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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Bravery & The Photo Atlas @ Irving Plaza 5/29

On Tuesday night I went to Irving Plaza to check out The Bravery and The Photo Atlas. The Cinematics played as well but I'm not really familiar with them so I didn't particularly care. I got to the venue at what I thought was an early time but as I entered The Photo Atlas started their first song. I tried to squeeze up front for pics but the place was packed and I was too late.

I was actually quite surprised to see so many people there early for an opening band. Apparently word is spreading quick about these guys. Like the rest of the crowd I was blown away by how awesome this band is. The first few songs people were kinda warming up to them but halfway through the set there was a little dancing and lots of hollerin' going on.

After the set I roamed around for a bit and waited for the Cinematics. At this point I began to get a pounding headache and wasn't in a pleasant mood. When the Cinematics came on I listened to a few songs and realized I don't really like them much. They didn't suck they just kinda sound like every other fucking band from Glasgow.

I decided this would be a good time to check my voice mail so I headed downstairs. I couldn't get a signal but I did run into Bronques. We bullshitted for the remainder of the Cinematics set and I don't think we missed much. After they finished up I headed upstairs and mingled with the various nightlife personalities on hand.

When The Bravery came on I headed downstairs to take some pictures. It was hard not to notice the crowd at this show. I don't think I've ever seen so many hot girls in one place. If you're a single guy I highly recommend attending Bravery shows. Of course the place was going crazy the whole time and singing along. There was even someone up front with a small child on their shoulders - and the kid knew every word. Sam even made a joke about how unusual it is to see a two year old in the front row singing along.

I know it's not very cool to like The Bravery but I'm a fan of their first album. Unfortunately they didn't play much from it. Most of the tracks were new which was a bit of a let down. I also noticed that the new tracks weren't nearly as tight as the older songs. Maybe they haven't had much time to practice the new album, or at least that's how it sounded.

Don't get me wrong, they were good and I was entertained but I was expecting a little bit more. Then again these poor bastards were trying to follow The Photo Atlas. After the show I talked to some of the people I knew who were there and they all agreed that The Photo Atlas fucking killed it. In my humble opinion they stole the show from all followers.





The Photo Atlas




Hipsta Please!

Another gem from the fine folks of Williamsboard. Seriously, you should read this because it's fucking funny.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tonight: High Voltage w/"Special Guest"

If you do one thing this week it should be High Voltage tonight. It was announced that the soon-to-be legendary Yo Majesty will be performing tonight. Then that was changed to a "special guest" instead. But guess what, I'd bet money that the "special guest" may in fact e Yo Majesty.

MTA Is Absolute Shit

So tonight after a show I waited for an hour at the 3rd ave L stop. It got me to thinking and I realized that in general the trains in NYC have really gone to shit. I remember when I thought 10-15 minutes was a long wait - now I'm happy if it only takes that long. Now I know what you're thinking "it's the L of course it sucks." But the thing is it's not just the L, every train I take involves a huge wait.

The ACE, L, G, 456, 7, and J all involve waits. Obviously the time of day matters but just in general it seems like wait time has gone way up. Franky I'm fucking sick of it. The reason I pay an insane amount of money to live in this city is because it's so easy to get around...except it isn't anymore. If I lived in North Jersey it would be more convenient, at least those trains have schedules so I can do the majority of my waiting somewhere other then the train.

The whole system is totally in the gutter right now. I'm sure if I did some research I could find some bullshit excuse the leaked to the papers but that's not worth my time. I know the trains are fucked because I rely on them and they just aren't fucking reliable anymore.

I have two solutions 1) MTA - get your stupid heads out of your asses and 2) Unlimited Taxi cards. Yeah that's right, I would say fuck the damn MTA forever if they had these things. I would gladly shell out $200-$250/month for this. Now if you live in Hollis and need to get to the city then the card will only get you so far. The way I see it is for $200-$250 you get free rides up to $15, then you cover any overage in cash. See! That way the cabbies don't get screwed and we can actually get around the city.

I guess I just need to crack down and move back to Manhattan.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Not Quite Dead Yet

Sorry for the complete lack of posts the last few days. I was down in Jersey for Memorial Day weekend. I'll try to make up for it soon but it's been busy as fuck for me lately. This is exactly the reason I need more fucking writers on this site. Let me know if you're interested. I leave you with an MP3 by the Thrushes.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Tonight: Greenpoint Veg Ball & MuseBox Dance Party

Tonight there's an opening party for some new vegetarian restaurant in Greenpoint. I assume there will be food and booze and all that good stuff. If you're in the city then stop by Orchard Bar for the MuseBox party. My friend Amylu from Nacotheque is DJing so don't miss it.

Spring Inbox Cleaning (News, MP3s, etc.)

I really need to clean up the old inbox so read below for the nifty shit I found.

  1. Some guy named Owen Duff sent me an MP3 of a track he recorded called "Act Of War" from his EP "A Tunnel, Closing In" and I'm kinda digging it.

  2. Looks like there's another video of Bulby promoting the new QOTSA album.

  3. About a week ago or so I was invited over to World's Fair for drinks and BBQ. It was a good time. The reason we were there was to check out the new Budos Band stuff.

  4. TuneCore is having a contest where one lucky band wins a van, $5,000, a Macbook w/year of internet, $500 gas card, and a case of Ramen. More details here...

  5. Bonde De Role try their hand at metal...sorta
  6. I got an email from Portia Records with a few MP3s I kinda dig. The first has a cool piano thing going on.

  7. Volcom released a summer sampler with 3 bands I've heard of but I'm not sure I've heard. I'm downloading it right now, you can do the same here...

  8. Interpol has a new track online. It sounds pretty much exactly like you would expect it to sound only the singer dude sounds slightly less like Joy Division. Here is the stream...

  9. "Swedish pop song writing sensation" Pelle Carlberg sent me a few tracks to check out and I dig it. They have a very old school '60s sound. It's good but it might be a bit dated for the kiddies, which is unfortunate because it ain't bad at all.

  10. Someone needs to tell the "Average Homeboy" Denny Blaze that his 15 minutes are up. I got an email from him and it looks like he's selling ringtones now. Check em out here...

  11. A while back I got an email about a band called Protest Hill. I think the name is a bit corny but I really dig the music. It's killer kinda grungy, kinda southern, and kinda trashy but all in a good way. In the same email I got some MP3's from Skulltime and I also dig these guys. Kinda spastic garage punky stuff with some flair.

Band For Sale On Ebay

Well this is a bit unusual. Remember the Rednex? They had that song "Cotton Eye Joe" that annoyed the shit out of me back in the '90s. Apparently they're fed up with the man so they're selling the band. As in, you pay them and you get the name, songs, trademark, record contract, and everything else. I mean they're a shitty band but if you want to make albums and tour and shit like that then here is your chance.

Vinny Stigma Tries Acting

All I can say about this is "what the fuck?" Vinny Stigma makes his acting debut in New York Blood.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mooney Suzuki - "99%" (MP3)

Just got this in the inbox, it's the new Mooney Suzuki track. A bit mellow by Mooney standards but still pretty rock n' roll. Give 'er a listen.

Tonight: Anal Cunt In Williamsburg

Holy shit this show is going to rule!

Superbowl Of Hardcore

Last Saturday the yearly Superbowl Of Hardcore went down at Studio B in Greenpoint. Unfortunately I didn't go this year, despite living 5 minutes away, so I can't tell you how it was. However, Hardcore Shutterbug was there and he took some killer pics.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Need An Interviewer

Do you want to talk to band people and ask them stupid questions? If your answer is yes then drop me an email and we'll set up some interviews. I will pay you absolutely nothing but you'll get some experience and eventually get a real job and forget all about BSC...and that's ok.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Free Brazilian Girls Show

If you like the Brazilian Girls then you'll like them even more when they're free. CMJ is throwing a bash for the "band in a bubble" stupidity and Brazilian Girls are performing. All you need to do is RSVP at their website.

Monday, May 21, 2007

John Rambo Trailer - Holy F'n Shit!!!

This might be the most bad ass movie trailer I have ever seen in my entire life. I am so excited to see this movie after watching this. You just don't see gore like that in major film releases these days - fucking amazing.

You're Killing Me Gmail

Gmail...we need to have a little talk. You see, I rely on you every day to conduct my business. Without you I'm cut off from all that makes me money. So when you completely stop working it really does a number on me. Gmail, I don't want to leave you but your really making it hard to stick around. Twice in the past two weeks you've stopped working for me. Why? You're supposed to the best of the best. I need you to start performing for me again. I can't sit here all day with nothing to do and then have to play catch up tomorrow when you come back. Gmail...please get your shit together - you're starting to worry me.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Today: 20 Cent Tacos At San Loco

San Loco is one of my favorite spots to hit before/after a night of hard drinking. Today they are having a promotion to celebrate 20 years of Taco Sandwiches and Guaco-Loco. Stop by any of the San Loco locations for $0.20 tacos today!

Friday, May 18, 2007

High On Noise

Lots of stupid bands make stupid claims that their stupid music will get you off. But according to this report some noise can actually get you Kids all over the country are buying CD's on the internet that are supposed to get you stoned. Each track is supposed to have a different effect - weed, mushrooms, acid, etc. The CD costs $20 and comes unmarked, which I assume make it seem dangerous. Have kids gotten this fucking dumb? I guess it's good in a way - listening to "Heroin" is better then shooting heroin I suppose.

DWID (Integrity) =

Dwid, frontman for the legendary Integrity, is giving away downloads at his website every day. I downloaded the .zip packet that he has up today and it's a bunch of noise MP3's. Not a song to be found - I'm not sure what the point of it is. But Dwid is known for being a bit insane so I'm sure no mere mortal will ever quite figure that out.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shindig 5/17

Last night I met up some of my people at 20 Warren Street for Shindig. Normally the cover for Shindig is $12-$15 but tonight the whole thing was sponsored by so it was free for all. Initially we thought their would be about 400-500 RSVPs but we were way off. By yesterday afternoon the list was at 1,025! When you consider the venue only holds about 250 people that's kinda scary.

Anyway, I got to Shindig around 8:30 but the doors weren't open yet. I hung around outside and talked to a few people I knew. About half an hour later the doors opened and the line formed to get in. I decided to stay outside because the room was in a basement and I was waiting for calls. Around 9:30 or so friends arrived and we headed down into the dungeon.

My first thoughts about the place were that it was smaller then I expected and that it was fucking hot in there. But the stage set up was really nice and the bands sounded good. The bar was wedged in a corner and there was a huge line to get a drink. One thing I miss about the other spots is you used to be able to pump your own beer but now you gotta get it from the bar dude.

Overall though everything was really awesome. The heat was brutal but it added to the party in many ways. Like for example the scantily clad females and the creepy naked old dude. Yeah, that's right - there was a dude in his 50's, or so, walking around completely ass naked except for shoes and socks. It was fucking hilarious, he was on the dance floor all night doing his thing.

It's been awhile since I've been to a Shindig and I have to say I forgot how awesome these parties are. I had so much fucking fun last night. I met a ton of cool people and ran into a lot of old friends. So next time you see a flyer about Shindig you better fucking be there.





Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tonight: Shindig! Totally Free

If you miss this you die...

Brooklyn Ski Club Super Blog (Writers?)

So I've been strapped for time and Ski Club is hurting because of it. Here's what I want to do, make Ski Club huge. To do that I need regular contributors with varied tastes in music and entertainment. All I ask is that you can contribute 1-6 posts per week and I also ask you don't suck. If you read the blog regularly you may have noticed that professional writing is frowned upon here. I want it to sound like you're talking to someone - there's enough blogs out there that read like fucking college term papers.

So send me an email and tell me about yourself and some bands you like. Also tell me about a few bands that aren't huge yet but you think should be. If you have writing samples on line then send me links.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tonight: Push Play w/ Young Lords

JV & Elvis Fired - The Witch Hunt Continues...

If you haven't already heard JV & Elvis have been fired. Now I know a lot of you think the show was juvenile and dumb but that isn't the issue here. The issue is free speech and it's in jeopardy. The fact is JV & Elvis was a popular show, very popular for it's time slot. What got them fired was a dumb prank call that most kids have made by the time they're twelve. Was it funny? Was it in poor taste? It doesn't matter!

The way it's supposed to work is if people say shit that is offensive and not entertaining then you turn your radio/tv off. If the majority of the people dislike something and turn it off then the company makes no money and they fire the entertainment. In that way, and only in that way, content which goes out over the airwaves is regulated. But what we have now is a situation where any special interest group trying to make a name for themselves can speak up and get someone fired.

It's a flawed system that caters to a small minority of listeners. And I don't mean minority in the racial sense. Even if we're talking white people here, the majority, these special interest groups are composed of a few hundred people. In no case do they speak for the majority of the group they allegedly represent. If every person offended by the call shut off their radio then the theory says tat they would be fired. But here's the thing - NO ONE shut off their radio. You know why? Because it was a god damn joke. The people filing complaints aren't even listeners of the show - which is proven by the fact that NO ONE complained the first time they aired the it.

Again, I know most of you don't give a shit about JV & Elvis or Imus. But you're naive if you think this snowball won't eventually hit music. Make no mistake - comedians and TV are next but music will be hit. And then you're going to get off your ass and start complaining. But guess what? It will be too late by then. We all need to stand up for free speech in every case that it is jeopardized - even if we don't like what is said.

Here is a clip of Glenn Beck talking about JV & Elvis and radio censorship. Now I hate Republican douchebags like this but I have to say he's pretty on point with this one. See, free speech is a unifying issue...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pretty Ricky Push It Contest = WTF?!?!?!

I can't even begin to try and figure out what this is all about. The hip-hop/R&B group Pretty Ricky have a contest on YouTube which encourages people to create their own air fucking videos. If that's not odd enough it seems like most participants decided to do this in teams.

These fucking videos are god damn creepy and you should proceed with caution.

The Contest Explained

The Entries

I guess I just don't get hip-hop anymore - things sure have changed since the days of Biggie, Pac, and Wu-Tang. Is this shit even hip-hop? Sounds like some R. Kelly shit to me.

(via Kottke)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mountain Goats Played @ Soundfix Last Night

Originally uploaded by gimmeagiraffe.
Last night John Darnielle, of the Mountain Goats, played a free show at Soundfix in Williamsburg. This was the first show at Soundfix since they renovated the joint. I got to the show around 9:30 and when I turned the corner there was a huge crowd outside. The windows were down and you could hear pretty well from the street, where most of the crowd was.

I didn't actually make it inside and I'm kind of happy about that. From what I hear the place was a fucking sauna. Outside it was nice and cool and the sound coming out of the back window was pretty good. At some point a damn ice cream truck parked at the corner and had the ice cream music blasting. This was funny because five minutes before I was joking about that happening. Eventually somebody told the guy to turn the fucking music off.

The cops did a few drive-bys but never hassled anyone, which was a surprise considering the crowd was literally standing in the street. The show was awesome despite several screw-ups during songs. At one point John stopped mid song and yelled "Fuck, I fucking fucked up the 3rd verse... Badly!" And then went right back into the song. Honestly shit like that actually adds to the charm of a small show like this.

Like I said I didn't make it inside but I found some shots on Flickr that should suffice.

Trent Reznor Before NIN...

Back in the day Trent was in a band called the Exotic Birds. They were very Flock Of Seagulls-esque. I have a feeling some of you already know this but you may have not seen this video. Trent was also in the bands The Innocent and Option 30.

Exotic Birds

***Bonus: Option 30 (The dancing is priceless)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tonight: FREE Mountain Goats Show

John from the Mountain Goats is playing tonight at Soundfix. It's the first show there since they renovated. It should be a good time because a) Mountain Goats are awesome and b) it's 5 minutes away.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tonight: FREE Albert Hammond Jr. Show

The company I work for,, is throwing their launch party tonight at Hiro Ballroom. We went ahead and booked Albert Hammond Jr. from the Strokes to play. We also made the show completely fucking free, just RSVP and you're in. Since I had much to do with this you gotta go - we'll get drunk.

Type O Negative @ Irving Plaza 5/8

On Tuesday night I went to see one of my all-time favorite bands, Type O Negative. I've been fascinated with TON ever since I heard their masterpiece October Rust. I haven't seen these guys live in many, many years so I was extremely excited about tonight. Plus metal legends Celtic Frost were opening, the band that inspired all the bands I listened to growing up.

When we got to the show the opening band was on. I can't remember their name, Brand New Sin maybe, anyway they fucking sucked goat chode. They sounded like the bastard child of Nickelback and Godsmack - so yeah, very fucking bland jock rock shit. Luckily I got there towards the end of their set and I only had to listen to a few minutes of that shit.

After that Celtic Frost took the stage. They were wearing black and white face paint. It looked like the Orc make-up artist from Lord Of The Rings tried to reinterpret Kiss makeup. They looked fucking fierce, in that Viking destroyer kind of way - especially the fat guy.

They opened with "Procreation Of The Wicked" which is the Celtic Frost song I know best (Sepultura covered it on Blood Rooted). It was so fucking awesome and everyone started going nuts. Honestly I only know a few CF songs but the set was incredible. The slow churning metal with sudden ripper solos was just killer. Hearing them live really made it clear how important this band was on the development of metal - especially to bands like Sepultura, Crowbar, Fear Factory, Machine Head, etc.

Celtic Frost played until a little after 10PM and then I worked my way towards the front for Type O. For the next hour the sound guy had the Chicken Dance playing. It was funny the first 15 minutes and then it got old. They also kept cutting the lights and music, everyone would cheer for Type O and then the Chicken Dance would come back on. Again, it was funny the first few times and then it just got me pissed off. The crowd started chanting "You suck" over and over again.

Finally, after at least an hour of this bullshit TON took the stage. I was up front for the first few songs trying to take pictures and then security told me to stop. That was the second time, it happened during Celtic Frost too. I wonder if that's band policy or new Fillmore policy? Anyway, after that I headed towards the back because it was fucking nuts up front and I couldn't take pics.

I eventually ended up dead center on the balcony watching the show. And what a memorable show it a bad way. I love Type O, I have to say that because I'm about to shit on them. This show was crap in every sense of the word. The mix was crap, whoever was on the board had no idea what he was doing. The set list was crap too - very obscure shit they played. And to top it off Peter Steele seemed like he didn't give a shit (which he doesn't but still).

For at least half of the set Peter was sitting down fingering notes and not even bothering to pick/pluck the string. That technique really takes away from the intensity of the sound. They did play some classics like "Black No. 1" and "Love You To Death" but the mix was so bad it was hard to enjoy.

They did end the show with the traditional Type O Negative toilet paper bombardment, which is always fun. But when throwing around TP is the best part of the show then something is very, very wrong.

Back in the day Type O were one of the best live bands I had seen. Tonight I was so fucking disappointed with the set. I will say this though, Kenny is fucking awesome. It's very clear he still gives a shit - killer guitar work and that voice just gets better and better.






Wednesday, May 09, 2007

About The Free YYY Show...

I didn't get in...not even close. I was there 15 minutes early too and we didn't stand a chance. If I knew they were only letting in 100 people I wouldn't have bothered.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Night Of A Thousand Concerts

If you can't find something to do tonight then you really need to shape up. There are an unusual amount of quality shows tonight.

Bjork @ Apollo Theatre
Ben Gibbard @ Town Hall
Arcade Fire @ United Palace
Blonde Redhead @ Webster Hall
Type O Negative @ Irving Plaza
Bravery @ Arlene's Grocery
Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom
Amy Winehouse @ Highline Ballroom

Pretty fucking ridiculous, aye? Where will I be you ask? Well, I think that's an obvious one. Type O Negative! And I can't fucking wait either.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Tonight: FREE Yeah Yeah Yeahs Shows

There will be two FREE Yeah Yeah Yeahs shows today in Williamsburg. The shows will be at the Glasslands gallery and you will be recorded for some yet to be announced YYY video. You have to be there at 5PM and you have to be wearing all black. The first show starts at 7PM and then at 9PM there is a second show for females only.

WHERE: Glasslands Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

DATE: Monday May 7th, 2007

7:00 PM: 1st Performance
10:00PM: 2nd Performance (Girls Only)

-Wristbands will be distributed at the venue from 5PM on......
-This show will be FILMED - by entering the premises you agree to have your likeness used.
-We may be asking some audience members to wear eye masks (provided by us).
-Please wear black or dark colors. No Logo's, Prints or Band T-Shirts.
Q: Only have clothes with shit on them? Tip: turn the shirt inside out.
The YYYs have posted the following update regarding the shows:

Due to capacity restrictions there will be 100 wristbands available for the 7:00pm show.

There be 100 Girls-Only wristbands available for the 10:00pm show.

Wristbands can be picked up between 5:00PM and 5:30 PM only (day of show).

If you are not there between 5:00pm and 5:30pm please do not come down.

No line-ups at the club before 4:30pm.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tonight: Rated-X Anniversary & I Like Food

Technically the food thing is today, about 30 minutes from now in fact. It's a book release party about food that bands eat on the road and, of course, there will be food - it's free by the way. After that I am coming home and taking a nap but that doesn't concern you. After I awaken from my slumber I'm getting all gussied up and heading over to Rated-X at Luke & Leroy. It's not just a normal Rated-X, it's the anniversary party. I'd go over the details but it's much easier to just post the flyer.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Tonight: Radio America + Bamboozle Pre-Party

Lots of free booze tonight kids. Here's my plan - start the night at Crash Mansion for the 9PM open bar and check out my boys in Radio America and also The New York Howl. Then we head to Fontana's for the Bamboozle Pre-Party, also with free booze. You must RSVP for both of these:

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Albert Hammond Jr. - FREE Show May 10th

I love you guys you know that? To show my love I helped put together a totally FREE show at Hiro Ballroom with Albert Hammond Jr. (Yeah, the dude from the Strokes). All you have to do is RSVP here, just make sure you get there early - 8ish should be fine.

I've heard some talk about how past events at Hiro that were promoted by GBH as free events ended up not being free. Well have no fear kids, this is totally free. The reason their was confusion at past events is because there were multiple lists (free list, reduced list, etc.) and you could also pay to get in. So if you just showed up at those without RSVPing then you had to pay.

The Albert show is different from your standard Thursday at Hiro because the ONLY way in is to RSVP. There is no option to pay a cover, so there is no confusion to be had. RSVP only! After 11PM or so there will be a cover but Albert will be done by then anyway.

Other things to note about this event:
  • The High Class Elite are the opening act.
  • After Albert plays the official AIR after party begins.
  • The Junior Boys are DJing the AIR party
I'll see you all there...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tonight: High Voltage (Almost After Party)

The drummer from Underoath has a side project called the Almost and they're having their after party tonight at High Voltage. Underoath is a cool band in my book because they started out heavy as fuck, then they went emo and roped in millions of those whiny emo kids. But here's where it gets good - immediately after releasing a pussy ass emo album they followed it up with a heavy album. So basically they sold out for a second to rope some mindless drones and then went back to doing what they do, only now they sell 5 times more records. Great fucking business model - I encourage more bands to do so.

Oh, the drummer dude will be DJing and so will the dude from Taking Back Sunday - emo galore tonight.

Apes & Androids @ Studio B 4/28

On Saturday night I headed over to Studio B for the latest Finger On The Pulse production. The reason I went was because the great Apes & Androids were playing a midnight set. We got there just before midnight and waited in line for about ten minutes or so.

Once we got inside I headed towards the bar were Brian from A&A was getting a drink. We briefly discussed SXSW and then he had to deal with the bartender who wouldn't accept his drink tickets. About ten or fifteen minutes later A&A were taking the stage so I headed towards the stage.

I've reviewed a ton of A&A shows and they're always awesome and the crowd is always going crazy so I'll just point out what was different this time. About halfway through the set a bunch of A&A cheerleaders cleared out a spot up front and did a funny little rock and roll cheer routine. At some point long flimsy glow sticks were also passed out to the crowd. Then they cut the lights and everyone started waving them around in the air - it looked pretty cool. At the end they inflated these huge blow up monsters on the dance floor.

Apes & Androids also played a few new tunes and also threw in a Beatles cover. They played "Hot Kathy" fairly early on, which killed me. I prefer they save that for the end - it's such a killer song to close on. But hey, variety is essential I suppose.

Overall it was a good Apes show, not spectacular, but good. However, a good A&A show is better then a great show by most bands out there. Joly from Punkcast was there video taping the show so check his site in a few days and see if he posted it.






Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Help - Need New Layout

Sorry for the lack of posts. I need a new layout for BSC, I'm sick of this one. I want one of those nice looking three column blogs but the only templates I can find have the blog part in the middle between two smaller columns. I want something with both smaller columns on the right. If anyone knows where I can find a blogger template like that let me know.
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