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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Knee Surgery Journal, Entry #1

A few months ago I signed up for the WORD basketball league in Greenpoint. It's basically a nerd b-ball league composed of patrons of WORD bookstore. I used to be a pretty legit athlete back in the day but unfortunately it's been many years since I played anything competitively. The chance to play in a competitive league with people of equally diminished skill sets was too good to pass up.

We named our team Dunk Quixote, we were encouraged to have a literary name, and despite our short stature quickly made a name for ourselves and became one of the teams to beat. About three games into the season, some of the teams met up on an off night for some pick up. For whatever reason the biggest dude on the court decided he wanted to guard me out by the three point line. I'm a pretty fast dude so I welcomed this challenge because I knew I could blow right by him. Well, I did but at the last second in an attempt to cut me off he stuck his giant knee out which collided with my left hip.

The result was a deep muscle contusion and I had to sit out a game (which we ended up forfeiting because we only had 4). That should have been a sign that maybe I should slow down a bit. Maybe I should face the fact that I'm getting too old for this shit. Of course, in reality it had the opposite effect. I had to prove to myself that I still got, so I showed up and went even harder.

Then, about a month ago, we had a Monday game against one of the worst teams in the league - a sure win for Dunk Quixote. But sometimes the sports gods like to mix it up a bit and somehow this team that only had two wins starts beating up on us. As team captain I felt like I had to personally take it up a notch and get the momentum back in our favor.

But let's go back to the injury, the thing about a muscle contusion is my left leg was essentially useless for a week. I simply couldn't use it and, as such, it withered a bit. My thigh muscle shrunk, my hamstring tightened up and well, it wasn't it's normal self. This game was only my second back after my injury. Combine that with the worst team in the league kicking your ass and you've got an accident waiting to happen.

I don't remember the exact sequence of events (excruciating pain fucks with your memory) but I know I was driving to the basket against two defenders. I went up for some kind of off balance layup and came down off balance, on my left leg. As my foot touched the blacktop and I looked down I saw my knee start to bend sideways. Then came several disturbingly loud snapping and popping sounds - like a death metal version of Rice Crispies. To the ground I went clutching my knee and screaming like a wounded soldier. It fucking hurt!

Now whether or not the previous injury played a part or not I'm not sure but either I knew it was bad. I skipped the hospital and called my doctors emergency line. He confirmed that the hospital would be a waste and set me up with an MRI and orthopedist.

The orthopedist I saw is one of the best in the country. He's the official sports medicine guy for the NY Rangers and has done shit for ESPN, Men's Health and more. I was in good hands for sure but when I paid him a visit I got some unsettling news - he didn't know what was wrong. The MRIs were inconclusive due to swelling. He told me my meniscus was definitely messed up but he wasn't sure how bad. Then came the scary part, my ACL might be torn as well. The only way to find out is to go in there, surgery was inevitable.

So that brings us to today, a beautiful Saturday in NYC, but not for me. Yesterday I underwent said surgery and of the 3 or 4 possible scenarios I ended up with the absolute worst - ACL reconstruction. The operation went well and I was all loopy from morphine and percocet yesterday. I got home plugged in my 24-hour ice pack, ordered a salad from Willburg Cafe and watched Raising Arizona with my girlfriend. I was feeling A-OK all considered.

And then I did something stupid, I went to bed and woke up. Then "blocker" (which is local anesthesia) on my leg completely wore off, the ice in my 24-hour ice pack melted and excruciating pain set in. I type this from my bed, head at a very awkward angle (have to keep my knee above my heart) and experiencing the worst pain I've ever felt. It's much like I'd imagine it feels like to have a gator clamp down on your leg - lots of pressure and sharp, stabbing pain.

So this is day one of my recovery. It's a bit of a bummer but I wanted to share since it is, and has been, effecting this blog and my putting events together. Hopefully, I'll update this daily but considering my day will mostly be popping pills and laying in bed maybe we'll make it every other day.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Smell The Glove Was Awesome...Or So I Hear

I was on vacation last week so I missed Smell The Glove, which went down on Thursday. Let me tell you, missing your own party sucks. I heard all types of awesomeness ensued and all types of people dropped by including Andy Rourke of The Smiths and members of The Bowery Riots, Wild Street, The Party Death, Panzie and even some of the creators of "Lemmy: The Movie". Luckily, Igor from DrivenByBoredom was there to capture the debauchery.


More Smell The Glove:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tonight: SMELL THE GLOVE @ St. Jerome's!!! (Open Bar, No Cover)

My monthly rock n' roll party is tonight at St. Jerome's. The last one was fucking insane and the crowd was awesome. This one should be even better so don't fucking miss it or you're going to be bummed out tomorrow.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Tonight: Brooklyn Ski Club Presents Charissa's Birthday Riot @ Don Pedro's

The first BSC show since my birthday party in October (which had Cerebral Ballzy, Hank & Cupcakes, Sigmund Droid, Forest City and Radio America!) is tonight at Don Pedro's. The party is also a birthday bash but this time it's for my girlfriend, Charissa. The lineup as of now is Bottle Up & Go, Dirty Fences, SHAPES and Raccoon Fighter. We've also got rock n' roll dance party DJs and cheap beer ($1 Genesee, $2 Rolling Rock before 10, $3 after). Come get crazy!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tonight: Monotonix @ 450 Union St (FREE); Outta Controllers & The Booze @ Bruar; Gunfight @ BK Fireproof

It's a good night for crazy rock n' roll. The title of the post pretty much says it all. By now you should know Monotonix and Gunfight but you should def check out Outta Controllers and The Booze, both are awesome bands.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

JellyNYC Rock Yard

A few weeks ago I ran into some bros from Jelly and we were shooting the shit about the Pool Parties. I got the scoop about who was playing this year and it sounded good but nothing out of the ordinary. Then they mentioned a new Saturday shindig that was intended to capture the spirit of the first couple of years of the Pool Parties. Now that sounded very interesting! Today I saw that they announced the lineups and they're pretty damn good. These are going to be killer parties.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Brooklyn Bands Open Cajun Restaurant (Ex Humans, The Weight), Opens Thursday.

A few months back I was in New Orleans for a few days. It's an amazing town with some of the best and most unique cuisine in the country. Now that the Gulf is more akin to the Clampett's back yard it's time to look elsewhere for Cajun grub.

Luckily we won't have to go far. Some of the guys from local punk band Ex Humans and country rockers The Weight have teamed up to open a restaurant right on Bedford, the name of the place is HoneyChiles', Hell, the kitchen is in The Charleston, one of the last punk joints in North Brooklyn. 

Expect legit, real-deal Cajun fare like etouffe, gator, turtle and traditional Southern staples like hush puppies and boiled peanuts (w/ Cajun seasoning, of course). 

To celebrate the opening The Charleston is having a party this Thursday, July 8th. There's going to be a crawfish boil, live bands, NOLA boozes and Jonathan Toubin will be handling DJ duties! 

I'd be posting this news even if the bands weren't involved because I fucking love Cajun food but the fact that two really damn good Brooklyn bands are behind it makes it all the better. Congrats, see you on Thursday!

Sisters & Sundelles Playing Summer Screen Tomorrow (FREE)

Summer Screen is good fun but they always wait until the last minute to announce the bands. I'm not really sure what the strategy is here but nonetheless they've got some good bands playing tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first night of Summerscreen, our free outdoor film series in McCarren Park (on the ballfields across the tennis courts from the Automotive High School, and across North 12th Street from the Turkey's Nest). You should make a night of it: gates open at 6pm for you to lay out your blanket, wait until dark for our opening night film, Say Anything, and in the meantime enter our Fandango contest and graze the selections from our local food and drink vendors: Sixpoint beer, and food from Pizza MotoAsia DogsPeople's Pops,San Loco, and more on a rotating basis.
While you sit, eating, drinking, waiting for the Peter Gabriel song to come on and for your friends you're saving space for to show, you'll also be entertained by a couple of our favorite Brooklyn bands: the Sundelles, at 6:15, and Sisters, at 7:15. Pretty much everything you like about living in Brooklyn will be happening at Summerscreen tomorrow night, then.
As always, SummerScreen is a free event. Bring a blanket or a chair -- we hope to see you there!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tonight: Ride The Snake

2010 JellyNYC Pool Party Lineups

Well, it took awhile but the Pool Party lineups for this summer have officially been revealed.

July 11th
Deerhoof + Xiu Xiu performing  Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures
Fang Island

July 18th
Murder City Devils
Jeff the Brotherhood

July 25th
Cap ‘N Jazz (Only NYC Reunion Show)
Lightning Bolt
No Age
The Death Set

August 1st ****At Brooklyn Bowl
The Pool Parties presents FREE BLOCK PARTY
Lineup TBA

August 8th - Curated by MODULAR RECORDS
Cut Copy
Memory Tapes
Restless People

August 15th- Curated w/ help from Pool Parties past booker Doug Defalco
Lee Fields and the Expressions
The Strange Boys
Future Islands

August 22nd - Curated by Fools Gold
The Suzan

August 29th
Dominique Young  Unique
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