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Monday, March 31, 2008

Tonight: The Dodos, Deer Tick @ DBA

The Dodos are blowing up right now. I checked them out a few times and I can see why but they're not really my thing. That said I wouldn't mind seeing them and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing Deer Tick - who are fucking awesome. Also playing tonight are Necking, Extreme Violence, & Bear In Heaven. Pretty good line up, I must say. No idea what this costs which is the only reason I'm not sure if I'm going or not. .

March 31st, Monday at 8 PM

Extreme Violence
Deer Tick
Bear in heaven

Dea​th By Aud​io
49 S 2nd​ St,​ Bro​okl​yn,​ NY 112​11
L to Bedford/ JMZ to Marcy / B61 to S. 2nd

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Ex-Creations" by The Fall Of Troy (Video)

I few weeks ago I was watching an episode of the ever awesome Scene Points and a clip of "Ex-Creations" by The Fall Of Troy was played. Even though the clip was about 10-seconds I was absolutely blown away. I immediately went to the bands MySpace to try and find the video. As far as videos go it's your basic crazy live video but as far as songs go this is one of the best I've ever heard. The guitar work and song writing is amazing and right up there with Mars Volta.

Before this I thought TFOT was just some Used-esque screamo band and they do have some songs that sound just like that. But then they hit you with something like this and blown your fucking mind. It's odd they even bother with corny emo shit when they can do this. If you like Mars Volta, At The Drive-In, The Refused, and/or Blood Brothers then you'll probably dig this shit - or at least this video, because it's fucking awesome!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Does MP3 Quality Matter?

I've always been one of those people that think there isn't much difference in the sound of a high bitrate MP3 and a lower bit rate MP3. I mean as long as you're over 126 it's all the same right? Apparently not, check out this site and it's pretty clear there's a major difference. Time to get a bigger iPod.


New Annuals Song "Sore" (MP3)

Take a listen to "Sore" from the new album Wet Zoo.

$5 White Rabbits Show Tonight

According to Brooklyn Vegan there might be a White Rabbits show tonight at their rehearsal space in the city. If anyone can confirm this then I might have to make a trip past 14th street.

Supposedly White Rabbits are playing a show tonight though (March 28) - not WITH the Walkmen, but in their rehearsal space, and it's with Soft, The Subjects and Frankpollis also on the bill. All Ages. 140 w 24th street btwn 6th and 7th. $5.00 at the door.
via BrooklynVegan

No Fun Fest Lineup Announced

I'm not huge into the noise bands but I have to hand it to No Fun Fest, they manage to round up the best of it every year. They just announced the lineup and since this is a Brooklyn site and Brooklyn people love this shit here you go. If the screeching jibberish and 12 minutes of nothing but feedback are kept to minimum then I might even attend - but I can only handle so much "art", what with being a dumb hick and all.

No Fun Fest 2008. May 16,17,18 at the Knitting Factory In NYC
3 Day Festival Pass ($50) available
single day tickets:May 16(18$) May 17(20$) May 18 (18$)
Hotel Information coming very soon
Questions :

at 7pm

Stage 1:
ASTRO (Hiroshi Hasegawa)
Tony Conrad + MV Carbon
White Out
Burning Star Core
Thurston Moore + Nancy Garcia
Dinosaurs with Horns
Randy Yau

Stage 2:
Damion Romero
Handicapper Hornz
Greg Kelley
Jason Crumer
Failing Lights
Sewer Election
Black Quarter


SATURDAY 17 at 7pm

Stage 1:
Religious Knives
Carlos Giffoni
The Skaters
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Nautical Almanac
Nevari Butchers

Stage 2:
Tovah Olson and The Jasons
Alvars Orkester
Baby Cobra Headsz
Eskimo King
Pax Titania
Afternoon Penis

SUNDAY 18 at 6:30pm

Stage 1:
The Haters
Consumer Electronics
Illusion of Safety
Lee Ranaldo: Blind Piece #2
Lasse Marhaug + Dror Feiler
Sudden Infant
Werewolf Jerusalem

Stage 2:
Joseph Hammer
Rick Potts
Alan Licht
James Plotkin
The Cathode Terror Secretion
Shallow Waters

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trash Is Back In The East Village

Everyone's favorite Friday night party, Trash, has moved yet again. This time it's a venue I've never heard of called 40C. Despite the fact I have no idea what this place is the fact it's on Ave C is promising. While I was a fan of Home Sweet Home I was bummed that they jacked up all their drink prices as soon as Trash moved there - shady. So yeah, it kicks off tomorrow and I'll be there for sure, getting hammered. Joanna Angel will be performing and it's also the Human Giant release party.

Hey PR People, You Got My Address Wrong!

I'm not going to lie to you, I love free shit. In fact it's one of the reasons I do what I do. If you've been following the blog then you know that I move a lot and that means MOST of you PR peoples out there are sending shit to my old addresses. So if you're curious as to why I'm not talking about that killer band you sent me it's because you sent it to whoever the fuck is living at my old address.

So if you're a PR/Label/Marketing/Band person then drop me a line and get my most recent address. Cool?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holler At The Black Lips

If you've ever thought to yourself "Hey, it would be totally awesome if the Black Lips did [insert lewd act] at their next show" then you're in luck. They posted the number for their "hotline" on their blog. The hotline is pretty much just a cell phone they have, probably even found. Give them a ring and say hello - if it's still connected.

Black Lips Hotline:

**Note: I have not tested this so if it's trickery to fuck with one of their enemies then that's not my fault.

Tonight: Raconteurs Listening Party @ Soundfix

Listen to the latest from Jack White and the crew tonight at Soundfix. Apparently there's going to be free PBR and pizza which fattens the deal... and your ass. It starts at 7PM and it's 6PM now so as soon as you finish reading this hop on the L and head over there.

Anti-Flag Secret Show At Knitting Factory Tomorrow

This is cool...

Anti-Flag, one of the most respected bands in punk rock, will test the
strength of the walls of New York’s Knitting Factory when it performs a
MySpace Secret Show on Wednesday, March 26.The high octane group’s show
comes less than one week before the April 1st release of its seventh
studio album The Bright Lights Of America on RCA Records.The Secret Show
is a free, exclusive performance for the MySpace community.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Langhorne Slim - MP3, New Album, Tour, Letterman

Old Langhorne is blowing up these days. In fact I'm not really sure where to start. How about his own words describing the new album, which comes out on April 29th:

I’m not sure that there’s any other kind, but the songs I write are love songs. Some are literal, about specific events, people and relationships in my life; a form of therapy, self-help for the flowers and the shit along the road of life. Others come from a place far more mysterious. Either way, I’m in it to capture the feeling, the truth of an emotion, changing only names and events to protect the innocent.

This collection of songs represents our most comfortable, cohesive and soul-shaking music to date. It has been a great pleasure for me working with Sam, Malachi and Paul on this. And after all the good, bad and not so pretty all I can say is—please enjoy.

Love and Peace,

And here are the tour dates, which includes an appearance on Letterman:

Mar 25 -- Grog Shop -- Cleveland Heights, OH+
Mar 26 -- Mohawk Place -- Buffalo, NY+
Mar 27 -- The Lava Lounge -- Pittsburgh, PA+
Mar 28 -- Johnny Brenda’s -- Philadelphia, PA+
Mar 29 -- Maxwells -- Hoboken, NJ+
Apr 10 -- Middle East -- Boston, MA
Apr 11 -- Stone Church -- Newmarket, NH
Apr 12 -- Café Nine -- New Haven, CT
Apr 24 -- Stone Pony -- Asbury Park, NJ w/ Josh Ritter
Apr 25 -- Paramount Theater – Peekskill, NY w/ Josh Ritter
Apr 28 -- Music Hall of Williamsburg -- Brooklyn, NY w/ Josh Ritter
Apr 29 -- Recher Theater -- Baltimore, MD w/ Josh Ritter
Apr 30 -- Mercury Lounge -- New York, NY+ (CD RELEASE SHOW!)
May 1-- IOTA Club & Café – Arlington, VA+
May 2 -- Local 506 -- Chapel Hill, NC+
May 3 -- Village Tavern -- Mt. Pleasant, NC+
May 4 -- The Social -- Orlando, FL+
May 6 -- The Earl -- Atlanta, GA+
May 7-- Mercy Lounge -- Nashville, TN+
May 8 -- Bottletree Café -- Birmingham, AL+
May 9 -- One-Eyed Jacks -- New Orleans, LA+
May 10 -- The Mohawk – Austin, TX+
May 13 -- The Casbah -- San Diego, CA+
May 14 -- Troubadour -- Los Angeles, CA+
May 15 -- The Independent -- San Francisco, CA+
May 17 -- Doug Fir Lounge -- Portland, OR+
May 19 -- Tractor Tavern -- Seattle, WA+
May 22 -- Urban Lounge -- Salt Lake City, UT+
May 23 -- Hi-Dive -- Denver, CO+
May 24 -- Replay Lounge -- Lawrence, KS+
May 26 – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI+
May 28 – Schuba’s -- Chicago, IL+
May 29 – The Hideout -- Chicago, IL+
Aug 1 -- Pickathon at Pendarvis Farm -- Happy Valley, OR
Aug 2 -- Pickathon at Pendarvis Farm -- Happy Valley, OR
Sept 19 -- Bristol Rhythm and Roots Fest – Bristol, TN
Sept 20 -- Bristol Rhythm and Roots Fest – Bristol, TN

+Headlining date

Tonight: Sigmund Droid @ Mercury Lounge

Saturday, March 22, 2008

City & Colour @ Knitting Factory 3/19

On Wednesday I was at work planning on an exciting night at home watching a movie. Then I stumbled upon a listing for the Knitting Factory - City & Colour was playing a sold out show! Which is kinda crazy because I had no idea that C&C had a big enough following in NYC to sell out KF. Of course being that it was sold out and I just heard about it I was kinda screwed but I managed to get on a guest list last minute and scrapped my plans in front of the tube.

If you're not familiar with City & Colour it's basically the singer (Dallas) from Alexisonfire. He's been writing and recording solo shit for years and has a crazy following in Canada. But he hasn't really done shit in the states. In fact he said the KF show was his first in the US - which isn't true because he played SXSW but I think he meant the first show of a headlining US tour.

If you're a fan of AOF then you might not dig C&C - it's super mellow and folksy, not heavy at all...ever. Then again if your favorite part of AOF music is the pitch perfect voice of Dallas then this is your shit because it's all him.

I just recently got into C&C so I'm not super familiar with the songs so I can't tell what the set list was... not that I ever do anyway. But I'll tell you a bit about the show. When Dallas first came on stage he was joined by some of the dudes from the opening band. They did some "plugged in" songs together, which was odd because Dallas is usually doing the singer/songwriter bandless thing. The songs sounded pretty good beefed up a bit but everyone was waiting for him to put down the electric and pick up the acoustic. One quick note, he said that he never practices with those guys and that they were just winging it, which is impressive.

Anyway, they did about 3-4 songs and then got off stage. From that point on it was all Dallas (except for the last measure of the last song). Like I said I don't know all of the names of the songs but I recognized a bunch and was singing along to most. Dallas is a fucking fantastic musician in every way. Of all the dudes in all the bands in the screamo/emo/metalcore/whatever world that I could see blowing up it's Dallas. He's just that much better then everyone else and he has perhaps the best voice in music right now... yeah I said it, the voice of an angel even.

Towards the end of the set he said that if you knew who he was you might recognize the next song. At this point he went into an acoustic version of "Boiled Frogs" by Alexisonfire, which was super awesome. However there are a shit load of AOF songs I would have preferred but whatever, it was really good. After that it was over, except for the mandatory encore.

The show was amazing, his voice was perfect, his potential is unlimited. I really was impressed and you absolutely must see him live if you get the chance.




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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MOJO - Share iTunes Library Over The Internet

It's about fucking time someone came up with this shit. MOJO let's you share your iTunes library over the internet, and by share I don't mean play songs I mean download them. That's a damn great thing if you ask me. I'm sure the labels will have them shut down in no time but for now check it out. The Mac version is up and running but the Windows is in beta and it kinda sucks right now. Hold out if you're on Windows but def get this fucker if you're on a Mac.

Lifehacker - Mojo

**Note: This is the 1,000th post on Brooklyn Ski Club. Hooray!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tonight: Royal Oak + Free Absinthe

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Royal Oak. It has a weird crowd that I just have a hard time feeling comfortable around. On the other hand if you can round up ten friends then it doesn't really matter what kind of crowd it is now does it.

Friday, March 07, 2008

What's In The Mailbox

Sorry for disappearing on you. I had some seriously intense work stuff come up. So let's dig through the old BSC inbox and see what we got.

  • B-52's have a new album "Funplex" and will be going on tour. <MP3>
  • Holy shit! Flat Duo Jets are bad ass motherfuckers! <MP3>
  • New REM video <link>
  • I'm not saying I dig this but I could see this blowing up, Studio B will love this: Hadouken <link>
  • Louis XIV video <link>
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