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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Brooklyn Bands Open Cajun Restaurant (Ex Humans, The Weight), Opens Thursday.

A few months back I was in New Orleans for a few days. It's an amazing town with some of the best and most unique cuisine in the country. Now that the Gulf is more akin to the Clampett's back yard it's time to look elsewhere for Cajun grub.

Luckily we won't have to go far. Some of the guys from local punk band Ex Humans and country rockers The Weight have teamed up to open a restaurant right on Bedford, the name of the place is HoneyChiles', Hell, the kitchen is in The Charleston, one of the last punk joints in North Brooklyn. 

Expect legit, real-deal Cajun fare like etouffe, gator, turtle and traditional Southern staples like hush puppies and boiled peanuts (w/ Cajun seasoning, of course). 

To celebrate the opening The Charleston is having a party this Thursday, July 8th. There's going to be a crawfish boil, live bands, NOLA boozes and Jonathan Toubin will be handling DJ duties! 

I'd be posting this news even if the bands weren't involved because I fucking love Cajun food but the fact that two really damn good Brooklyn bands are behind it makes it all the better. Congrats, see you on Thursday!

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