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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


First of all I want to apologize for the lack of posts recently. My computer has been fucked up and I've been slightly lazy so I have been slacking. That said, here is my latest blog post.

You may have seen this already as I found out about it several days ago. I posted about something similar about a week ago that lets you records MP3's from Shoutcast. Well this is even better - it's esentially the same thing only it works with FM radio. All you have to do is plug an FM reciever to your line-in on your computer and you're good to go. This is from Snaptune's website

"No other software does what Snaptune does: It’s better than recording; it’s better than time-shifting; it’s more local and more up-to-date than any online music store (it even finds songs that aren’t out yet, live sessions and interviews); it’s free to get started; it’s legal; it’s Snaptune!"

I haven't messed with it but only for lack of time. If this thing does what it says it does then the labels are going to be pretty upset. I assume this will be the straw that breaks terrestrial radio's back. The labels are going to much more careful over what goes on air. That's if this thing takes off and if it doesn't get shut down. So I guess we'll see what happens. Check this thing out and let me know how well it works.


BW said...

Terrestrial radio for music is pretty dead already, no? 85% of people under 25 don't listen to it at all. Look at NYC, the only worthwhile stations are either college or NPR (who do podcasting)

... said...

I agree if you're talking rock radio - its dead. But hip-hop and spanish radio actually seem to be growing. Hot 97 is fucking everywhere.

Anonymous said...

And radio's dead 'cause nobody wants to listen to the commercials. Actually, people turn to radio more than any other medium to find new music. If this product does what it says it does, it is perfect for that.

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