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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New York Dolls @ CBGBs

I started off my night at the Warsaw in Brooklyn to see the stellastarr* and Editor's show. I got there at about 9PM and was hoping stellastarr* took the stage at nine like they were supposed to. Of course this didn't happen so I only caught about half of their first song before I hopped in a cab for CBGB's to see the New York Dolls.

I got to CBGB's around 9:40 and headed inside. To my surprise the Dolls had already started and were halfway through their second song. Wait - a punk show that actually started on time? What is going on here? Anyway, I fought my way through the crowd and got a place up front. The door guy said there were still tickets but I don't see how they could have fit more people in there.

At first the crowd has pretty sedate, which was odd considering how sharp the Dolls were. At one point Sylvain commented on how quiet the crowd was - that got everyone moving. It's truly amazing how good this band is. Despite having only two original members and despite aging quite a bit - they still fucking rock. All these bands that have been coming back lately really can't step to the Dolls. Even the new songs they played were good, which is practically unheard of from other aging comeback bands.

Towards the end they played "Trash" and then went straight into "Jet Boy" - my two favorite songs back to back. It was truly an amazing experience - just say it out loud, "New York Dolls at CBGB's". I mean how can you fucking beat that? I know, "Ramones at CBGB's" but this is the next best thing.

I know people are reading this and doubting my words. So please go see the Dolls before they're dead and see for yourself. These fucking geezers can play some punk rock.

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