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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MC Lars Tracks

While we're talking about white rap, here are two tracks by MC Lars. This album was sent to me a couple months ago and I wasn't really feeling it. Lars just sounds SO white and not in the Eminem & The Streets way. The lyrics are actually better then a lot of MCs but the delivery takes getting used to. I didn't hate it though, there were a couple of decent tracks.

This first track is called "Signing Emo", it makes fun of A&R and all the emo bands out now. The chorus for the song is actually an emo chorus. Here's the thing though - it's really fucking good. I don't like emo but that chorus is undeniable. Check it:

Signing Emo - MC Lars

The second track I was diggin is called "The Dialog". The reason I'm digging it is because Ill Bill is on the track. The song is about music, in particular hardcore, metal, & hip-hop. It's about how they're all coming from the same place, which I've always said. It ain't bad so listen:

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