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Friday, February 10, 2006

Suicide City

Last night I saw that Suicide City was playing at Trash Bar. If you don't know, Suicide City is a band featuring Billy from Biohazard and a former member of Kittie. To be honest the only reason I went was because it was right down the street at Trash. I hadn't heard a single song by the band prior to the show and I really didn't think it would be good. But I thought I would give it a chance since Billy played on one of my all-time favorite albums, Urban Disciple.

The show started a little after 9PM. I grabbed my PBR's from the open bar and moved up front to check out the first band Crusade. Half way through the first song I went back to the bar. To put it nicely... these guys sucked. I guess with a name like Crusade you have to expect something horrific. The singer was a total mallcore tool and I hated his voice. I was very happy when the set ended.

Next up was Suicide City and the energy in the room was insane. The band was up onstage screwing around before the set - obviously having a good time. Once everything was setup they burst into the first song. I was totally shocked by the sounds I was hearing. It was like mid-eighties hardcore punk, not exactly but close. I didn't hear any Biohazard or Kittie - which is rare in bands like this. I was expecting some weird mash-up that tries to recreate the sounds of bands past.

This courageous crew actually went out and created a sound totally unlike what got them there in the first place. This is not Velvet Revolver or Audioslave - thank god. The tunes were pretty good but the show was brilliant. Usually, even hyper bands, only have like two people running around and going crazy - not Suicide City. The whole band was all over the place - they've obviously been watching their Gorilla Biscuits videos.

I can't honestly do the band justice with words. The sound is nothing spectacular - they are damn good but not great. The performance on the other hand was one of the better ones I've ever seen. You have to see this band live to understand what I'm talking about. I understand why Deli Mag named them the "best NYC rock act of 2005".

Here are the pictures, I have a shit load more that I'll eventually post.

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