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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michael Jackson 51st Birthday Party, Thanks Spike Lee

I've actually been surprised by the lack of MJ since his death. The first 2 weeks all I heard was MJ and I figured it would be like that until at least October but it's already quieted down. Spike Lee wants you to remember and has taken time from his busy schedule to organize a 51st birthday party for Jacko at Fort Greene Park on Saturday, Aug 29th.

They're getting the borough prez on stage to declare it MJ Day. Which makes sense because, you know, Michael Jackson was from Brooklyn and lived here most of his adult life. In fact most people don't know this but Neverland Ranch is in Prospect Heights.

Anyway, after the holiday is declared DJ Spinna will be rockin' anything and everything Jacko. Then there's going to be a giant "Happy Birthday" sing-a-long to close it out. I've never been to Fort Greene Park before, maybe this is a good excuse to check it out.


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