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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beastie Boys Pre-Order + Playing McCarren Pool (Pre-Sale Password)

The Beastie Boys new album, "The Mix-Up", is available for pre-order here. More importantly though, The Beastie Boys have announced a show at McCarren Park on 8/9 and Central Park on 8/8. The pre-sale for the shows starts at 11AM on June 15th - the password is MIXUP.

Beastie Boys @ McCarren Pre-Sale

More about the shows:

ok, to clarify (claro); we are doing two types of shows this summer, "regular" shows and "gala events". (See deffinitions below).

Tickets for some of our "regular" shows in the USA go on sale soon (see below for details) -- Tickets for our "gala event" shows will be going on sale later.

THE REGULAR SHOW is, well you know how we do, hip hop, hardcore, instrumental, weird hippie spaced out rock jams... all that type of stuff. These shows are for the average meathead, so you don't have to dress up, though we encourage you to.

THE GALA EVENTS will be in smaller spots, more exclusive, more intimate. this will be more like quality time, our time, just you and the band sitting by a fire on a tropical beach late at night being serenaded with love songs. these shows are for people that are into our weird stuff, so if you want to get weird together, this is your call. these shows will be based around the instruments. some songs will have vocals, others will be instrumental. BUT if you'd like to come to one of these shows, then dress to impress, wear a suit, a tie, a dress, a gown or whatever you feel dressed up in... AND PLEASE leave your cargo shorts, birkenstocks and t-shirts at home, this is not that kind of party.

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