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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tonight's Picks

GO out tonight - there's plenty to do. I'm not going to write about what I found interesting, instead I'll just post the flyers and you make your own damn decision.

If you think these suck then go to Whats Up NYC for more.

Dropkick Murphys on Conan

Tonight the kings of Irish punk, Dropkick Murphys, are performing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. As always the show starts at 12:30 - Dropkick Murphys will probably go on around 1:20 or so. This is going to be good, so stay the fuck up - you're not that old yet.

Wicked Sensitive Crew - Dropkick Murphys

** Update: It kinda sucked - I was disappointed.

Leeway Video from CBGBs 2/24

Thanks to this dude for linking to BSC. I also wouldn't have found this amazing video from the show without him. This is the entire Leeway set from 2/24, now you can see what I was talking about. This shit is amazing.

Leeway @ CBGB - 2/24 (video)

Monday, February 27, 2006

First Impressions Of Earth Are A Shitty Band

I came across this today while I was at work - by far the dumbest review ever. It's so ridiculous that I think it might be on purpose, in which case it's genius - but I don't think that's the case. This guy appears to have no idea who the Strokes are. I have mixed emotions about them but what fucking cave dweller hasn't even heard of The Strokes. Anyway, just read this thing it's fucking hilarious.

The Strokes by First Impressions Of Earth

**Yeah it's definitely on purpose - and therefore genius. Next time I'll compare shit like this to other reviews before commenting. Nonetheless this review is still fucking funny.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs At Bowery Ballroom

Last night marked concert number 6 in seven days. This was the last of the bunch and what a note to go out on. I arrived at the Bowery Ballroom around 9:45, I was under the impression the first (and only) opener went on at 9PM. So I was a bit surprised to see that no one was there yet and the stage wasn't even set up. I hung out downstairs on one of the couches for what seemed like an hour before the opener came on.

I can't remember who it was and I'm too damn lazy to go look it up but I wasn't impressed at all. So I stayed on my little couch and waited them out. While I was down there I was able to scope out the crowd. James Iha was there trying not to be noticed. I also saw the guy with the fro and the huge beard from TV On The Radio - I don't think he even attempts to go unnoticed at this point. I also saw this guy who was quite interesting looking - he was wearing a weird white turtle neck with a corduroy suit. He also had long hair and a huge Duane Allman 'stache, when he walked by he flipped his hair - it was hilarious. I think he was the secret gay Allman brother - Fabrizio Allman.

Ok, sorry - back to the show. After what seemed like forever, the opening band finished their set and I headed upstairs - beer in hand. I managed to snag a decent spot to the side of the stage, not too far from the front. There was an abundance of johnny-come-latelys who were trying to push there way towards the center. It was really fucking annoying and I barely resisted the urge to choke slam a few of them. Anyway, the YYYs took the stage and the crowd started cheering. (I just realized that was the first time I actually mentioned the YYYs)

Karen was totally out of control - she knows how to put on a good show. The new guy was kinda annoying, he looked like he didn't belong. He was "rocking out" a little too much, like he was trying to be a rock star or something. Nick is a skinny fucking freak but damn he can play guitar. I don't mean that in any sort of virtuoso way - he just plays huge. The drummer, whose name I don't know, is fucking sick. The fills he was playing were very unique - I never really noticed the drums before last night.

The show was great and the band managed to get to most of their hits. I have new respect for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs after this show. They definitely deserve the hype they've been getting building up to their new album. They are playing NYC again in May - I recommend you go.

Sorry, this review is half-assed - I'm tired and burned out from too many concerts. But I still got some decent pics.


James Iha amongst the commoners

R.I.P. Don Knotts

Today is a sad day folks - Don Knotts is dead, he was 81 years old. The world is worse off without the man that played Barney Fife. I lived in Morgantown, West Virginia a few years back. Don was from Morgantown and he is a hero there. In fact, a stretch of the road I lived on was called Don Knotts BLVD. Take it easy Don.

Stop... Hammer Time!

I stumbled upon this gem while I was randomly searching the internet. It might be the greatest blog my eyes (and ears) have ever happened upon. The mythical beast known as M.C. Hammer has his own blog. Yes, that's right - Hammer is a fucking blogger. What else you'll learn while at the Hammer blog is that he still makes music, and it still sounds like 1990. Make sure you listen to his audio posts and you absolutely must watch his new video, which he posted to Google Video - Hammer is sooo fucking 2.0!

M.C. Hammer Blog
(aka - the greatest blog ever)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cro Brains At CBGBs

I headed over to CBGB's last night to see the legendary Bad Brains. As always it was 700 degrees inside and smelled like ball sweat and gym socks. I got there about ten minutes before Ensign took the stage. At first I thought I missed them but luckily that wasn't the case. I moved towards the front but stopped at the end of the bar on the stage side. I'm not 15 anymore and I sure as hell wasn't in the mood for the pit.

Ensign took the stage and thanked John Joseph and Bad Brains for letting them play. I was excited to see Ensign, they've been on top of the Jersey scene for years. It's hard to believe that this was the first time I got to see them. Anyway, they bust into the first song and the place goes fucking apeshit. The whole floor opened up and the spin kicks and face punching commenced.

I haven't been to a real hardcore show in a while so this was fun - like the good old days. The insanity of the pit died down after the first song and never really picked upp again until the last two. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with Ensign. Maybe I had my hopes too high but they just didn't live up to the hype I've been hearing the last few years. In their defense though they weren't playing in the most ideal timeslot.

I think by this point in the show I had lost about 2 pounds, so I grabbed a beer to nourish myself. Leeway was up next and the place started filling up fast. Honestly, despite all my years in the hardcore scene I never really heard much of Leeway. Of course I heard the name a thousand times and the occasional track but for the most part they slipped under my radar.

I could tell by the make up of the crowd that I was in for a good time. All the LES thug core maniacs came out of the woodwork. Anytime, I start seeing these guys I know the fucking place is going to explode. Leeway took to the stage and the singer (who looks like he was about 90 pounds) grabs the mic and starts talking shit in a heavy NYC accent. The second they went into the first song the goddamn place went berserk. I haven't seen CB's this nuts since Madball a few years back.

Unlike Ensign the craziness did not let up at all, in fact it continually intensified. There were literally people climbing on the fucking air ducts. One guy did a flip off the stage and smashed into the hanging speaker on the side. Another guy, some old crusty LES thug, climbed on top off the bar then made his way over to the PA perch and launched off into the crowd. The old school cats just know how to fuck shit up.

Leeway was so fucking tight - this was, without question, one of the best HxC sets I've ever seen. That's saying something when you consider I don't know a single fucking song by them. I'm pretty sure I'll know quite a few in the near future. Leeway owned this show - this wasn't about Bad Mags, this was all fucking Leeway.

Unfortunatly, Leeway's set ended and I had a choice to make - join the rush to the bar or take advantage of the empty floor and get a spot up front. I decided the beer could wait and I pushed my way up front to the side of the stage. Side stage was like being in a fucking oven - within seconds I was totally drenched in sweat. Of course, the one smelly asshole without a shirt on decideds to stand directly in front of me.

The wait for Bad Brains to take the stage was fucking ridiculous. It seemed like 30 minutes, but that was probably because of the heat. After the majority of the water in my body had been sweated out the Bad Brains took the stage - well, two of them at least. I knew Jon Joseph from Cro-Mags was filling in on vocals but I didn't know Mackie from Cr-Mags was going to be on drums. It was at this point I realized how ridiculus this line-up actually was. This ain't the fucking Bad Brains, man.

The Cro Brains started playing and everyone went nuts and blah, blah, blah. Mackie was fucking killing the drums - he's so goddamn good. John Joseph on the other hand... well he was trying to fill HR's shoes. As in one of the most distinct voices in punk rock HR. John gave it one hell of a shot - you could tell he was trying his best. It just didn't really work though. On the classics it didn't matter because the crowd was singing so loud you couldn't even hear him.

About five songs in I started to lose interest and I worked my way back to the bar. All the old school cats that were going apeshit during Leeway were back here relaxing. Apparently they weren't very impressed with this line-up either. I grabbed a beer and realized I was standing next to Hoya Roc from Madball and I think another guy from Cro-Mags. The crowd started getting less and less tolerant of this faux-Brains and halfway through people started leaving. I was tempted to do the same but the $25 dollar cover kept me in my place.

Bad Brains without HR are not Bad Brains - just stop it. Please go find HR in whatever looney bin he's locked up in (he's fucking crazy as shit), have a few practices, and then call yourself Bad Brains - until then take a vacation. Maybe you should keep Mackie in the mix, he's pretty fucking amazing on drums. To sum up this review: Bad Brains D+, Ensign C+, Leeway A++. Leeway fucking owned!

**Update: Video of Leeway's entire set here.

Bad Brains



Joly was there from Punkcast, so keep an eye out for video from this one.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Bad Brains Tonight

One of the greatest and most influential punk bands takes the stage tonight at CBGB's. Despite the fact that it appears HR won't be there I'm still pretty excited. I mean - it's Bad Brains at fucking CBGB's. You can't get much more punk rock than that - at least not since the Ramones died.

I have an extra ticket so if anyone happens to see this before 8:30 and wants to go send me an email:

YYY's Tix On Sale Saturday

Tomorrow I am going to see Yeah Yeah Yeah's at the Bowery. I'll have pictures and all the normal shit for you on Sunday.

In related news YYY tix for May 2nd at the Roseland go on sale tomorrow (Saturday, 25th). The sale starts at the wee hour of 11AM. This line is the link.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sigmund Droid @ Lit

Last night I attended the Sigmund Droid show at Lit. I kinda hate Lit but I really wanted to see Sigmund live so I went anyway. I got there about 15 minutes before they went on. I headed to the bar - which I thought was open. Apparently it wasn't and I ended up paying $4 for a Sparks - yikes.

Anyway, I grabbed my Sparks and headed towards the front. I was trying to figure out who was actually in the band but I wasn't really having any luck. Then I saw a guy go over to the stage and start screwing with the drums - so I introduced myself. I told him I was interested in hearing how only two guys can pull of the sound I heard on the MP3's. He assured me they sound even better live.

With that reassurance I waited for them to take the stage. The first song started with a simple little bass line and slow vocals - oh no! I have to admit I got a little worried at that point, then all of a sudden - pow right in the kisser. The band started rocking and I was immediately impressed by the skill of the bass player/singer. He had fairly elaborate pedal setup and wasn't afraid to use them.

He switched back and forth from bass that sounded like guitar to bass that sounded like bass. It was very fucking cool sounding. On top of it the guy has a pretty killer voice. The drummer kept great time and I was impressed by how tight the rhythm was.

The highlight of the show was "Liverpool Sluts", a song sung in a faux-British accent that is fucking hilarious. The only part of the show I wasn't into was "Black Girls" - based on what they said, a lot of people dislike this song for it's semi-racist lyrics. What bothered me about the song was the corny white-boy funk style to it. It is nothing at all like the rest of their tunes and shouldn't be part of the set. However, if I was in a band and had a controversial song that pissed people off then I would play it every night too.

Overall I have to say that Sigmund Droid was much better than I thought they would be. That's not to say I thought they would be bad - I just didn't think they would be able to match the recordings. Not only did they match what I heard but they far surpassed it. Sigmund Droid is a good fucking band and you need to go check them out. Will Sigmund Droid Rule NY?

Previous post with MP3's

TV On The Radio Video Shoot

Tomorrow TVOTR shoot the video for their next single somewhere in Williamsburg. I assume it will be around the whole Bedford strip area. I see the guys from TVOTR almost everyday around there. So keep a look out for that - maybe you can get cast. There is info on Brooklyn Vegan about what types they're looking for and who to contact.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tonight: Sigmund Droid & Lit 4 -Year Bash

Tonight I was invited to see Sigmund Droid play at Lit. I posted about them a week ago and linked to some MP3's (previous post). I really dig the music they make and I'm excited to see them play. I'm a little worried they won't be able to pull off their recorded sound live since there's only two of them.

The show is at Lit tonight and also happens to be the 4-year anniversary of the joint - so of course theres a huge party. If you go see Sigmund there will be an open bar downstairs. Afterwards there will be another one for the party around 10:30. You'll probably end up really drunk. Here are the flyers with the details:

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wolfmother/Black Lips At Merc Lounge

I arrived at this show not really knowing what to expect. I had only heard about 2-3 songs by Wolfmother and I thought they were decent. The hype storm around them made me buy tickets just because they were cheap and I wanted to see what was up. I got there unusually early and decided to grab some pizza before the show. Famous Original Ray's shouldn't be famous and it's not very original.

Anyway, I made my way into the Merc Lounge during the middle of the first bands set. I have no idea who they were but I wasn't digging it. I decided standing at the bar and drinking a $4 PBR was a much better idea. After they cleared the stage I made my way back into the performance room and grabbed a seat while the next band set up.

Before this show I had never heard of the Black Lips before and now I can honestly say I'll never forget them. Within 30 seconds of the first song I jumped out of my seat and grabbed a spot against the stage. The music was just killer rock n' roll - kinda like Kings Of Leon meets Swamp Rats. My brother went for a simpler explanation and just said they sound like the Kinks.

The first thing I noticed about the band was the guitar player. He was short and had a creepy porno mustache. On top of that he was wearing a pink tie-dye shirt with half cut sleeves and the neck band removed. On top sat a shitty Kool cigarette hat that they give away at bars as promotional items - the brim was straight and the back was buttoned. He also had some weird gold chain with a medallion on it, which added to the whole porn thing.

The next thing I noticed was the little tiny amps. They were playing out of practice amps - the really small kind you played in your bedroom in 7th grade. Actually, one guy had a half stack but it was still pretty weak looking. All of these things just told me something weird was about to happen. The tunes were sloppy as fuck and a few times they actually had to restart entire songs. Coming from a small town DIY background this was kinda refreshing for me.

They played way more songs than they were supposed to and eventually the sound guy killed the mics, turned on the lights, and blasted the house music. That didn't stop Black Lips - they just cranked up their amps and kept playing "one more song". The last song had no vocals but that didn't seem to matter - it wasn't about the music at that point.

What happened next will go down as the craziest thing I have ever seen at a show. During the last song the creepy mustache guy pulls out his dick, runs across the stage, and starts making out with his bass player. Ok, big fucking deal right? Then this twisted fuck walks over to the middle of the stage kneels down and starts pissing on the stage. Oh and then it gets good - he gets up, grabs his dick, aims it towards his face and starts pissing in his own mouth! To top it all off he then spits his pissy saliva all over the goddamn crowd.

I was absolutely in awe of this crazy fuck - GG Allin would have been proud. Afterwards people lined up to shake this piss-soaked maniac's hand. It was so punk rock and I feel like I've been ruined for life. How can any band compete with this? They can't. I was shocked and I've never been shocked in my life. Long live Black Lips.

Next up was Wolfmother - seriously at this point who fucking cares, really? They started their set standing in a puddle of piss. They weren't at all what I heard on those MP3's I discovered and I left about three songs in. I keep hearing people compare them to Sabbath and Bleach-era Nirvana. I didn't hear either to be honest They sounded like Bleach-era Soundgarden being raped by Rush. I wasn't digging these guys at all. When your band is 25 years old and all of the people there to see you are 45 years old, maybe you took the retro thing a little too far.


Black Lips

New York Dolls, Motherfucker!

Sunday night I braved the cold and headed to Avalon for Motherfucker to see the legendary New York Dolls. The band was scheduled to go on at 11:30 but of course that didn't happen. So I grabbed an overpriced beer and set up shop against the stage on the left side.

All the real photographers filled in the gap between the front of stage and the crowd. I wasn't front and center but I had a damn good spot that turned out to be better than I thought. Half way through the show the real photographers got thrown out from the front area and pushed to the left side of the stage. So it ended up being twenty photographers on the left corner all reaching over each other and fighting for a spot and just me on the right - nice.

Anyway, on to the show. It started out with a proper introduction - proper in the New York Dolls world meaning a huge drag-queen welcomed them to the stage. They came out and everyone immediately recognized David and Sylvain but who the fuck were the other guys? At least they looked the part, I saw earlier versions of the "comeback" band and they looked like a college bar band.

The band came out strong and were obviously having a good time. Sylvain was running around like he did a few bumps before the show. He did look a bit odd with his beer gut and sheer shirt. Actually, he kinda looked like a creepy Uncle Floyd - that's a reference for all the Jersey heads. David looked frail and was just kinda standing there for most of the set. He did seem to get a second wind about halfway through.

Towards the end Sylvain dedicated a song to the great Johnny Thunders - I forget which specific song it was. I found it a bit odd he only mentioned Johnny, you would think the other dead Dolls would get a shout out too. Around this time they played what I was waiting to hear - Trash and Jet Boy. These two classics are by far my favorite Doll tracks. Of course the place went apeshit on the opening riff.

Trash was a little off sounding - I can't put my finger on why but something wasn't right. It still was good though, it just seemed like it could have been a little tighter. Jet Boy (MP3) was just fucking ridiculus - better than I expected in fact. Soon after the set was over and the drag-queen and her friend reappeared. They talked some shit about being sluts and what not and then asked if we wanted another song. Of course the response was yes - to which the Dolls came out and did one more.

And that was that, one hell of a set by the Two York Dolls (get it because there's only two?.. sorry, I'm an ass).

Sylvain Sylvain

Buster... Sorry, I mean David Johansen

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