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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So Many Shows

I got tickets for two more shows today. I think I might be getting carried away with this crap. Here is a list of all the shows I have coming up:

Mission Of Burma (maybe) - Tix
Bad Brains & Ensign
The Srokes
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (maybe)
Wolf Parade - Tix
Wolfmother - Tix
Test Icicles - Tix (will trade for night before at N.6th, I got 2)

It doesn't look like much but keep in mind I'm not counting work related shows. The point of the post is this - expect lots of concert coverage in the next couple months.


JeremyJCohen said...

yo man... if you have any idea how to hook me up with some Strokes and or Yeah Yeah Yeah tickets... oh man... big money to some tickets to those shows... let me know

(I met you at Shindig)


... said...

Funny you should ask about the YYY tix. (I'm an editor there) will probably be giving away a pair of tix for the show. But it's not set in stone yet. I will announce it once it's official.

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