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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Olga's Picks Part II

Hope you all had fun last night and survived this morning. There is a lot of good stuff happening today so be ready, fortunately, it's all happening in Brooklyn! First, you gotta check out this band called the Occasion (one of my fav bands). They are playing at free103point9 9th Anniversary Show, New + Used@ free103point9 Project Space97 South 6th St, 2nd Fl. No time announced, but you can call 718-599-5955. Also, stop by Fix (North 11th St and corner of Bedford) to catch the Psychic Ills, it's a free show at 4PM!
Then, if you are still craving more music, go to The A-List Event Seriese Part 2@ Northsix, 66 North 6th St, but RSVP is a must. The show starts at 9:30 so send an email over to before then.
One more thing, the Arctic Monkeys are having their after-party at Tis Was tonight. Plus, The Hourly Radio perform and Jeff Automatic spins.

For fliers, more info, or whatever else you are looking for, check out What's Up NYC

See ya all next week,

If anyone has a better name than OLGA'S PICKS, send an email to and if I choose yours, Matt and I will reward you, somehow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

...only one suggestion, have the weekend picks completed by Friday. This was people can plan ahead in the event they decide to go all out on a Friday and be way way to hung-over to embark upon Saturday's often superior selections.
I love the name Olga , hence I love you.

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