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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

GBH Music Video Festival Launch

Alejandro over at GBH asked me to post about his latest endeavor to What's Up NYC. It looks pretty damn cool so I decided to talk about it here as well. It's the GBH online music video festival. Instead of writing about it here is the press release:

Described by New York nightlife icon Larry Tee as “The online hipster
event of the Year”, the GBH Music Video Festival will present some of the
most interesting, provocative, noteworthy, entertaining, creative and
imaginative videos (shown in their entirety) in a user-friendly format on

Music fans will find music videos from hot underground artists such as
LCD Soundsystem, Tiga, Soulwax, Funkstorung, Bright Eyes, Adam Freeland,
The Juan Maclean, Vitalic, Miss Kittin, Royksopp, Annie, The White
Stripes, Armand Van Helden, Tom Vek and Brazilian Girls - among others.
The videos are segregated into eight categories (rock, electronic, dance
etc.), gathered together over 2005.

The videos are all presented in the user-friendly flash format, which
means there is practically no download time. The whole online festival
has been designed to be very simple to navigate, whilst providing the
highest quality videos from some of the world’s most celebrated
directors, in a format that all computer users can access with great

Despite the outstanding quality of the videos, and the popularity of
many of them in Europe, most remain largely unseen by American
audiences, being hidden amongst the myriad of mediocre offerings on the
web, and largely impossible to find on American television. GBH spent a
huge amount of time and effort uncovering the best material, and
presenting it for a new audience to experience.

“There is just so much amazing music coming out of the underground, and
some of the most celebrated directors in the business are making videos
for them, but they are not getting in front of the American viewing
public.” says Tom Dunkley, the director of the festival, who produces a
weekly music video newsletter for GBH. “Many people just don’t have the
time to search through all the sub-standard videos to find the good ones
- and even if they did, download times for video can still be daunting.
We decided that someone had to bring the very best videos together in a
way that makes it easy for people who are interested in music to
appreciate them – and that someone was GBH. We are very excited, there
are some incredible videos here that are going to blow people away.”

The Festival goes live on Feb 15 2006 and will remain online until the
end of May. Viewers will be giving an opportunity to vote for their
favorite videos from each category, and the winners will be announced at
the end of May.

** I highlighted important lines.

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