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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shindig 5/17

Last night I met up some of my people at 20 Warren Street for Shindig. Normally the cover for Shindig is $12-$15 but tonight the whole thing was sponsored by so it was free for all. Initially we thought their would be about 400-500 RSVPs but we were way off. By yesterday afternoon the list was at 1,025! When you consider the venue only holds about 250 people that's kinda scary.

Anyway, I got to Shindig around 8:30 but the doors weren't open yet. I hung around outside and talked to a few people I knew. About half an hour later the doors opened and the line formed to get in. I decided to stay outside because the room was in a basement and I was waiting for calls. Around 9:30 or so friends arrived and we headed down into the dungeon.

My first thoughts about the place were that it was smaller then I expected and that it was fucking hot in there. But the stage set up was really nice and the bands sounded good. The bar was wedged in a corner and there was a huge line to get a drink. One thing I miss about the other spots is you used to be able to pump your own beer but now you gotta get it from the bar dude.

Overall though everything was really awesome. The heat was brutal but it added to the party in many ways. Like for example the scantily clad females and the creepy naked old dude. Yeah, that's right - there was a dude in his 50's, or so, walking around completely ass naked except for shoes and socks. It was fucking hilarious, he was on the dance floor all night doing his thing.

It's been awhile since I've been to a Shindig and I have to say I forgot how awesome these parties are. I had so much fucking fun last night. I met a ton of cool people and ran into a lot of old friends. So next time you see a flyer about Shindig you better fucking be there.






jsm said...

that's one of the funniest things I've EVER seen on the internet.

or is it the grossest?

i'm sick, but i'm laughing.

Anonymous said...

what's your dad doing there dude?

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