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Friday, June 01, 2007

Yo Majesty @ High Voltage 5/30

Last week it was announced that Yo Majesty would be performing for free at Sutra on Wednesday for High Voltage. Then ticketmaster (or one of those bastards) found out and told them they couldn't do it. Apparently a free show right before two with ticket sales is a big no-no. Well the fine ladies of Yo Majesty said "fuck dat shit" and said they would play anyway. The problem was they couldn't advertise it as Yo Majesty, so they became "special guests."

Because of this no one really knew what kind of turn out to expect. YM has been getting rave reviews and were even said, by several publications, to have put on the best performance at SXSW. So obviously if people heard about them performing then it would be a zoo.

I got to Sutra around 11:30PM and took advantage of the open vodka bar. I saw Alana (High Voltage) and she told me that they were still performing and they should go on around 1AM. So I kept on drinking to kill some time. The place was pretty packed around 12:30 or so and everyone was drinking and dancing.

Right around that time the ladies of Yo Majesty showed up. They hung out and drank martini's and Hennessey. I thought at this point the place would start getting crazy but instead it started to clear out a bit. Then around 1:45 YM grabbed the mics and called everyone to the back of Sutra.

They busted into the first song and it was fucking great. They were right there on the dance floor with the people. They had their arms around fans and were dancing with everyone. And then the fucking mic went out. That didn't stop the party though, while shit was getting fixed they just kept on going. They got a few group chants going and kept on drinking.

Eventually the mics were fixed and YM were ready to go. But quite a few people left out of frustration. The truth is though that just made it better for those who stayed. The smaller crowd gathered around and sang out loud. The ladies were going fucking off and it was just amazing to see. It was one of the most punk rock shows I've ever been to. There was absolutely nothing separating the artists from the crowd.

I would suggest seeing Yo Majesty if you have the chance but I doubt you'll feel it the same way you do packed into a tiny room at the back of a bar. It was quite an unusual experience, just check out the photos - they say it all.

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