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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mission Of Burma At Bowery

Last night I was lucky enough to end up on the list for Mission Of Burma at The Bowery Ballroom. They were playing with the much hyped new band Battles (Dance MP3). Due to the Williamsburg Bridge being shut down for a few minutes I got there a wee bit late. I missed all but one song by Battles - although I heard a couple more from outside and downstairs. I won't comment on them since I didn't see enough but they have a very cool set, which you can see in the pics below.

After they left the stage I went downstairs and had a beer. About half an hour after Battles left the stage Mission Of Burma finally strolled out. I was a bit surprised by how old they look, they reminded me of high school science teachers - not the nerdy type, the former acid head type. The drummer kinda looks like the guy who plays Freddy Krueger. Anyway, they joked around a little and then jumped into some music.

The crowd started pogoing up and down on the first beat. The band started off a little slow in my opinion but about halfway through the first set they found there groove. They were just tearing through shit and absolutely killing it. It was just an amazing performance by the old school soldiers.

It made me think how punk is associated with youth, yet it's 30+ years old. Seeing old crusty science teachers up onstage playing jittery punk was a bit odd. Nonetheless, they were fucking awesome and could out punk any mohawked & tattoo'd twenty year old. The new stuff they were playing was pretty good, unlike most aging bands they stuck to their guns. I hate bands that think because they've been around for a minute that they need to experiment or mature. Fuck that bullshit - yes I'm looking at you Metallica.

Mission Of Burma played a full first set and then took a 15-minute break. I went upstairs and grabbed another overpriced beer. They came back out right on time and played another full set. Even after that set was over the crowd wanted more - so the band came back out for a two song encore. Goddamn these guys have endurance, they played for almost two hours.

I am so happy that I had a chance to see legends like Mission Of Burma. The show was so much better then I imagined it would be. Mission Of Burma have not slowed down with age. They are still an amazing band and you have to see them when they come around.


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