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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Horrors & Schoolyard Heroes At Pianos 5/5

I started my Tuesday at a screening of the new Comedy Central show "Lil' Bush." They had these amazing little hamburgers (I ate 3!) and gave out gift bags with South Park DVDs. After that we headed to the movies and saw Pirates 3 and guess what? It sucked, don't waste your money.

After that I raced over to Pianos for a "secret" Horrors gig. In all honestly I was more excited to see Schoolyard Heroes so I got there early (is 12:30 ever early?) but still missed the first couple of songs. When I gt to Pianos I walked into one of the loudest rooms ever. It actually hurt to listen but I did because Schoolyard Heroes are damn good.

They sound quite a bit different live then they do recorded. The female vocals are screechier and the male vocals are growlier. But that didn't really change my opinion of them. At first the room was warming up to them but a few songs in people were starting to dance and bop up and down. As the crowd got into it the band became more and more animated. Pretty soon the singer was on the floor writhing around.

When they finished there was a whole room of new fans. I actually felt sorry for the Horrors because that's a hard act to follow...but apparently I don't know shit. I grabbed a beer in between sets and some fucking stage hand almost spilled it as he unnecessarily pushed his way through the crowd (dick!).

Then the Horrors came on. I knew they were young but these fuckers looked like they were 15. Then they started playing and I immediately noticed something - these little shits are a punk band. You would never know it from their album but they're straight up late '70s style punk rock. Then the crazy fuck of a singer started doing his thing.

First he's hanging from the pipe on the ceiling. Then he's tearing up the light filters and fucking with the light arrangement. After that he tears out a chunk of sound foam - the dude was bent on destruction. A few songs in and the singer climbs the pipe across the room to the middle of the floor where he has his feet on peoples shoulders for balance.

He drops down and heads back on stage and a few minutes later is down on the floor again running into everyone. Normally people wouldn't stand for this but the music combined with the build up made it all make perfect sense. This crazy English shit head was fucking shit up and it was awesome. I felt like I was back at CBGBs again and that means I had fun.

Eventually he made his way to the back of the room and grabbed a ladder. He drug the ladder to the center of the floor and climbed up and sang from his perch. You could tell that The Horrors are a band used to playing larger venues and were taking advantage of the small space at Pianos.

While the antics made for a highly entertaining show the music was pretty average. They're a decent band but the live show is the reason to go see them. And you really should go see them if only for that reason. This is an old school punk band mislabeled as some indie goth shit. The point is they put on one hell of a punk show. All you old CBGB heads should ignore the NME hype (which I know turns you off) and go see this band because there aren't many bands like this these days.

The Horrors show at Pianos was without question one of the most fun shows I've been to in a very long time. I'm not sure how this band can pull off some of this shit in a large venue but if you have a chance to see them somewhere small drop everything and go - trust me.

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