So even if you don't like the band, well at least there's free beer.

Oh and by the way, Amstel Light parties are usually top fucking notch. Seriously, amongst the best I've been too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tonight: Wild Yaks, Das Racist @ Coco66 (Free Show)

Will Roan from Amazing Baby is having a birthday party at Coco66 tonight. Wild Yaks are playing along with Tearist, Quinn Walker, Hologram, & Painus. Das Racist are the "special guest MC's" - whatever that means. After last night I wouldn't be surprised at all if they performed too.


Das Racist Played A Surprise Set At Glasslands Last Night

If you weren't at the party at Glasslands last night then you missed one hell of a night. As you may have heard The Drums were supposed to play but then they dropped off with only a few days notice. Needless to say, Sean (from Raccoon Fighter, who organized the show) was in a bit of a bind. Then the Glasslanders told him they never booked a late night dance party for after the show. So the show and the party were combined and instead of booking a replacement band for The Drums, DJs were to be brought in. The end result was a party with 3 bands, 3 DJs and 2 open bars - each an hour long. More on the DJ part in a bit.

The show started pretty well, Radio America took the stage at 9:30PM and the room already had a decent amount of people. They played a fun set. How can you not with a room full of familiar faces guzzling down free Colt 45? After they finished, Raccoon Fighter came on and did their thing. They got some people dancing up front, which is always a good thing.

The Sundelles closed the band portion of the night with a killer set. I really dig them (I'm listening to their EP as I type this) and they always put on a good show. Unfortunately, the room cleared out a bit right before they went on. Boogie Boarder and Darlings were playing at DBA right around the corner and I think some people jumped ship to check them out.

The first DJs went on as soon as The Sundelles finished up. We got Das Racist, the "Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell" dudes, to spin which is pretty exciting considering they're all over the place right now. They were supposed to DJ for an hour but about halfway through their DJ set they stopped...and got on stage for a surprise performance! By now it was free to get in and the word spread to the party next door and DBA that Das Racist were performing. The room started filling up with people. Kids were sucking down the free sangria and then stumbling on the dance floor. It was fucking great, we had so much fun.

After the Das Racist set I hung out for a little longer and then I split because I was pretty wasted and needed a sandwich. The place was still jumping when I bailed though so I'm guessing all went well after that.

I forgot to bring my damn camera so I don't have any pictures. If you took any let me know and I'll post them here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tonight: Party @ Glasslands! Das Racist (DJ Set), Sundelles, Raccoon Fighter, Radio America (2 Hour Open Bar)

Tonight has all the makings of one crazy as shit party. It's all going down at Glasslands. Das Racist, Barney Iller, and Siri-Mix are DJing. The Sundelles, Raccoon Fighter, and Radio America are playing. Plus there's two fucking hours of free booze...2, goddamnit, 2! You'll be drunker then an Irish sailor on Bourbon Street. I know there's other good shows but most of those bands are playing again in like a day or two, so fuck it, come here and get hammertimed.

Wild Yaks Acoustic At Time Out NY Offices

Wild Yaks got invited to the TONY offices to perform an acoustic set for Live at TONY.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

RIP: Les Paul

The great Les Paul died today. Without him the entire history of American music (and most of the world too) would be drastically different. No Rock N' Roll, no Dylan goes electric, and no wall of sound. The impact this dude had on music cannot be understated. That said, it's not a sad day. The man lived to be 94 years old and was still performing until very recently. I'm bummed I never saw him. I planned on it a few times but always said, "eh, he'll play again next week." Looks like I waited too long.

Read About Les Paul (You Really Should)

Les Paul - Chasing Sound

w/Mary Ford

w/Chet Atkins

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Das Racist DJ Set On Friday @ Glasslands

The Drums dropped from the BSC sponsored show on Friday, big deal? Not really because we added a DJ set by Das Racist and another hour of free booze! Hell yes! The party was originally supposed to be over by 10:30PM but now it doesn't start until 9PM and then it goes all fucking night. This will be super fucking fun.

New Sigmund Droid Album, Maximum Grind

I meant to put this post up a couple days ago but better late then never. Sigmund Droid has recently released a new album called Maximum Grind. The album is for sale on Amazon for $4.45.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 Gathering Of The Juggalos: The Photo Essay

I used to hit the occasional trailer park party when I was growing up in South Jersey. The Juggalo thing was just getting started back then. It amazes me how much this has blown up since. This fucking shit fascinates me...

***Update: If you're here for the Tila Tequila shit here's a more recent post about it.

Photo Essay

In case you don't know what this is:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tonight: Sigmund Droid @ Mercury Lounge

Our homeboys Sigmund Droid are playing tonight at Mercury Lounge. You should go see them.

2009 After The Jump Fest Lineup (Now With Shark?)

I just wanted to share this years ATJ Fest lineup with everyone. Brooklyn Ski Club is helping out this year so be sure to check it out.

Now in its third year, ATJ Fest is back uniting renowned indie favorites with undiscovered talent… 16+ Bands, Three Days, One Venue.

After The Jump Fest ‘09 @ Littlefield from Friday, August 28th through Saturday, August 30th.

Get the details “after the jump”

Friday, Aug 28th (7PM)
Dinosaur Feathers
My Teenage Stride
Holiday Shores
DJ: Mr. F (of Tally Hall)

Saturday, Aug 29th (2PM)
The Drums
Wild Yaks
Drink Up Buttercup
Talk Normal
Free Energy
Das Racist

Sunday, Aug 30th (2PM)
Blood Warrior
I’m Turning Into
Julianna Barwick

Even more acts to be announced soon!

Buy tix now: single day passes = $10, 3 day passes = $25. ALL AGES.

3-Day Pass [Purchase] | Friday [Purchase] | Saturday [Purchase] | Sunday [Purchase]

What else can you expect from ATJ Fest ‘09?

- J. Morrison from Space Is The Place doing live screen printing
- Gourmet BBQ in the courtyard
- Jamie Cakes baked goods
- Brooklyn Brewery specials all day long
- Snoozer Looser’s giant pink elephant

Special thanks to our supporters:

Brooklyn Brewery
CMJ ‘09
Goldest Egg


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Shark? and Captain Ahab and the Sea Crackens have been added to the Saturday lineup.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Today: Pool Party; After Party @ Brooklyn Bowl; New York Night Train Dance Party; The Beets BBQ

Another Sunday means another Pool Party. Due to being out of town and severe hangovers I've only been to the first one this year. However, I think I'll swing by for Dark Meat today. Those dudes are fucking awesome. After that there are two pretty excellent options. First you have the official Pool Party after party at Brooklyn Bowl. They're supposed to have some kind of free booze for 2 hours! That's a pretty sweet deal. The other happening is The Beets are having a BBQ to celebrate Juan becoming an American citizen, that's at Cinders Gallery. If you're still standing around 9 then there's a New York Night Train party at K&M, which should still be rockin' after the free booze stops flowing at Brooklyn Bowl. So there you have it, your Sunday is all laid out for you - go get shit faced or got to church, which is it?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tonight: New York Night Train Soul Clap Dance Off And After Hours

Two killer parties brought to you by Mr. Toubin. First it's the Soul Clap Dance Off at Glasslands. Our pal Martin from Wild Yaks is one of the guest judges for the dance off. The Soul Clap party is pretty legendary so I'd suggest checking this out, especially since it's only $3 and there's free beer at 11. After that party ends the NYNT crew meet up with Todd P over at Market Hotel for the after party.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Tonight: BSC Show w/ Young Lords, Hank & Cupcakes, Gunfight, and Cinema Cinema (No Cover, Open Bar)

A few weeks ago Jeremy form NY Underbelly asked me if I'd be down to curate one of his Friday night parties at Crash Mansion. I was a little hesitant because there wasn't much time and I was already having trouble getting bands for another show (which we eventually canceled). So I put the word out that I needed bands and to my surprise we managed to get a pretty excellent lineup together.

I've been a fan of Young Lords for awhile and have always wanted to have them play a BSC show. I was pretty happy when they agreed to play. Hank & Cupcakes played the BSC show at Market Hotel a few months ago and they were pretty awesome. I've been hearing about Gunfight live shows for the past few months from friends and I really dig the music they have online, I'm really excited to see them tonight. I've been going back and forth with Cinema Cinema for awhile now about having them play a BSC show but it never quite worked out until now. So yeah, that's the lineup: Young Lords, Hank & Cupcakes, Gunfight, and Cinema Cinema (not in that order), this is going to be fun! Also, our pal iLan is DJing so expect lots of rock n' roll you can dance to between bands.

From the NY Underbelly newsletter:

Here's that lineup again:
10:00 - Hank & Cupcakes
10:45 - Cinema Cinema
11:30 - Gunfight
12:15 - Young Lords

RSVP now. Come dance the night away! You'll be out very late...

Tonight's info:

Free admission before 11 on the Underbelly list (Click to RSVP at - $5 without; After 11, it's $10 bucks. Come early for the open bar (10-11 pm free rum from Pyrat) and stay late for the buckets of beer! Check out our NEW Bourbon and Bud special for $8 measly bucks too.... Crash Mansion is located at 199 Bowery - that's Bowery and Spring... click on the left for more deets.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

MP3: Raccoon Fighter "Rollin' Wheel"

In my previous post I suggested you go see Raccoon Fighter tonight at Pete's Candy Store. What I didn't do is tell you anything about the band. They're from the same hometown as me, outside Philly. They moved up here less then a year ago and just started booking shows.

Their original sound was a more mellow style, think Ivy League with male and female vocals. Since moving to BK though they've increased the fun factor and have gotten more Rock N' Roll (no more lady vox either). Like I said they just started booking shows and already have gigs at Piano's and Glasslands, the latter being with The Drums and The Sundelles.

Mark my words, you heard it here first, etc: You will be a fan of this band in the very near future, so might as well start now with this track.

So here's my favorite new track, it's just a demo, from the band.

Tonight: Raccoon Fighter @ Pete's; Darlings @ Cameo

Go check out my homeboys Raccoon Fighter (check out the song "Rollin' Wheel") at Pete's Candy Store tonight. Tonight's show is free, so you can check them out before you pay to see them with The Drums and The Sundelles at Glasslands next Friday. After that head to Cameo for Teddy Blanks, Senors Of Marseille, and Darlings. It's a good night to cruise around on your bike.

Radiohead Release Tribute To Harry Patch, Recently Deceased WWI Survivor

I'm not a big Radiohead fan and under normal circumstances you wouldn't see a post about them. However they did something I respect very much. Radiohead wrote a tribute song to Mr. Harry Patch, one of the last survivors of bloodiest war in human history - WWI. Harry fought in battles where 3,000 British troops fell next to him EVERY DAY. That means in one and a half days more of his colleagues died then have in total thus far into the Iraq War.

Harry died a few weeks ago, the last of the Tommys. Radiohead was already writing a song about him when his death was announced. Yesterday they released the track and are donating the proceeds to the British Legion.

The Nightman Cometh! (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Live)

The cast of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia will be coming to NYC on September 16th to perform the legendary play, The Nightman Cometh! The pre-sale sold out very quickly. Your only chance now is the public sale which starts tomorrow at 9AM. Ticket prices start at $40 (not including surcharges), which is crazy but I will gladly pay it. If anyone wants to send me for free to review it - holla! There will be shows in Philly, Boston, and SF too.

NBA All-Stars, The Bands

First of all thanks to Sean at Buzzgrinder for leading me down this path of discovery. I mentioned on Twitter that I've really been digging the Brooklyn band Michael Jordan. So he replied to with a link to a band called Magic Johnson. Which got me thinking - how many bands are there named after NBA stars? So here is the NBA All Star team.

Point Guard: #32 Magic Johnson
Shooting Guard: #23 Michael Jordan
Small Forward: #33 Larry Bird
Power Forward: #34 Charles Barkley (Gnarls Barkley)

Center: #33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Cream Abdul Babar)

Guard: Julius Erving (Dr. J)
Guard: Mookie Blaylock (Pearl Jam, oringally named Mookie Blaylock)
Power Forward: Lucious Jackson (Luscious Jackson)

Who am I missing?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Video: Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster "Step Up (I'm On It)"

A long time ago I was introduced to a heavy as fuck (at the time) band called Underoath. They've since softened up quite a bit and I lost interest. Part of the reason they started to suck was they kicked out their old screamer dude, Dallas Taylor.

To keep busy Dallas started a southern rock/metal type band called Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster. I was pretty excited to hear that he had a new band when they started up...and then I listened to them. It wasn't terrible but, um, well it wasn't very good either. So I dismissed them and never bothered listening again.

Today I was on MetalSucks and they were raving about the new video so I gave it a chance. Well shiver-me-timbers! The Maylene boys got good, real fucking good. This is like straight up ass kicking southern metal, not the watered down shit I heard the first time I listened to them. So give it a spin, you might recognize the video.

Change Of Address

I moved again, this time the morons at the post office decided they'd ignore my change of address I filed. So no mail is being forwarded. Good job USPS, you deserve that 20% stamp hike. Anyway, if any of you label/PR/band people sent me anything I probably didn't get it. Just wanted to let you know. That is all.

Stream: Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Destiny Street Repaired

Destiny Street Repaired is streaming online for the next few days. Richard Hell is without question one of the most important dudes ever in punk rock. I'm listening to it right now and it's pretty cool. The mix is and production on a few tracks is a bit too modern and the vocals are way to up in the mix but it's def worth listening to.

Destiny Street Repaired

**Yo Richard, play a Ski Club show!

Video: Boo Hoo "Five (Oh)"

Video: Modest Mouse - King Rat (Directed By Heath Ledger)

So apparently before the whole suicide thing Heath Ledger directed a video for Modest Mouse. It went live today on MySpace. The quality is shit but it's a pretty cool video I guess. The song is pretty typical Modest Mouse, which is to say it starts down some very interesting paths musically but always veers off that path before it hits pay dirt. Does that make sense?

A Letter From MCA

Adam Yauch sent a letter out to the Beastie Boys fans regarding his condition and the support he's been getting from fellow artists. Thought I'd share it with the rest of you.

hey all,

hope you are doing well.

so i'm about a week and a half out of surgery now and rapidly recovering from it. i haven't taken any of the pain meds, which supposedly speeds along the healing process, or should i say, taking them slows it down. anyway, i spent 1 night at the hospital after the surgery. the hospital was too crazy to get any rest so i headed home to relax, have home cooked food and hang out with the family.

i'm pretty well detoxed from the anesthesia that they pumped me up with to keep me under for all that time. that took several days to get out of my system. my neck and jaw are still pretty stiff from the surgery, but it gets better everyday. had the stitches out this past monday... so things are moving along.

but no sooner am i on the mend from this first torture than are they lining up the next one. the next line of treatment will be radiation. that involves blasting you with some kind of beam for a few minutes a day, 5 days a week, for about 7 weeks. that will start in a few weeks...

saw the jay-z cover of no sleep, and the coldplay one of fight for your right from APW on youtube. good shit. and i heard karen o wore a "get well MCA" armband, and that q-tip gave a shout out too..... very kind of them.

just wanted to thank them and everyone else who sent positive thoughts my way. i do think that all of the well wishes have contributed to the fact that my treatment and recovery are going well.

much love back at all of you!


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pre-Sale: Mastodon, Dethklok, Converge, High On Fire

The pre-sale code leaked for the above mentioned show. If this were at a smaller venue I would be there for sure but I kinda hate going to metal shows at big venues. Unfortunately it seems like more and more metal bands are playing these monster venues. Anyway, I know some of you kids would be into this so here goes:

(Password = mastoklok)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Tonight: Wellspring & Honor

Some friends are in town to play their first Brooklyn show tonight at Trash Bar. Now I know you haven't heard of these kids before (BTW they're called Wellspring & Honor) but just go check them out, you'll dig them I promise. They go on at 10PM but get there at 8PM and take advantage of the open bar. If you see me there give me a high five and a shot of whiskey.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Today's Pool Party Moved To Brooklyn Bowl!

Dan Deacon, Deerhunter, and No Age will be playing at Brooklyn Bowl tonight (6PM) instead of the Waterfront today. Got it? Good. Follow @thepoolparties for more details on the move.

Brooklyn Ski Club Shows (The Drums, Young Lords, Sundelles, Gunfight, & More)

I just wanted to let you all know about the next couple of Brooklyn Ski Club shows. The first is at Crash Mansion this Friday. It's a NY Underbelly show that BSC curated. The lineup is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself - Young Lords, Hank & Cupcakes, Gunfight, and Cinema Cinema! Yeah, that's for reals yo. I'm going to probably get some killer DJ added to keep you dancing between bands.

The other show is the following Friday. My homeboys in Raccoon Fighter put the whole thing together and my other homeboys, Radio America, are playing too. I offered some advice along the way but didn't curate it. That said I am sponsoring it so while it's not a BSC show per se it kinda is. The lineup is again quite awesome - The Drums, Raccoon Fighter, The Sundelles, and Radio America. There is a catch though, it's the early show. So go straight from work, suck down some free Colt 45 from 7-8PM. Stick around for the bands and then go do your thing after, should be over by 10:30PM. It's the perfect way to start your night.

@ Crash Mansion
NY Underbelly - Brooklyn Ski Club Edition
w/ Young Lords, Hank & Cupcakes, Gunfight, & Cinema Cinema
Free w/RSVP
Free vodka 10-11PM

@ Glasslands
The Drums, Raccoon Fighter, The Sundelles, Radio America
Free Colt 45 7-8PM

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tonight: So So Glos, Lovvers, Sundelles @ DBA

I just got back into town, literally about 10 minutes ago, and I'm looking for some action. As luck would have it So So Glos and Sundelles are playing DBA! I actually heard about this show awhile ago but originally there was supposed to be a BSC show tonight but shit went to hell and we had to cancel. The good news is I can go to this show now!

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