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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Leak

"JP" has gone and created a site which will publicly list the names of those who leak advance albums (bloggers, basically). I have mixed feelings about this idea. For one most "leaked" albums are done so intentionally, either by the artist (NIN, for example) or the label. When this happens not all the people involved are aware that it was intentional so someone at the label will start sending out cease and desist letters despite the fact that the leak was intentional. Now when the label has a little miscommunication people might end up listed on this website who did no wrong.

Also, when watermarked discs are sent out to writers and such they sometimes don't always make it into the hands of said writer. An intern might pick it up off of a desk and burn a copy for example. Then said intern posts the file online which gets traced back to said writer, who never even bothered listening to the disc. Granted the writer should be more careful with shit like that but when you consider the sheer volume of discs that writer gets in a week that's easier said then done.

So I feel that the Thou Shalt Not Leak may have good intentions but it isn't run by a judge and jury. Posting someones name online who "leaked" a track or album may seem like a good way of curtailing leaks but sometimes the fault does not lie with one person. For the most part I am against leaks but it's damn hard to tell the difference between some asshole illegally posting rips from advances and some marketing asshole covertly passing them around.

You dig what I'm saying? So far no names are posted but things could get pretty ugly quick with an idea like this. Maybe it's just a joke, maybe it's not to be taken seriously... I should say hopefully.

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