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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Last Night: FreeNYC & Loft Party

Last night I hit the FreeNYC party at Galapagos. We got there about 10:45, fifteen minutes after they tapped the first keg - it was already dry. Luckily they had a back-up, it took them about 10-15 minutes to tap it but then we were good to go. This was the first time I ever had Sixpoint beer and I have to say it ain't bad. No one else I was with agreed with me though.

Now that I had my beer I started checking out the scene. It was pretty fucking lame to be honest. The one man band guy was spinning records and playing bass and playing with his Mac. Unfortunately all the sounds coming out were weird blips and stupid shit like that. Eventually he started spinning actual music but I had enough of that place by then (translation: free beer ran out) and hit the road. We grabbed some booze, hopped in a cab, and headed to the"Broke ass hoez" loft party in Bushwick.

FreeNYC party

I have no idea what time it was when we got there but it wasn't too late yet. We walked into this place and I wasn't all that impressed. Let's just say the word loft was used very loosely. This was an apartment and it wasn't very big, at least not for a party. I really wasn't having much fun at first but it picked up big time. The whole building ended up being part of the party and people were all over the place drinking.

There was PBR all over and people started getting semi-nude. At one point some dude in a thong was on this guys shoulders on the dance floor. My roommate was on the dance floor with two girls without shirts on. It started to get a little LNP. Unfortunately, my camera died and I didn't get any of the funny shit on film. One of my roommates freaked out and left - he still doesn't know how he got home. This was a damn good time and I need to go to more parties like this.

House Party

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