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Thursday, June 28, 2007

No More Paris!

A journalist with some fucking integrity. I didn't know they existed anymore...

Win 2 VIP Passes For The Next JellyNYC Pool Party

It's true kids, is giving away 2 VIP passes for the Pool. I was back in the VIP section last week and let me tell you... totally friggin awesome. The free booze and ice cream was particularly killer. Anyway, just go to the Going page and RSVP, that enters you to win the passes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Alexisonfire Premiere "Rough Hands" Video

I just got word that the mighty Alexisonfire will be debuting the video for "Rough Hands" tonight on MySpace at 5:30PM. This is my absolute favorite song from the last album and I'm very excited to see what they did with the video.

Hey everyone,

A few cool things going on right now.

First, you can check out some photos from the shoot for the new 'Rough Hands' video directed by Marc Ricciardelli produced by 235films.

Second, the video is premiering tonight on tv on MuchOnDemand and on the internet on our MySpace page between 5:30PM and 6:00PM

AOF is so happy with the way the video turned out, it's awesome, so be sure to check it out.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pics From The Pool Party

Sunday was the first of many Pool Parties at McCarren. It was fun, we got drunk, people played dodgeball.





Beastie Boys "Gala" Shows Announced + Presale Password

Those "intimate" gala shows shows the Beastie Boys promised have been announced. You know your band is a big deal if the Hammerstein is considered intimate. Anyway, here is the info you'll need for the presale.

August 10th - New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
Beastie Boys - A Gala Event - Exclusive Instrumental Show
Exclusive Presale Starts Friday, June 29th at 10am (local time) here:
Password: MIXUP
Tickets go on sale to the public Saturday, June 30th at 10am (local time) here:

August 17th - Denver, CO - Fillmore
Beastie Boys - A Gala Event - Exclusive Instrumental Show
Exclusive Presale Starts Friday, June 29th at 10am (local time) here:
Password: MIXUP
Tickets go on sale to the public Saturday, June 30th at 10am (local time) here:

August 20th - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theater
Exclusive Presale Starts Thursday, June 28th at 10am (local time) here:
Password: MIXUP
Tickets go on sale to the public Saturday, June 30th at 10am (local time) here:

August 24th - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
Beastie Boys - A Gala Event - Exclusive Instrumental Show
Exclusive Presale Starts Friday, June 29th at 10am (local time) here:
Password: MIXUP
Tickets go on sale to the public Sunday, July 1st at 10am (local time) here:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Pool Party Today!

The most fun you can have on a Sunday afternoon starts today! Dodgeball, slip n' slide, hot dogs. beer, and bands @ McCarren Park Pool 2PM. Be there or be way fucking square.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Wet Cheeseburger

Last night I went down to Bedford and N. 7th to check out Cheeseburger. They played about 3 songs and then it fucking started to pour rain. I have to say I think a band like Cheeseburger playing outside is a bad idea. They need to play sleazy little dives for full effect. Anyway, here are some pics I took before the monsoon rolled in.





Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free Cheeseburger + More

Yeah, this is going to be awesome...

Municipal Waste Touring With Agnostic Front!!!

My new favorite thrash band, Municipal Waste, will be touring briefly with Agnostic Front. If you're unaware of how incredibly awesome these shows are going to be then, well...I feel sorry for you homes. The sad news is they aren't making it to the city but Saratoga Springs is beautiful this time of year.

Jul. 18 - Backstreet Billiards - Saratoga Springs, NY
Jul. 19 - Backstage Enterprise - Kingston, PA
Jul. 20 - Agora Theatre - Cleveland, OH
Jul. 21 - Stage 83 - Lemont, IL
Jul. 21 - Champs Rock Room - Burbank, IL
Jul. 22 - Magic Stick - Detroit, MI

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mooney Suzuki Played, Duran Duran Partied (6/18)

Monday was a busy night for me. I was invited to a Mooney Suzuki release party at Canal Room. It was sponsored by GQ and Cuervo, which meant free tequila all night. They also had free Red Stripe and free magazines. We got there a little after 8PM and I was surprised by how empty the place was. Usually these things are packed, especially when the band is playing.

The people that were there made for a weird scene. It was a lot of GQ looking dudes with fancy haircuts and expensive clothes. It didn't really look like a Mooney crowd. After about and hour of tequila drinks and mini-tacos the band took the stage. NO ONE seemed to care in the least. There was at least 20 feet of empty space in front of the stage.

The crowd looked almost annoyed that they were playing. Like these greasy rock n' roll assholes were ruining there fancy little party. It was so fucking weird, very Twilight Zone. In the entire room there were only about 4 people tapping their feet to the music. The thing is Mooney was fucking on fire. They played a killer set and sounded incredible. "Electric Sweat" and "Alive And Amplified" were so fucking awesome. They were planning on closing with the latter but decided to play one more, which was a mistake in my opinion because they would have closed strong otherwise.

Either way it was a sick fucking show completely lost on the GQ pretty boys in attendance. As soon as they finished we got the fuck out of Dodge. When I was on my way to the party i got an email saying I was on the list for the Duran Duran release party, so that's where we headed after.

It was a cool little scene, when we entered we took an elevator up to some huge loft. Inside there were a couple of bars set up and most of the crowd were sipping champagne and martinis. The Duran boys were hanging out, Simon had a giant security dude shadowing him all night. The model chick with the tattoo on her head was DJing. I always thought she was hot but in person...not so much.

Anyway, the party was a lot of fun and I got completely shit hammered. People started filing out pretty early so overall it was a short night but good times were had.






More Mooney Suzuki Pics Here



Alive & Amplified - Mooney Suzuki
Rio - Duran Duran
Girls On Film - Duran Duran

Thou Shalt Not Leak

"JP" has gone and created a site which will publicly list the names of those who leak advance albums (bloggers, basically). I have mixed feelings about this idea. For one most "leaked" albums are done so intentionally, either by the artist (NIN, for example) or the label. When this happens not all the people involved are aware that it was intentional so someone at the label will start sending out cease and desist letters despite the fact that the leak was intentional. Now when the label has a little miscommunication people might end up listed on this website who did no wrong.

Also, when watermarked discs are sent out to writers and such they sometimes don't always make it into the hands of said writer. An intern might pick it up off of a desk and burn a copy for example. Then said intern posts the file online which gets traced back to said writer, who never even bothered listening to the disc. Granted the writer should be more careful with shit like that but when you consider the sheer volume of discs that writer gets in a week that's easier said then done.

So I feel that the Thou Shalt Not Leak may have good intentions but it isn't run by a judge and jury. Posting someones name online who "leaked" a track or album may seem like a good way of curtailing leaks but sometimes the fault does not lie with one person. For the most part I am against leaks but it's damn hard to tell the difference between some asshole illegally posting rips from advances and some marketing asshole covertly passing them around.

You dig what I'm saying? So far no names are posted but things could get pretty ugly quick with an idea like this. Maybe it's just a joke, maybe it's not to be taken seriously... I should say hopefully.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SICKO - Michael Moore's New Masterpiece

A lot of people hate Michael Moore but the fact is he's done as much for this country with a camera as George Bush has done with the title of President. When Michael Moore makes a film people pay attention, even the people who hate him. Yesterday I watched Sicko and it blew me away.

Of all the MM films this is the one that is the most important. His other films were basically presenting common political opinions on film. Sicko on the other hand actually opens your eyes to how fucked we are. If there ever was a film to change things this be it. This is not a Democrat propaganda film. In fact it's not really about politics at all, it's about us (the people) and how we deserve better and need to stand up and fight for ourselves.

EVERYONE needs to watch this movie. I'm dead serious, it should be mandatory viewing for the entire nation. However I should warn you that you may want to move to Cuba after watching it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Punk Planet R.I.P.

One of the all-time great magazines is closing shop. Punk Planet has announced that the upcoming is will in fact be it's last. To be honest with you it's been a while since I picked up a Punk Planet but when I was younger I would read it whenever I was lucky enough to find a store selling it. It was a killer mix of music and politics, both presented in a way you just couldn't get from any other mag.

More Here:
Punk Planet Blog

As much as it breaks our hearts to write these words, the final issue of Punk Planet is in the post, possibly heading toward you right now. Over the last 80 issues and 13 years, we've covered every aspect of the financially independent, emotionally autonomous, free culture we refer to as "the underground." In that time we've sounded many alarms from our editorial offices: about threats of co-optation, big-media emulation, and unseen corporate sponsorship. We've also done everything in our power to create a support network for independent media, experiment with revenue streams, and correct the distribution issues that have increasingly plagued independent magazines. But now we've come to the impossible decision to stop printing, having sounded all the alarms and reenvisioned all the systems we can. Benefit shows are no longer enough to make up for bad distribution deals, disappearing advertisers, and a decreasing audience of subscribers.

Roosevelt Island, Todd P, Cops, Heat, Awesome

Yesterday I headed to Roosevelt Island for the first time ever. Considering that I used to live on the UES and could see RI from the park I played ball at everyday it's a bit odd it took so long. I have to say that I'm very disappointed in myself because I fucking love that place now.

So the reason we were there was the annual Todd P picnic, which has a bunch of bands playing acoustically. When we finally reached the southern tip of the island where the party was we realized it wasn't much of a party. I was dying of thirst at this point and we didn't stick around long. We did go to the very tip of the island where you may have the best view of the city I've ever seen.

We also got to see the abandoned castle/smallpox hospital, which is one of the coolest ruins I've ever seen. People were sneaking inside and eventually the coppers showed up and arrested some poor bastard who never even made it inside. At the same time there were still people inside and I assume they hid out until the smoke cleared. I was actually on my way to hopping the fence when the cops showed so luckily my timing was good.

After that we headed back on the Eastern promenade, yes they actually have beautiful promenades on both sides of the island. Eventually we made it to the small town on the North side. It's literally one street with big UES style apartment buildings. Nonetheless it was very peaceful and had a distinct small town vibe.

Most of the stores were closed because, well like I said, small towns close up on Sundays. The amount of green space on RI is amazing to say the least. It actually smells like grass and flowers everywhere you go. People where out playing softball, basketball, tennis, and kids were running around having a good time. It was quiet but the good kind of quiet... the Mayberry kind of quiet. Which in most cases bores me but considering RI is one stop away from Manhattan it's actually quite refreshing.

I plan on going to RI as much as possible this summer. It's a damn shame that they didn't preserve some of the smaller buildings originally on the island. My only complaint is the massive 30 story apartment buildings but still I would jump on the chance to live here. In fact I think in a few years I will be living here.

So a big thanks to Todd P for finally getting me to Roosevelt Island. Now the city just needs to get there shit together and develop the water front here a bit. The promenade is great but how about a few water front restaurants and bars? That would make this the best part of NYC hands down.





Saturday, June 16, 2007

Television, Apples In Stereo, & Dragons Of Zynth @ Central Park Today!

You should already know about this show so consider this your reminder. It starts at 3PM and ends around 7PM. There's really no good reason not to go...unless your apartment hunting or something (Damn it!). Again, this is totally free and it's Richard Lloyd's last performance with the band - or so he says.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Alexisonfire @ Knitting Factory 6/12

On Tuesday I went and saw one of my favorite bands, Alexisonfire, at the Knitting Factory. I was very excited about this show because it's been a while since I've seen AOF and they are fucking excellent live.

We got to the show right before Emmanuel went one. I headed to the bar for their set because, well... they suck. After a PBR and about 25 minutes it was over and Alexis started setting up. We waited for everyone to clear the floor to go smoke and drink and grabbed a spot against the wall up front.

A few minutes later the room filled up and the band came onto the stage. Once they started the place exploded. The beauty of and Alexisonfire show is EVERYONE there knows the words to every song. The crowd gets so into it when they play because they have super loyal fans, like myself.

The thing AOF is known for is being regular dudes so when they play it's like an old school hardcore show in that everyone hops up on stage with them and sings along. Not that anyone can come close to matching the near perfect voice of Dallas but it's all in good fun.

The set was short as all hell but they played some great songs and closed with "Accidents" which of course got everyone going crazy. Afterwords the crowd started chanting "One more song, One more song" over and over for about 5 minutes. Here's the thing though... they weren't headlining! This was a Funeral For A Friend show and everyone wanted an encore from Alexisonfire. I've been to lots of shows and the only time I've ever even heard of that happening was when Skynyrd opened for the Who (except Skynyrd actually played the encore).

After the the show I was outside talking to a business associate who was at both shows (they played the night before too) and he said Alexisonfire blew everyone off the stage both nights. And just like tonight half of the crowd left before FFAF ever even struck a note.

The point is that Alexisonfire is one of the best bands out there right now. If you haven't heard them yet I highly recommend purchasing some albums and concert tickets.

Rent My Apartment - Greenpoint $933/month (Friggin Huge!)

Me and my old lady have decided to shack up together which means I have to leave my current apartment. So I'm trying to help my current roommates find a new roommate to replace me. The place is massive, in my bedroom alone I have a full size bed, couch, dresser, computer desk, bookshelf, amp, end table, and trunk on the floor... and I still have enough space for a 7x5 throw rug in the center (actually I could fit an 8x8). I also have a fairly large closet in my bedroom.

The rest of the apartment is equally awesome and newly renovated. The living room is pretty average but the kitchen is big enough for someone to live in. The apartment is 1 block from the Nassau G stop, twelve minute walk to Bedford L, and a block from the B61, B43, and B48. I have two roommates who are really easy to get along with. They start showing the place TODAY so make sure you hit me up asap if you want to come have a look.


Also if you have any leads on a 1+ bed for $1600 or less near any L stop up to Morgan please let me know.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gogol Bordello 2 New Songs + Pre-Sale

Gogol Bordello has posted two new songs on their SideOneDummy homepage, take a listen here. I think they're fucking awesome but I'm partially obsessed with this band so listen and judge for yourself.

You can also pre-order the new album here. With your purchase you will also receive a t-shirt.

And finally Gogol Bordello are playing two shows in NYC on July 20th and 21st. Best of luck actually getting tickets.

Tonight: High Voltage w/ DJ Jess

Go to High Voltage tonight because Jess is DJing, which means an always fun party will be more fun.

Beastie Boys Pre-Order + Playing McCarren Pool (Pre-Sale Password)

The Beastie Boys new album, "The Mix-Up", is available for pre-order here. More importantly though, The Beastie Boys have announced a show at McCarren Park on 8/9 and Central Park on 8/8. The pre-sale for the shows starts at 11AM on June 15th - the password is MIXUP.

Beastie Boys @ McCarren Pre-Sale

More about the shows:

ok, to clarify (claro); we are doing two types of shows this summer, "regular" shows and "gala events". (See deffinitions below).

Tickets for some of our "regular" shows in the USA go on sale soon (see below for details) -- Tickets for our "gala event" shows will be going on sale later.

THE REGULAR SHOW is, well you know how we do, hip hop, hardcore, instrumental, weird hippie spaced out rock jams... all that type of stuff. These shows are for the average meathead, so you don't have to dress up, though we encourage you to.

THE GALA EVENTS will be in smaller spots, more exclusive, more intimate. this will be more like quality time, our time, just you and the band sitting by a fire on a tropical beach late at night being serenaded with love songs. these shows are for people that are into our weird stuff, so if you want to get weird together, this is your call. these shows will be based around the instruments. some songs will have vocals, others will be instrumental. BUT if you'd like to come to one of these shows, then dress to impress, wear a suit, a tie, a dress, a gown or whatever you feel dressed up in... AND PLEASE leave your cargo shorts, birkenstocks and t-shirts at home, this is not that kind of party.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Camp In Central Park

You don't have to be homeless to sleep in Central Park anymore kids! On June 30th the city is letting people set up tents in the park and spend the night. How fucking cool is that? Granted, there's going to be a shit load of hippies and that's a turn off but if you can round up enough friends this could be really cool. In fact, if anyone is interested in doing this let me know because this could be a lot of fun. I wonder how strict the cops are going to be about booze?

To register call 212-628-2345 on June 25th

Sleep In The Park

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Music Slut Anniversary Party

On Saturday I headed over to the Delancey for the Music Slut Anniversary party. I missed the early performance with the dude from O'Death and Honne Wells. I was pretty fucking bummed about that but it hardly stopped me from having a good time.

The only time I pulled out my camera was for the Gaskets. Apparently one of the dudes was a no-show so Mat & Jen from The Music Slut joined them on stage... and then so did everyone else. The DJ played the Gaskets album over the speakers and the singer and his massive group of make-shift back-up singers joined together to sing along. It was quite a scene and tons of fun for participants and watchers.

Well this is a nifty little tool. MySpaceMP3 allows you download any MP3 a band has posted on their MySpace, even the ones not available for download. The only thing to keep in mind is that when you search for a band you need to do it by the URL extension, so if you want Art Brut you gotta search artbrut. Why? Because the URL is

Pros: You can use this download full albums when bands post advance streams.

Cons: Shit quality and once people catch wind of this those full album streams might become a thing of the past. Hell even full songs might disappear, which would suck.

Friday, June 08, 2007

HORSE The Band - "Murder" (New Song!!!)

HORSE The Band is currently one of my favorite bands. They should be a guilty pleasure but I like them so much I can't even front. They posted a new song on their MySpace called "Murder" and it's pretty nintendo-licious. Seriously, there's nothing not to like about this band...oh, except they're complete pricks.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Horrors & Schoolyard Heroes At Pianos 5/5

I started my Tuesday at a screening of the new Comedy Central show "Lil' Bush." They had these amazing little hamburgers (I ate 3!) and gave out gift bags with South Park DVDs. After that we headed to the movies and saw Pirates 3 and guess what? It sucked, don't waste your money.

After that I raced over to Pianos for a "secret" Horrors gig. In all honestly I was more excited to see Schoolyard Heroes so I got there early (is 12:30 ever early?) but still missed the first couple of songs. When I gt to Pianos I walked into one of the loudest rooms ever. It actually hurt to listen but I did because Schoolyard Heroes are damn good.

They sound quite a bit different live then they do recorded. The female vocals are screechier and the male vocals are growlier. But that didn't really change my opinion of them. At first the room was warming up to them but a few songs in people were starting to dance and bop up and down. As the crowd got into it the band became more and more animated. Pretty soon the singer was on the floor writhing around.

When they finished there was a whole room of new fans. I actually felt sorry for the Horrors because that's a hard act to follow...but apparently I don't know shit. I grabbed a beer in between sets and some fucking stage hand almost spilled it as he unnecessarily pushed his way through the crowd (dick!).

Then the Horrors came on. I knew they were young but these fuckers looked like they were 15. Then they started playing and I immediately noticed something - these little shits are a punk band. You would never know it from their album but they're straight up late '70s style punk rock. Then the crazy fuck of a singer started doing his thing.

First he's hanging from the pipe on the ceiling. Then he's tearing up the light filters and fucking with the light arrangement. After that he tears out a chunk of sound foam - the dude was bent on destruction. A few songs in and the singer climbs the pipe across the room to the middle of the floor where he has his feet on peoples shoulders for balance.

He drops down and heads back on stage and a few minutes later is down on the floor again running into everyone. Normally people wouldn't stand for this but the music combined with the build up made it all make perfect sense. This crazy English shit head was fucking shit up and it was awesome. I felt like I was back at CBGBs again and that means I had fun.

Eventually he made his way to the back of the room and grabbed a ladder. He drug the ladder to the center of the floor and climbed up and sang from his perch. You could tell that The Horrors are a band used to playing larger venues and were taking advantage of the small space at Pianos.

While the antics made for a highly entertaining show the music was pretty average. They're a decent band but the live show is the reason to go see them. And you really should go see them if only for that reason. This is an old school punk band mislabeled as some indie goth shit. The point is they put on one hell of a punk show. All you old CBGB heads should ignore the NME hype (which I know turns you off) and go see this band because there aren't many bands like this these days.

The Horrors show at Pianos was without question one of the most fun shows I've been to in a very long time. I'm not sure how this band can pull off some of this shit in a large venue but if you have a chance to see them somewhere small drop everything and go - trust me.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Satellite Party @ Highline Ballroom 5/4

On Monday I was invited over to Highline Ballroom to check out Satellite Party, which is Perry Farrell's new gig. At first I was hesitant to bother with this since these types of bands tend to suck but then I listened to the album on MySpace and was surprised by the quality. However, hearing that former Extreme guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt, was in the band scared me a bit.

Anyway, I decided to go - mostly because I'm a big Jane's Addiction fan and I never had the chance to see them. I figured this was as close as I would get. We skipped the opening bands and got to Highline a few minutes before the show started. It was my first time at the Highline and I have to say it's a nice place. I could do without the weird purple lights on the side walls but otherwise I dig it - great sight lines.

When the band came out the crowd went wild. It was an odd crowd, lots of chubby LI and Jersey dudes. Perry came out and it was amazing to see someone nearly 50 years old that looks like he's 20. The old meatheads agreed as I over heard several comments, "Bro, Perry looks fuckin' good bro." FYI: I'm from Jersey so I can talk all the shit I want.

Honestly I'm not familiar with Satellite Party songs but when they went into the first song most of the crowd was singing along. I was blown away by how tight the band sounded. Last I heard Perry couldn't sing anymore but tonight he was on point. They all sounded great and Nuno was fucking killing it all night. That dude can play some fucking guitar, I spent most of the night just watching him play.

Early in the set they played "Stop" - one of my favorite Jane's songs. It sounded SO fucking good and every person in the joint was singing and jumping around. Later on they played "Mountain Song," I was actually in the pisser at the time and when I heard that opening bass line I ran out straight into the crowd. The opening and verse sounded awesome but when they got to the chorus they slowed it down, or rather didn't speed it up like the original. It was some mellow trippy version and I wasn't really feeling it. Nonetheless it was still cool to hear some Jane's.

Satellite Party played a killer set and I really can't believe it. I was expecting them to embarrass themselves but instead they delivered a great performance. Between the musicianship, songs, and Perry's crazy talk in between songs it was highly entertaining. If you have a chance to see Satellite Party then you have to go. Seriously, they're "fuckin' awesome bro."

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