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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Slow Night/Good Little Party

Yesterday I was sitting around not really feeling motivated to go out. I was looking over all of my favorite event sites and I saw that The Lucky Cat was having some party with free Sparks. Since that's a short walk from my place I decided to check it out. At first it was kinda dead but the music was great (60's motown, soul, some rock) so we stuck around and sucked down some Sparks.

It turned into a great party, after the old school DJ got done the next DJ came on and started spinning mash-ups. I'm not usually a big fan of mash-ups but these were fucking fun. The whole place was dancing up a storm. At one point Empanada Man stopped in with his cooler. Empanada Man is the fucking shit - best drunk food ever and for only $1.

Anyway, the Sparks Black turned this into a killer little party. At least I think it was the Sparks, either way I will be checking this party out again in the near future.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Out Party Chinaman? I Think Not.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Olga's Picks

Hey Brooklynites,

Here is your game plan for tonight- first come into the city to catch a
FREE Japanther show
@ NYU- Palladium Athletic Facility
140 East 14th St

Synchronized swimmers choreographed to Japanther are scheduled to perform.

Then hit Capone's for an open bar from 9-11 (yes, FULL open bar, not one of those cheapass beer open bars that are so popular now) There's some art and sneaker thing going on with a shit load of free giveaways, maybe you'll score a pair of Addidas or a track suit. Sweet!

Adicolor Series Exhibition
@ Capone's
221 North 9th St between Driggs and Roebling St, Brooklyn


It says to RSVP to, but I think you can slide by.
The party goes on till 4AM, so after you load up on the free booze and sneakers, you can hit the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning.

Have fun kids,

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update: ***Denny Blaze (Average Homeboy) Radio Interview Today

He has been described by his fans as sounding like "A Nintendo and God had sex with Jay-Z and Biggie in the back of Nas's limo while 2Pac watched and jerked off" and by the haters as "a cross between Mark Walberg and Joey from Full House."

The BIG News:

Hip-hop trailblazer Denny Blaze will be interviewed today (4/28) around 9:30PM on WCDB. Don't worry if you aren't in upstate NY, the station has an internet feed. Listen or miss out on music history in the making.


I recently came across some other excellent Blaze links for all you Average Blazers out there:

Get A Life!

Oh my God! A chance to see perhaps the most underrated television show ever with the genius behind it. That's right, Cinema Village will be screening Get A Life. If you aren't familiar the show featured Chris Elliot (Cabin Boy) and was fucking hysterical. Of course that meant no one watched it and it got canceled but holy fuck was it funny.

The show was about a 35-year old paper boy who lives with his parents. How can that not be funny? Anyway, I highly recommend going to this. The problem is no details have been released, except that Chris Elliot will be there for Q&A. I suggest checking the Cinema Village site every couple of days for details.

Strokes Breakup?

Word on the street is that the Strokes will be breaking up in the near future. When exactly is the near future? I hve no idea but my guess would be following whatever they currently have scheduled. Is this a definite thing? Absolutely not but apparently it's more likely then not. So make sure you see them as soon as you can.

Monday, April 24, 2006

MP3 Preview of Future Album Reviews

Here are some MP3's people have sent to me recently:

Sex Without Love - Nathan Asher and The Infantry
(We should be reviewing this album soon)

Lolita - Elefant
(ditto on the review - check out the uncensored video)

What If I Get Sick - New Sense
(might review album)

Lovers - Parlour Boys
(might review album)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

684 Leonard St.

This party was last night and it was a lot of fun. It seemed that a lot of people had the false impression that this was a demolition party - it was not. Nonetheless shit got smashed, like the hole in the wall and the door being ripped off it's hinges. One of my roommates drank an entire bottle of whiskey. He has no idea what happened to him from the time we sent him home until the time we came back four hours later and he was standing outside kicking our front door. So yeah it was one of those nights - lots and lots of booze. I love house parties...

"Heeere's Cutie!"

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Brooklyn Loft Party

Tonight after I make a few stops I'll be heading over to this here loft party in Brooklyn. Loft parties are the most fun one can have in my humble opinion. Anyway, it should be a good time - come get drunk.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Average Homeboy AKA Blaze

All you sucka MC's best step aside because Average Homeboy AKA Blaze ain't no joke son. Where do you think Kanye got his pink shirts and sweaters from? Blaze was doin' that shit long before Kanye. No respect for the master, you better fuckin' recognize. Check it yo:

Blaze (Average Homeboy) Official Homepage

I'm A Star - Blaze
Gimme - Blaze

Yeah I just posted this shit but how often do you see this:

Olga's Picks

Hey Skiiers!
Ok, I know that I've been away for a while, but I've been super busy so I haven't been out much. Also, it's been kinda dead in the nightlife scene. It's been the same old thing, same old weekly parties, blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, tonight there is a couple of good things happening that you might want to check out. First, for any Hairspray or Pecker fan out there, John Waters is having an art reception from 6-8PM at
Marianne Boesky Gallery
535 West 22nd St

Art openings are always a great place to load up on some free booze before starting your night. Just think of them as a pre-party.

Next destination is Lit. Come early to catch Deadbeat Descendant, they go on at like 9 or 10, and stay late for the Dirty Down party.


Even though Lit is not my favorite spot to chill since their bartenders are total asses, I still recommend this place for tonight because the party seems cool and there is free Sparks from 11-12. Make sure you get your Sparks, even if you have to fight for them.

Well, have fun, kids!


Misshapes "Cheers" Video

I know Gawker neat me to it on this one by a few minutes but check this out anyway. It's so fucking hilarious. However, I'm a little concerned that I know who have the people in these pictures are.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just Another Shindig

I'm not going to write some long review because frankly this was like every other Shindig. It was fun, bands played, and I got drunk. The only difference was the cops didn't show up this time... at least I don't think they did. So here are the pictures, apparently they're worth a thousand words each so I'll just stop now.

"We're Rebels Mannn"
To Young To Vote, Not To Young To Love

Jeremy J.

More on LNP

First Album Review: Division Day

This here is the very first album review on BSC. It is also the very first contribution from Kaiser Gabe Wilhelm. He's going to be taking care of album reviews. I really wanted to get two reviews of each album posted so you could compare opinions - but that's hard to coordinate. So instead feel free to leave your own reviews in the comment section. So here it is kiddies:

Division Day - Beartrap Island

Division Day's website bio mentions the phrase "all analog" twice to describe the process of recording their two releases. This suggests that: a) they have a healthy distrust of the digital recording realm; or b) they have some sort of indie insecurity or guilt about how good they sound. And they sound pretty damn good.

Tracked partly in the Bahamas and partly at San Francisco's coolest little studio "Tiny Telephone," the band's sound is rich and interesting with an eclectic array of instruments. From the washy, My Bloody Valentine guitars of "To the Woods" to the shape-shifting pop of "Tigers" to the spacey dub of "Hand To the Sound," the album genre-jumps on a whim, but somehow holds a darkly psychedelic coherency. Noise-scape song bumpers add textured flow to the mingled sounds, and make each coming song kind of startling. The California harmonies, colorful instrumentation, and Rohner Segnitz's breathy and earnest vocals kept reminding me of the Thrills, if the Thrills suddenly became obsessed with Dismemberment Plan and Yo La Tengo.

I wanted to write a nasty review for my first attempt at being a critic. (For some reason I think it might be easier). But Beartrap Island had a lot of things I expect from a good band and little that I expect from a bad one. Apparently this band is currently unsigned, which surprises me. I don't know what's up with the music scene in LA, but we could definitely use a few more bands this smart on our side of the Mississippi.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tis' Be A Good Night

Shindig and Sigmund Droid all in one night! Sounds like you won't be bored tonight.

MC Lars Tracks

While we're talking about white rap, here are two tracks by MC Lars. This album was sent to me a couple months ago and I wasn't really feeling it. Lars just sounds SO white and not in the Eminem & The Streets way. The lyrics are actually better then a lot of MCs but the delivery takes getting used to. I didn't hate it though, there were a couple of decent tracks.

This first track is called "Signing Emo", it makes fun of A&R and all the emo bands out now. The chorus for the song is actually an emo chorus. Here's the thing though - it's really fucking good. I don't like emo but that chorus is undeniable. Check it:

Signing Emo - MC Lars

The second track I was diggin is called "The Dialog". The reason I'm digging it is because Ill Bill is on the track. The song is about music, in particular hardcore, metal, & hip-hop. It's about how they're all coming from the same place, which I've always said. It ain't bad so listen:

Average Homeboy

Eminem is getting nervous.

Average Homeboy Live MP3

Monday, April 17, 2006

New York Dolls - New Track

Roadrunner recently released a track off of the yet to be released New York Dolls album. It's called "Dance Like A Monkey" and it's pretty good. I heard it live and I was surprised by how good it was. Usually new shit from old bands sucks but not this.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Subhumans @ Knitting Factory

April 14th: I love punk shows, especially real punk shows. People constantly talk shit about old geezer punk bands - fuck those people. Bands like Subhumans invented punk and they play it better then any whiny 17-year-old can. When I saw that the Subhumans were playing I instantly bought tickets because I still regret missing the last NYC UK Subs show last year.

One thing I love about bands like Subhumans is the crowd they draw. I love to see the 50-year-old crusty's still rocking the purple mohawks and punk gear. Then standing 5 feet away you see a 13-year-old with the exact same shit going on. Some say that's sad but I think it's a lot more sad seeing an old punk wearing a suit carrying a breifcase.

So after I scoped out the crowd I moved up front to snap a few pics. The band took the stage and I was surprised by how good they looked. Most of the old school punk bands look like walking corpses but Subhumans looked alive. They start the set and of course a pit opens up but I was surprised by it's tameness. I mean, everyone was moving but it wasn't nearly as violent as I expected.

Still I was having trouble holding back the 300 pounder in front of me and take pictures at the same time so I headed upstairs about 5 songs in. The show was much more enjoyable from the balcony. The dance floor was a lot of fun to watch from above. Everyone was having a good time down there, if I wasn't so sore from the Gogol show I might have joined them.

By punk standards Subhumans are fucking excellent musicians, you really notice it live. The bass player is just plain sick. He was playing some very creative shit and wasn't just following the guitar the whole time. What make Subhumans better then the rest is the vocals - Dick is the god damn man. His voice is so powerful and angry. It's the definition of punk vocals - snarling English venom. The only problem is between songs you have no fucking clue what he's talking about. Although I did manage to catch an anti-deodorant rant and an anti-beauty line.

The set came to an end after a fairly short time. It was clear an encore was in the works, I mean they didn't even play "Subvert City". Still I was always under the impression that old school punk bands were anti-encore. Nonetheless the chants of "one more song" got the band back onstage.

At some point between the end and the encore some goon got onstage and grabbed the mic. He said something along the lines of "this next song is called Lick My Balls" and then pointed to his balls. It was a little funny just because he was so drunk. Then someone ushered him offstage and he dove into the crowd expecting to be caught but everyone moved - it was like something in a movie. This big jerk-off did a face plant on the ground - it was fucking hilarious.

With them came an accordion player and another singer. They were announced but I couldn't understand what the fuck Dick said. I'm pretty sure they were people I would know of but I didn't recognize them. Anyway, they all played a really fucking badass version of "Work-Rest-Play-Die". After that the other dudes left the stage and the Subhumans played "Subvert City" (there might have been a song in between) and the place went fucking crazy. They kept playing after "Subvert" unfortunately - that would have been a great song to close with.

This was a great fucking show, in particular "Subvert", "Work-Rest-Play-Die", "Society", "Religious Wars" and of course... "Lick My Balls"



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