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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Greenpoint Oil Spill Map

Here's a nice little map showing what areas the oil in Greenpoint has seeped into.


Anonymous said...

Greenpoint has lower cancer rates than Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights and many other Bklyn neighborhoods. It also has some of the lowest cancer rates in all of nyc/nys. These stats can easily be seen at

The above post is a perfect illustration of the smear campaign unleashed on Greenpoint ever since we had our waterfront rezoned for residential development against the wishes of the Brooklyn based politicians. The Borough President voted against the rezoning, but the community made an appeal to the Mayor and won.

None of these attacks were directed at Williamsburg when development projects started their, even though the toxic issues and high cancer rates that exist in Community board 1 exist in the Williamsburg section and not Greenpoint.

Williamsburg environmental issues have been ignored by the media. Stories have tried to divert attention away from Williamsburg toxic issues by lying about Greenpoint. The Roebling oil spill (aka Williamsburg oil spill) never even makes it in the press. It should be noted that the Greenpoint residential community was built on clean farmland in the 1800's. Even the waterfront industry in Greenpoint was clean. The major factory was a producer of rope. Not so with Williamsburg. The Eastern District terminal site along the Williamsburg waterfront is a designated toxic brownfield that was home to numerous polluting industries including the Astral oil site. These toxic brownfields are where the new residential properties are being built.

Lets do a Greenpoint vs Williamsburg toxic score card.

Liquid Natural Gas storage facilities in Williamsburg: Yes, in East Williamsburg

Liquid Natural Gas storage facilities in Greenpoint: none

Radioactive storage facilities in Williamsburg: Radiac on Kent Ave

Radioactive storage facilities in Greenpoint: none

Williamsburg oil spill size: Unknown (it might be even bigger than the Exxon Valdez) The Astral oil company operated on the Williamsburg waterfront for decades and may have spilled over 100 million gallons of oil into the ground under Williamsburg contaminating ground water and creating toxic vapors. Many of Williamsburg's cancer victims may have died because of this oil contamination. Williamsburg's high cancer rates may now be better understood. How many new residents know about the potential deadly health risks that this oil poses?

Greenpoint oil spill size: defined and now half its original size.

Williamsburg oil spill location: Under newly developed luxury condos and possibly under the majority of the developing community. The full devastating results can only be determined by a lengthy study.

Greenpoint oil spill location: Under the remote industrial property next to the East Williamsburg industrial park.

Greenpoint condos being built on former toxic brownfields: none

Williamsburg condos being built on toxic brownfields: Many (including the Eastern District Site, and now the Williamsburg Oil field site)

Blogs revealing the toxic hazards in Williamsburg: Hard to find

Blogs dedicated to spreading lies about toxic hazards in Greenpoint: You can hardly swing a stick without hitting one.

All of Greenpoint less desirable industries of the past were located in the eastern industrial section along the Newtown creek. Greenpoint's East river waterfront had been home to lumberyards, rope factories for a century and then was abandoned for nearly half a century. None of Greenpoint's East River waterfront has the toxic history that Williamsburg's Eastern district terminal has. The smear campaign unleashed on Greenpoint, just when we it was rezoned curiously excluded Williamsburg's toxic issues. The media still isn't covering the issues, just day after day coverage of hipsterville. Do a williamsburg search in the NY times. It's pretty revealing.

Luis Garden Acosta, Founder/President & CEO of El Puente, a highly respected community human rights institution that promotes leadership for peace and justice through the engagement of members (youth and adult) in the arts, education, scientific research, wellness and environmental action has called Williamsburg "the most toxic place to live in America" in a documentary created by Williamsburg based VBS organization. Other rare cancer clusters in Willamsburg have been reported.

As for the New York magazine article, The sarcoma victim listed in the article never lived in Greenpoint. This was uncovered and reported over 6 months ago. He lived on Devoe street in Williamsburg. In fact, three cases of this extremely rare sarcoma cancer are actually on that same block in Williamsburg (nowhere near the oil spill, not even in the same zip code). One more case is five blocks away and even further away from Greenpoint and the oil spill. In fact, one victim got cancer after residing in the same apartment as the cancer victim in the story. Tom Stagg in the article does not live above the spill. He lives on Newel Street. He also can't keep his story straight from news article to news article. It is not clear if he has mental problems.

... said...

Hey, every time I post something about the spill you freak out and leave a long post defending it. Why in hell would anyone defend an oil spill? This isn't an attack on Greenpoint. Whether or not this is causing an immediate health risk is besides the point. Exxon needs to step up and clean the fucking thing already.

Why are you even comparing Williamsburg? This isn't about Williamsburg. Why not compare it to Chernobyl, you would have a stronger case for the safety of Greenpoint... even though it makes no sense to compare either to Greenpoint.

There is an existing oil spill in Greenpoint, right? YES. Is Exxon responsible for the spill? YES. Have they cleaned the spill in an efficient manner? NO.

If anything I'm with you buddy. I posted the map to show that most of Greenpoint is safe. I live in Greenpoint and I feel perfectly safe. I suggest other people consider Greenpoint as a place to live (that's what you're going for right?).

There's no honor in defending an oil spill by Exxon because you think people might be turned-off to Greenpoint. If those tycoons cleaned the fucking thing 30 years ago then we wouldn't even be talking about it.

Anonymous said...

No one is defending the spill assh**e. Did you even read the post? It is just pointing out the lies in the NY magazine article. Everyone wants Newtown Creek to be cleaned up. Writing falsehoods about health concerns, in what might be an attempt to buy up property on the cheap in this highly desirable neighborhood, is unforgivable. Although, it doesn't seem to be working. Housing is hardly ever sold in Greenpoint. Families keep there homes for generations or neighbors buy their neighbors properties. It took me seven years before I could find one to buy. By the way, some of the (politically connected) got phone calls in advance of this smear campaign, not to sell.

... said...

Well it sure fucking seems like you're defending it! Trying to hide the spill from the public to effect real estate is just as bad as trying to publicize it to effect real estate. The only difference is people fucking deserve to know if they're living on top of an oil spill - health hazard or not. End of fucking story! That's my point, that's my only point on the matter. I don't give a fuck about your political agenda or the real estate market. If I moved into a place and found out I was living on an oil spill I would be real fucking pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Matt - It's funny how you first said that you put the map up to show how few houses were above the oil and now you are claiming that you are trying to inform people about the oil. So am I. The oil spill is not in the residential community (with the exception of a few properies adjacent to the industrial park). The recent studies that Riverkeeper requested proved there are no vapors coming up from the ground into peoples homes. When we were let in on the scare campaign plans two years ago, we were furious. That's why we have been so aggressive about setting the record straight. When the media started parading around a one legged cancer victim that never lived in Greenpoint it was obvious the campaign had started (His address was 139 Devoe Street, Williamsburg Brooklyn). My pointing out the toxic issues in Williamsburg is just done to illustrate the vastly different approach the media has taken covering stories in the two communities. People need to open their eyes. Thankfully they are.

... said...

I don't see the conflict in what you're claiming I'm doing. How about I make it even more clear then i already have.

People - 1) look at map 2) ask yourself if you're comfortable living on top of a "perfectly safe" oil spill 3) buy/don't buy property on map. That's it, your decision.

The guy in Williamsburg doesn't change the fact that there is in fact an oil spill in Greenpoint. If media outlets want to sensationalize shit then that's another conversation. I'm just pointing out the fact there is an oil spill and there are at least a few houses on top of it. If you feel comfortable living on top of that shit then that's your call, I don't care where you live.

Exxon - clean up your fucking mess!

That is all...

Anonymous said...

Point of clarification, please: I've been living in Greenpoint for four years (India Street) and yet I don't recognize the area of the oil spill. What exact streets is it 'under' or 'near'?

Any information on the risks to infants, to mothers having babies?

Thanks to both sides of the debate.

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