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Friday, March 31, 2006

Editors @ Webster Hall

Last night I went straight from work to the Beauty Bar to have some drinks with my peoples. Half of us were pre-gaming for the big Editors show down the street. Everyone was talking about this gig. I initially bought the tickets just to see what the fuss was all about. Then I ended up at the show at the Warsaw and I knew what the fuss was about.

I was pretty excited to see them play last night. This was their show - they weren't sharing the bill with stellastarr* tonight. I got there around 9:15 or so and headed straight for the bar - because I'm a drunk. Beer in hand I headed down to the floor and fought my way through the crowd for a decent spot up front.

Unfortunately, my beer ran dry and I had to go on a quick run. During my incredibly long wait for a beer - the bar was empty for the record. I think the bartenders there are mildly retarded. Anyway, I hear the band start playing and I still don't have my beer yet. Finally, I say a few motivating words to the girl and I got my drink. The good news was I had beer, the bad news was I missed the first song.

When I got back up front to my spot I started taking some pictures. Editors are so goddamn good, they give off a similar vibe to U2. I don't mean the pretentiousness or their sound - I mean their amazing stage presence. The crowd was going pretty wild, at least where I was. The floor was bouncing up and down like a trampoline.

I'm amazed at how tight their sound is. I might go as far as to call it flawless. The tone of the guitars are so crisp and clear. It sounds like they've been playing together for 10 years. I can't wait to hear this guys after they've actually played together for 10 years.

The singer - I think his name is Smith - is just fucking amazing. His voice is good but I'm talking more about his performance. He seems so into the music, he writhes around flaring his arms and hugging his face like a man possessed. He really is the life of the band, not to take anything away from the rest of the boys.

The show was killer and I expect really big things from this band. After the gig everyone went to Black & White for the after party. I didn't want to go so I headed to the L train to go home. Of course as I got there the last L train left and then the line shut down for the night (fucking L train). So I decided I might as well check out the party before I hopped in a cab and headed home.

I got to Black & White to see what was up. The place was totally fucking packed by the time I got there. There were a bunch of people trying to get in so I got as close as I could to see what the deal was. I didn't feel like waiting and sure as hell didn't feel like doing the whole name dropping song and dance so I just said fuck it and went home. I was told I missed one hell of a party, if you're looking to get a job in the "biz" then you missed a golden opportunity to network.

So here are the pictures - sorry about the halfass review of the night. I'm pretty beat right now.

Death from above

Obviously sitting on a toilet here

You're So Fucking Hip

Hey - you're fucking hip right? Does that make feel good about yourself? Well let me tell you something - hip is a survival tool of the weak. A way for beta's to gain a false sense of alpha-ness. A cheat code for Darwin's survival of the fittest. Hip is for the insecure pussies with little dicks who can't defend themselves physically.

In your hometown you got beat up by football players and masturbated five times a night thinking about one of the fat chicks in your gym class (who was still out of your league). So what did you do my friend? You moved to New York City and got a hip job in the village. New York City - where the weak control the strong.

Now you're so fucking hip you don't even have to work everyday - if you can call what you do work anyway. You're an alpha male here Poindexter, no more jerking off into an old sock thinking about Lara Croft for you. No way, now you get your hip model girlfriend to do that. So go be hip my friend - hip it up... with your goofy hats and dirty t-shirts.

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh - if so, I apologize. Maybe I'm making broad generalizations. Maybe I'm full of shit. Or maybe I'm just fucking with you. This might just be one big joke and not at all a reflection of my opinions or real facts. But I guess you'll never know because there is simply nothing more hip then irony and sarcasm.

Olga's Picks

This week I went to not one, but two SOLD OUT Editors show with Matt and then I saw them on Conan last night. I like them and thought that the shows were great, but that's enough Editors for me a while for me.
Anyway, it's Friday night yet again and I am here to give you the lowdown on what's happening in the shitty tonight. I'll be honest, there are no good shows tonight, so if you are in the mood for music you might need to find an alternative. One suggestion I have is the Nightclubbing The Original Punk Rock Music Video Series at NYU Cantor Film Center (36 East 8th St). It's a film that was shot by Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong and features live performances from 1975-80 by: Bad Brains, Ballistic Kisses, Max Blagg, Blondie, just to name a few. The FREE screening starts at 6PM followed by a discussion with the film makers and after party with Max Blagg at CBGB's (313 Bowery St) that begins at 10PM.
For those of you who want to go to a bar, I recommend Rivington Bar (174 Rivington St between Attorney and Clinton) for the Blaze and Booze party. There's an open bar from 9-10 and giftbags filled with shit from Sugarhead Quarters, KidRobot, Mishka, Rockett, and Friendsof. It says to that only the first 50 people who RSVP to get a goody bag, so hurry! When the open bar at Rivington ends, head over to The Delancey (168 Delancey between Attorney and Clinton) for the SWEAT party which has free Heineken from 10-11 and L-R-G clothing giveaways. When 11 o'clock rolls around and all the open bars in the area over, you can either go home or stumble from bar to bar in the Lower East Side. I suggest you make it an early night because tomorrow MARKY RAMONE is djing at Movida (28 7th Ave South). Unfortunately, there is a cover, $10 general admission, but it's only $5 if you RSVP to

For the full listing of tonight's events, fliers, more info, or whatever else you are looking for, go to What's Up NYC .

Have fun, kids!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Editors On Conan Tonight & At Webster Hall

I'll be seeing Editors again tonight. I know I just saw them but I bought these tickets before I knew about the Brooklyn show. Then I got hooked up for the show at the Warsaw - so I only paid for one show.

Anyway, this show is completely sold out but that doesn't mean you can't see the band. They will be on Conan O'Brien tonight. Usually the bands take the stage around 1:25 or so. It's worth staying up for if you haven't seen them live before.

As always I'll have some pictures and a review tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Editors & stellastarr* @ Warsaw

So as I said in the previous post, I got to this show around 9PM - when stellastarr* was supposed to go on. Of course they didn't go on until 9:30, right when I had to leave the Warsaw for CBGBs. I did manage to hear about half of the first song though. So I really have nothing to say about stellastarr* because I didn't see them. Unless you want me to review one minute of their opener? Yeah, I'll just leave it alone.

You would think that going to CBGB's at 9:30 would pretty much and the night as far as this show goes. The Dolls were amazingly prompt and actually started on time - which meant they were finished by 10:30. I called Olga, who was still at the Warsaw to see if I could make it for the Editors set. She didn't answer so I jumped in a cab and headed back to Brooklyn. I figured if I didn't hear from her by the time I got into the hood I would just go home.

She got back to me as I was about to head for home and told me Editors just started their set. I jumped out of the cab and used my lip print hand stamp to get back in. I immediately went to the bar and grabbed a polish beer of some sort. It was only $4 - keep in mind this is a rock venue, that's awesome. I really dig the Warsaw, it's a very cool place for shows and you can eat and drink on the cheap between bands.

Sorry - I got side tracked. As I was saying, I grab my beer and headed for the stage. I immediately started to take some pictures because I didn't know how many songs they had played. I wanted to make sure I got something before it was over. The blue light really made it difficult to get any clear shots.

I'm not sure how long they played prior to my arrival but I would say they played about 5-6 songs while I was there. They are an amazing band and you should see them now before they're huge. I was surprised by how many songs I knew the words to despite not actually having any of their music. Everyone seemed to know the words to the songs and half of the crowd was dancing as well.

The show came to a halt and the band did an encore (did I mention I hate encores?) and then I went outside. I ran into Andy Shaw and he told me the official after party was down the street at Supreme Trading. I went over there but I was literally one of five people there. I decided to take off and hit the sack - of course as I was walking out everyone started showing up but I didn't give a fuck at that point. So ends my crazy night of venue hopping - it was pretty fun, but goddamn expensive.



New York Dolls @ CBGBs

I started off my night at the Warsaw in Brooklyn to see the stellastarr* and Editor's show. I got there at about 9PM and was hoping stellastarr* took the stage at nine like they were supposed to. Of course this didn't happen so I only caught about half of their first song before I hopped in a cab for CBGB's to see the New York Dolls.

I got to CBGB's around 9:40 and headed inside. To my surprise the Dolls had already started and were halfway through their second song. Wait - a punk show that actually started on time? What is going on here? Anyway, I fought my way through the crowd and got a place up front. The door guy said there were still tickets but I don't see how they could have fit more people in there.

At first the crowd has pretty sedate, which was odd considering how sharp the Dolls were. At one point Sylvain commented on how quiet the crowd was - that got everyone moving. It's truly amazing how good this band is. Despite having only two original members and despite aging quite a bit - they still fucking rock. All these bands that have been coming back lately really can't step to the Dolls. Even the new songs they played were good, which is practically unheard of from other aging comeback bands.

Towards the end they played "Trash" and then went straight into "Jet Boy" - my two favorite songs back to back. It was truly an amazing experience - just say it out loud, "New York Dolls at CBGB's". I mean how can you fucking beat that? I know, "Ramones at CBGB's" but this is the next best thing.

I know people are reading this and doubting my words. So please go see the Dolls before they're dead and see for yourself. These fucking geezers can play some punk rock.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New York Dolls & Editors/stellastarr*

So I put myself in a bit of a jam tonight. I forgot I had tickets for the Dolls tonight at CBGBs and committed to seeing Eidtors & stellastarr* at the Warsaw in Brooklyn. Not really sure how I'm going to pull this one off tonight but hopefully I'll manage to figure something out.

Monday, March 27, 2006

MP3's From Matador

I've been slacking on the MP3's lately so I figured I'd grab some tunes from Matador.


Hype Machine List

Hype Machine just updated their list of the top music blogs. The scoring is based on number of bookmarks and the number of incoming links according to Technorati. Of course, Stereogum came out on top - but that's not at all a surprise. What is a surprise is that BSC came in #193 with a total score of 208 - not too shabby. Go check out all the killer blogs out there:

I explained the criteria so if you don't mind bookmarking BSC to or adding a link to your site it would be much appreciated. Of course if you do I'll do the same for you.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend In South Jersey

I just got back to NYC after spending the weekend back home in Jersey. Honestly going back home tends to be extremely boring and I can't wait to get back to NYC. This weekend was different though, I actually had fun. I went to the same bar both nights I was there but I had a good time.

For some odd reason a bunch of people who have also moved out happened to be in town. It was essentially a mini high school reunion - which sounds pretty bad. But it was just the people I actually enjoy hanging out with - the assholes weren't around. This is an extremely rare occurance in Vineland, NJ.

Anyway, here are some pictures - initially I wasn't going to post any pictures because I'm aware that you don't fucking care. I said "fuck it" though and put them up anyway - mostly because the first one is classic. That's my boy Hernan after getting shithammered, stumbling into the parking lot, and then doing a faceplant onto the asphalt. He wasn't seriously injured so it's fucking hilarious.

You should see the other guy...

Sen Dogg shooting pool

Big Jay - best metal guitarist I know

Big Jay kinda looks like Peter Griffin

So that's my exciting time in Vtown... "so fucking glamorous. I bet you'd live here if you could and be one of us".

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Olga's Picks Part II

Hope you all had fun last night and survived this morning. There is a lot of good stuff happening today so be ready, fortunately, it's all happening in Brooklyn! First, you gotta check out this band called the Occasion (one of my fav bands). They are playing at free103point9 9th Anniversary Show, New + Used@ free103point9 Project Space97 South 6th St, 2nd Fl. No time announced, but you can call 718-599-5955. Also, stop by Fix (North 11th St and corner of Bedford) to catch the Psychic Ills, it's a free show at 4PM!
Then, if you are still craving more music, go to The A-List Event Seriese Part 2@ Northsix, 66 North 6th St, but RSVP is a must. The show starts at 9:30 so send an email over to before then.
One more thing, the Arctic Monkeys are having their after-party at Tis Was tonight. Plus, The Hourly Radio perform and Jeff Automatic spins.

For fliers, more info, or whatever else you are looking for, check out What's Up NYC

See ya all next week,

If anyone has a better name than OLGA'S PICKS, send an email to and if I choose yours, Matt and I will reward you, somehow.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Olga's Picks

I am the new contributor to Matt's BSC. He did a lil' intro for me earlier this week, so I won't go into my life long story. For anyone who is interested though, just visit MySpace.

It's Friday night and since there is a lot of shit to pick from, I'll make it easy for you and let you know what I am doing. My plan is to hit The Fatales show at Pianos nice and early and then head over to Libation since it's across the street. There is a bday party happening for some people from Tease and an open bar from 10-11. I might call it an early night though since I had a really bad dentist experience this afternoon and should catch up on my (desperately needed) sleep. For all you night owls out there, check out the full listing at What's Up NYC for what's happening tonight.

One more thing, I am doing a giveaway for Tis Was tickets at the Annex, so if anyone is interested just e-mail your name, number and age to It's rumored that Arctic Monkeys are having their afterparty there.

There's more exciting shit happening tomorrow, so stay tuned....


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Prince Will Fuck Your Shit Up

Tip of the day: If Prince ever asks to use any of your stuff tell him to fuck off - even if he pays you. Unless of course you want said borrowed item to be returned purple and gold and covered in corny-ass Prince symbols. See what I mean:

Full story at People

What a fucking maniac. My theory is that he isn't actually renting, he actually whooped Carlos Boozer in a pick up game - just like he did Charlie Murphy. Prince is a bad mother fucker on the court. The payoff on the bet they made was Prince got to stay at his crib whenever he was in town. That doesn't make it cool for Prince to paint up the place though - I would be pissed if too.

Free Stellastarr* Tickets

Lots and lots of giveaways going on for the upcoming stellastarr* show on March 27th at Bowery Ballroom. Here are all of them going on right now, stay tuned there will be more. How do I know that you ask? I helped set these suckers up.

New York Dolls High School

Check this shit:

Marky Ramone Interview

GBH recently interviewed punk rock legend Marky Ramone - not only of The Ramones but also the Voidoids. Go to GBH to check it out, here is the link:

GBH Marky Ramone Interview

** FYI: Marky will be spinning at Movida (Robot Rock) on April 1st.

Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Brooklyn Ski Club Radio

I decided to create a Pandora channel based entirely on shows I've reviewed for BSC. It's a pretty cool mix I have to say. If you're not familiar with how Pandora works it creates a radio station based on the bands you input, but it adds bands you might like too. Anyway, email me if you want me to send you the station.

Welcome To The Club - New Feature

So you might have noticed a slight change on the side of the site - under contributers it now says Olga. Yes, that's right - I won't be the only one adding content to BSC anymore. As I'm sure you noticed BSC has been kinda shitty lately, especially on the nightlife side. To remedy this situation I decided to bring in Olga from What's Up NYC.

The idea is that Olga will pick her favorite events of the week and post them to BSC. Then you will look at them and say "Hey, if Olga digs this shit it must be good - I'm there!". See how that works? So keep an eye out for these special "Olga's Picks" - they will only happen about twice a week or so. Ok so that's all for now, stay tuned.

** When I added Olga as a contributer it took down my picture on the side - any way I can get that back up there?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sigmund Droid Tonight @ Sin-e

Sigmund Droid will be playing at Sin-e tonight. I think that you should go see them tonight. Why? Because they're fucking good and it's Monday and what else are you going to do?

Nick Swan, Flasher, Sigmund Droid, Roaring 20s
@ Sin-e
150 Attorney St

Stream Entire New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album

MySpace is streaming the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album in its entirety.

Today's News And Links

Here are some interesting things in todays news feeds:

Nerd Shit:
New Firefox 2.0 - I haven't tried it yet but it sounds good.

Private Bookmarks - Finally! This is awesome - I can finally add my porn links to my account.

Music Shit:
Biggie Sales Halted - Puffy is finally getting shit on for all the samples he "borrowed".

That's it for now - but I saw "V for Vendetta" yesterday. It's damn good, go see it.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pulled South Park Episode

I'm sure you've all heard about Tom Cruise getting the Scientology episode of South Park pulled from airing. Well thanks to the wonders of YouTube you get to see it in its entirety. So here it is kids, enjoy:

** I found this via

Pirates Attack US Navy!

Yesterday I was over a friends house when in the background I heard a news anchor mention pirates. This of course got my attention so I got closer to the TV to see what it was all about. Somewhere near Somalia a band of pirates and the US Navy engaged in a bit of a skirmish on the high seas. One of the pirates died and a few more got injured but that was it. Apparently if you want to be a pirate then Somalia is the place to be. These crazy fucks even board and plunder oil tankers. They attack by speed boat though, which is kinda gay but whatever - they're still pirates.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rock N Riot - Williamsburg Party

It's fucking cold out again. I got all used to the nice 65 degree weather and now it's gone. I really don't feel like roaming around in the cold after those nice days we had. That said I'm staying in Williamsburg and checking out this semi-new party at Fix. Here are all the details for ya:

110 Bedford Ave
Corner of N11th and Bedford.
Bedford stop on the L train
No Cover 8-4am

Anestheisa for troubled times.

Very Special Guest DJ Michael T (of Motherfucker and Rated X) will be make a rare Williamsburg appearance and spinning at FIX this up coming Sat. So cum HELP Michael get released with Micheal's eclectic mix of Rock and dance your ass off all night!

Drink Specials:
Dead Cowboy (Shot of Whiskey and PBR) $5
FixCarafe (3 drinks in 1) $8

With House DJ Son of Sound!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Chuck Norris Facts From Chuck Norris

They must be true if they come from the man himself.

Small World - Jonny Lives!

So today I'm standing on 14th street and this dude comes up to me and sticks out his hand for me to shake. I kinda give him the "what the fuck" look and he says "FSU - freshman year". As soon as he said that I knew exactly who it was, my old friend Jonny!

Way back in '99 - '00, during my freshman year of college at Florida State he was a pretty good friend of mine. He was one of the few people I hung out with there that wasn't from Jersey or NY (he was from Florida). I left after my freshman year and dropped him a few emails during the next year but completely lost touch with him after that.

So anyway we start bullshittin' and apparently he moved to Brooklyn not too long ago and lives pretty close to where I do. He's also cool with some of the peeps with MyOpenBar, which I've contributed to a couple times (literally). It's crazy that shit worked out like that.

So you're probably saying "why the fuck do we care about this shit?". The answer is because he is in a band you might like, in fact they played Fat Baby tonight to a packed house. The band he is in is Ivy League, you may have heard of them.

Honestly, it's too mellow for my tastes but it's damn good for what it is. If you're into the whole Belle & Sebastian and Iron & Wine thing you'll love them. I know what you're saying "aren't there only two dudes in that band?". Well... sorta, they play half their set singer-songwriter duo and the other half full band - with Jonny on drums.

Ivy League

**I posted this around midnight on Thursday night - so it says Friday on the post, but it was Thursday.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


So I wanted to post something fun for all you crazy kids to go do tonight. I've been looking around and I just don't see anything that seems interesting - maybe I'll just go to a movie. Anyway, if I were you I wouldn't rely on my taste in fun so take a look for yourself.


I think the lack of shit tonight has something to do with St. Patty's weekend coming up - no one wants to get too trashed before the real party starts. I think SXSW has a lot to do with it too, all the good bands are there as are the people who throw cool parties. Tomorrow should be crazy though so hang in there.

Feel free to leave comments about tonights happenings.

New Links On Blogroll

Check out my Blogroll on the side of the page. I added quite a few new links, mostly to music blogs. You should check them out, you'll find some damn good MP3's on those sites. Check it out kids ---->

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This Is Where The MP3's Live

I usually grab MP3's from label sites so I figured why not compile a list of some of the label sites with MP3's on them and just link to them. So here goes, enjoy:

Alternative Tentacles

Dim Mak
(click on link, then right click on player and choose "View Page Source". Grab the MP3 URL from the code)




Feel free to email me with any other good ones. Remember these are ones that have downloadable MP3 files directly on the page - not WMA's or hidden file players. Email me if you got more:

Fucking Tourists

I have been meaning to write a piece about sidewalk etiquette for a while now. This post covers most of my points and goes on to point out all the things we hate about tourists. It's a wonderful piece especially if you hate tourists, which you should. This thing was written way back in July of 2005. Unfortunately I just came across this today. Anyway here it is, straight from This Place Is Dead Anyway - Welcome To NYC!

This post even made it onto Gawker which ain't too shabby.

No More Cocaine Corner

Well I just found out that my favorite blog, Cocaine Corner, is shutting down. It's supposedly only temporary - for 3-6 months, but I have my doubts. Either way Edgar had one hell of a run and will be missed. Of course, given the nature of CC, there is speculation that the shutdown is related to legal issues. I don't think that's the case - at least I hope not.

Anyway, if you haven't been to Cocaine Corner then click the link above and start reading. You won't find better writing on any other blog. The flow is smooth, the content is humorous, and the stories are crazy. This is high quality writing by any standards. We look forward to your return Edgar Winter.

Super Bowl Of Hardcore

The line-up has been announced for this years Super Bowl of Hardcore and it looks pretty good. I've been trying to make it to one of these for years now - all the way back to when it was in DC. Last year it was in Brooklyn and I was just too damn broke to check it out. This year it's in Manhattan and I don't plan on missing it.

The Super Bowl will be on April 23rd at Club Spirit in Manhattan. If you want more details go to The East Coast Hardcore site (my favorite). This is the line-up as of now - so sick!

INDECISION (with Tom Sheehan)
ONE MAN ARMY (featuring the singer from Fury of V)


So many good bands but I'm most excited about seeing Indecision. I'm also excited about seeing VOD and Shutdown but I've seen them before - I've never seen Indecision. It will also be very cool to see Murphy's Law, Underdog, and Crown Of Thornz. I never got to see Fury of Five and I have always regretted that - hopefully One Man Army featuring James Ismean is the next best thing.

I can't wait for this as I know it will be an amazing show. I'm just worried I don't have the endurance for this sorta shit anymore. I mean this fucking show is going to be fucking brutal - very, very brutal. I'll be there though trying to hold my own.


First of all I want to apologize for the lack of posts recently. My computer has been fucked up and I've been slightly lazy so I have been slacking. That said, here is my latest blog post.

You may have seen this already as I found out about it several days ago. I posted about something similar about a week ago that lets you records MP3's from Shoutcast. Well this is even better - it's esentially the same thing only it works with FM radio. All you have to do is plug an FM reciever to your line-in on your computer and you're good to go. This is from Snaptune's website

"No other software does what Snaptune does: It’s better than recording; it’s better than time-shifting; it’s more local and more up-to-date than any online music store (it even finds songs that aren’t out yet, live sessions and interviews); it’s free to get started; it’s legal; it’s Snaptune!"

I haven't messed with it but only for lack of time. If this thing does what it says it does then the labels are going to be pretty upset. I assume this will be the straw that breaks terrestrial radio's back. The labels are going to much more careful over what goes on air. That's if this thing takes off and if it doesn't get shut down. So I guess we'll see what happens. Check this thing out and let me know how well it works.

Friday, March 10, 2006

TV On The Radio Leak

As most of you know Brooklyn's finest, TV On The Radio, are releasing a new album this year. Anyone familiar wit the band knows the potential these guys have and have been disappointed in the past. Well, from what I'm hearing this album will destroy any doubts. The four MP3's I've heard so far are abso-fucking-lutely amazing.

Seriously - mark my words: This will be the year TVOTR establish themselves as one of the best bands out there. Here are links to the leaked tracks, listen to them, study them, and then think about how you will be able to tell your kids how you used to see these dudes everyday on Bedford.

Kingblind has MP3's

All Things Go has MP3's

Yoorp has MP3's
Listen to "Blues From Down Here" - it is simply fucking fantastic, one of the best songs I've EVER heard. Fuck I just listen to it over and over again - perfection.

Scenic Is Dead... (Update: Hoax)

** Update: Scenic isn't shutting down - disgruntled employee sent out the bulletin last night. That person is also responsible for the initial rumor started via the Voice.

First there were rumors that Scenic was shutting down. Then Michael T came out and said the rumors were untrue and that Scenic was just taking a month break for renovations. Well, here's the word from the horse's mouth - "Scenic is dead". This was sent out from Scenic's MySpace profile via bulletin:

Please tell everyone! We are closed and no more.

Sorry, no more bands =(

No more Hot Fuckin Pink, no more Michael bartending in his underpants, no more sex in the bathrooms.

We still love you very much though.

No more drugs and 8am partying.

cat loves you still. You still love Scenic, right?!

Well it looks like Rated-X is going to have to find a new location. I'm a bit saddened by this news - I rather liked Scenic. The thought of some sports bar taking it's place is a bit disturbing. If you don't believe me just go to the profile.

Scenic MySpace

Where do you think Rated-X should move to? I vote Happy Ending or Delancey.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Slayer Tour = Awesome

Slayer will be hitting the road this summer with Lamb Of God and Mastodon. Did I just hear you say "Holy Fuck"? Well you should have if you didn't. This is THE best metal tour I've seen since the early 90's. Slayer is a bit rusty at this point but LOG and Mastodon are perhaps the best metal bands out there. Here are the dates:

June 6th - San Diego, CA Sports Arena
June 7th - Las Vegas, NV The Orleans
June 12th - St. Louis, MO Pop's Outside
June 13th - Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom
June 15th - Camden, NJ Tweeter Center
June 16th - E. Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena
June 17th - Lowell, MA Tsongas Arena
June 23rd - San Antonio, TX Freeman Coliseum
June 25th - Houston, TX Reliant Arena
June 29th - Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheatre
July 6th - Detroit, MI Cobo Arena
July 7th - Milwaukee, WI Eagles Auditorium
July 14th - Seattle, WA Qwest Field Event Center
July 16th - Salem, OR Salem Armory
July 19th - San Jose, CA HP Pavilion
July 21st - Mesa, AZ Mesa Amphitheatre
July 22nd - Long Beach, CA Long Beach Arena

I'll probably try and catch this in Camden - East Rutherford blows pig dick. Overall, this should be at smaller venues - arena's are garbage


Aqua Dementia - Mastodon

Purified - Lamb Of God

Seasons In The Abyss - Slayer

And We're Back

I got the computer running so BSC is up and running - hip hop hooray! Posts will be here shortly, make sure you check out The Strokes post as i'll be adding a few links and shit.

Still Dead

My computer is still fucked and I can't post from work (my only other computer) so BSC is dead until further notice. Sorry - this totally sucks. I have tons of cool shit I wanted to post but oh well. Sorry to all of my loyal readers - don't give up on me. If my computer isn't up and running by this weekend I'm going to buy a notebook - which I need anyway.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Computer Fried = No BSC

My computer is trashed again so I can't update the blog. I'll do a few posts when I get a chance but my big Strokes review isn't going to happen. I had so many cool things that are going to be old news by the time I get shit back on track. Fucking HP! Damn you to hell!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Strokes Pictures -Sat. Night

Since my comp has been down I haven't been able to do a full review - and it's too late now. I am not on my computer and can't write any thing long so here are the pics. I will add some editorial to this once my PC is up and running again.

** OK - I'm finally back. Since it's been a while I won't write a review, instead I'll link to a few via Brooklyn Vegan.

Things I learned from this show:

1. Frat boys really like the Strokes
2. 14 year old girls really like the Strokes
3. Frat boys really like to make 14 year old girls cry by pointing at them and chanting "Asshole".
4. The Strokes are fucking amazing live.
5. Har Mar Superstar is really short... and fat... and bald... and ugly, but damn does he have soul.
6. You can't go wrong covering the Ramones.
7. Three song encores are excessive - one song and then leave.
8. Eagle Of Damn Metal suck giant chode... sorry it's true.
9. The singer of EoDM looks like the son of Freddie Mercury and a NJ state trooper. See below.
10. The guitar player for EoDM is Larry "Bud" Melman - see [pic].
11. Josh Homme is not in EoDM anymore (I know - old news. Sorry)
12. Famous people really like the Strokes.
13. The Strokes need to play their hometown more often.

Ths Strokes (w/HarMar)

Eagles Of Death Metal

Go See The Mutts Tonight!!!

I just found out about this show about an hour ago - hell, I just found out about this band a week ago. The Mutts are from the UK somewhere and they fucking play down and dirty rock n' roll. This is the coolest shit I've heard in a very long time. It's hard to believe that this is a band from the UK, they sound almost Detroit-ish.

I would describe their sound as old school rock n' roll with a huge punk and rockabilly influence. They sound like the evil brother of the Mooney Suzuki who likes to drink lots of whiskey, get in fights, and fuck random whores. If that's a bit too much for you then how about this - they're fucking killer. You will be hearing alot more about this band on BSC.

@ North Six
Williamsburg, N. 6th & Wythe

*** I've been trying to figure out the guys voice, because it reminded me of someone and then I realized it's like Morrison and Billy Idol mashed together with a little bit of Jagger and Danzig thrown in (I had nothing better to do today).

Daily Linkage

I thought I'd throw a few links out there for your amusement.

I'm sure you've seen this by now but I thought I'd link to it anyway. I've gotten about 10 MySpace bulletins about this shit and half of my RSS feeds are linking to it too. Anyway, here is the real live Simpsons intro.

The Real Simpsons

This is for all my fellow bloggers out there. These guys have some very cool tools that let you create a podcast, merge RSS feeds, stats, and other very cool stuff.

Big In Japan

Another video, this is from Natalie Portman's SNL appearance. She does a hardcore gangsta rap thing - it's kinda funny but far from hilarious. Anyway, this video will be huge by the end of the week so I figured I'd post it. I expect "Lazy Sunday" type response to this. SNL seems to have found their new thing huh? Apparently spoof rap is going to take SNL back to the top - that's kinda sad when you think about it.

Portman Raps

I've been a little sick lately so I haven't been going out drinking lately. Well, according to the Voice I've got it all wrong. Some new study shows that drinking can actually help you get over being sick. They have some very persuasive facts to back it all up. So I have to go get some booze - you know, because I'm sick. Hooray for booze!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Last Rated-X For A While.

Hey, tonight is the last Rated-X party for awhile. Scenic is shutting down for about a month for renovations. This with be your last chance to check your pants and enter the hot body contest - well at least until April. This shit should be crazy so you don't want to miss this sucker.

25 Avenue B btwn 2nd 3rd sts
OPEN BAR 11-12pm
2 4 1 Cocktails btwn 3-4

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Subways On Letterman Tonight

Sorry to post another late snow performance but there have been some damn good ones this week. This one might be the best so far. The Subways will be performing "Rock N' Roll Queen" on Letterman tonight. They'll probably hit the stage around 12:20 or so. I'll be watching because I'm sick as fuck and can't really go anywhere.

Belle & Sebastian After-Party In Williamsburg

Tonight super-hipster band Belle & Sebastian (overrated) are throwing an after-party at super-hipster bar Royal Oak (overrated). I don't know if they, or anyone else, will be performing but there is a $5 cover to get in. If you aren't aware of Royal Oak it's where all the "cool" kids spend too much money for beer - and it's in Williamsburg, 594 Union. Despite my distaste for both parties involved this might not be such a bad deal. I'm pretty sure the L is fucking shut down again so since you'll be here anyway I don't see a much better alternative in the 'hood.

Belle and Sebastion & Friends
@ Royal Oak
594 Union, Williamsburg
Doors 10:30

Web 2.0 Bullshit

For all of you out there who work in a field that involves Web 2.0 - this ones for you. This is the Web 2.0 bullshit generator. It comes up with phrases composed of the latest Web 2.0 buzzwords. The funny thing is almost everyone that it makes up is something I've actually heard said or with undoubtedly hear soon. Basically, this thing is pretty damn funny - try it out.

Stealing Music: Now Even Easier

A new program has been released that takes internet radio streams from Shoutcast and records them as MP3's. But it doesn't stop there - it also seperates each song, titles them (track name & artist), then it locates the album art - and it has a link to buy the album at Amazon (isn't that sweet).

This thing is going to mind fuck the labels, it's only a matter of time before they try and shut this down. Of course that will lead to 50 of these things popping up. I'm not going to get this, but if they make a version that works with Pandora or Last.FM then count me in.

So here it is - take advantage of it while you still can.

BSC To Expand.... Sorta

I have a few cool things planned for Brooklyn Ski Club in the not-so-distant future. Keep an eye out because I will need your help in making them successful.

The first BSC side project will be an album review website. Sure there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of review sites. I promise you that this will be fresh and bring new ideas to the table. I have a lot of set up work to do on this but I hope to have this up and running by May. That is my pessimistic timeline, I could have this thing up by April. In the meantime if you would like to be a reviewer or if you want music reviewed please contact me. I have already started recieving albums for review so start sending them now.

My other project you can look forward to is my big party coming up. It's still in the works but there are a few details I can reveal - there will be bands and there should be free booze of some sort. This thing will happen in Brooklyn (of course) around the end of April. Trust me you'll see it all over the place, so don't worry about forgetting.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Test Icicles Cancelled

If you haven't heard already the Test Icicles show at the Merc Lounge has been cancelled. The band broke up so don't hold on to your ticket expecting a replacement show. If you want your money back send angry emails to Ticketweb, or where ever the hell you got them. Or you can go see Man Man tonight with your Test Icicles tickets. I already sent me email.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

OK Go On Kimmel Tonight

OK Go will be on The Jimmy Kimmel Show tonight (12:50ish), according to Buzzgrinder. I'm not really a big fan of OK Go but I have seen them perform on talk shows and they always do something crazy. I would recommend tuning in just because it should put a smile on your face - and we know how rare that is.

BPM Magazine Party

As I've mentioned a few times I'm an editor for Recently, BPM released an issue about NYC and all it's glory. Whats Up got a little mention so now I get to go to this party tonight. Here are the details, it's not clear about what to do if you're not on the list - but you'll figure it out.

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