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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pete Wentz DJing In Queens

As you well know by now I am not a fan of Pete Wentz or Fall Out Boy. But you really gotta feel sorry for the guy when you hear he's DJing some random joint in Queens. Did he lose a bet to Wilmer Valderamma or something? Poor bastard - why the shit would he ever agree to this? Well Pete, good luck out there... I'm sure the Greeks will appreciate you spinning Panic! At The Disco all night.

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Evan said...

I always think this joker is in Panic At The Disco.

maybe you have seen this:
It's Panic At The Disco at last year's Reading Festival. The very first bit of the very first song, someone hit the singer with a bottle and down he went. I reckon he dived. It certainly didn't hit him that hard (from this angle certainly). He made such an ordeal out of it, when i don't think it was neccessary.

For instance, David Yow got hit by a bottle HARD by a bottle (0:58) in Dallas and it took him less time to pull it together and start playing again than it did that snivveling emo numpty...

Off topic. I am bored.

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