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Monday, February 28, 2011

Headless Horseman, Popo & Shilpa Ray Played At Pianos

Friday was the last night of the Headless Horseman residency at Pianos. The show was called "BrownOut" and was sponsored by MTV Desi. The lineup was Sunny Ali & The Kid, Android Lust, PoPo and Shilpa Ray. I've been waiting to seen HH for awhile and PoPo I've seen many times and they never disappoint. Oddly enough, I've never seen Shilpa Ray despite her playing shows all over Brooklyn for a couple years now.

I headed downtown from work and got there a little early. So I had a burger at that little hole in the wall joint down the block from Pianos and then had a $3 Newcastle at Iggy's before heading to the show. As I walked up to Pianos Fareed was standing outside. We shot the shit for a minute and he told me I should catch Sunny Ali & The Kid, which has an ex-Popo dude in it, so I headed in.

They were already playing when I walked through the door and I was into them immediately. They play country influenced punk and/or garage. Whatever you want to call it they were really fucking good. I spoke to the drummer after and they'll be playing more NYC shows soon.

After Sunny Ali & The Kid, and a couple beers, Android Lust took the stage. The band was a bunch of nerdy looking white dudes who look like they're way into World Of Warcraft and the singer was a petite Indian check. They got started and within the first 30 seconds I could tell I wasn't going to like the remaining 20 minutes of their set. I hung in there for about two songs but that's all I could take. Remember when Jada Pinkett-Smith started up that metal band? It was kinda like that but with some Flyleaf thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, I went back to Iggy's as it was still happy hour.

I headed back to Pianos just in time to catch PoPo. Like I said, I've seen PoPo a few times over the years and

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tonight: Shilpa Ray, Headless Horseman, Popo @ Piano's; Wild Yaks @ The Gutter; Darlings & Regal Degal @ Shea

Plenty of good shows tonight! I will be at Brown Out at Piano's which features Shilpa Ray, Headless Horseman and Popo. I've been trying to catch Headless Horseman for quite a while and Popo is rad. Somehow this is my first time seeing Shilpa Ray, which seems impossible.

If I wasn't at Piano's I'd be catching one of the other shows here. I'm really bummed I can't make it to the Wild Yaks show.



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tonight: Raccoon Fighter & Gunfight! @ Cake Shop; So So Glos & Hussle Club @ Mercury Lounge

Our homeboys in Raccoon Fighter are playing the last night of their residency at Cake Shop tonight with our pals Gunfight!. If I wasn't there I would be at the Rocky Business release party at Mercury Lounge with So So Glos and Hussle Club. The after party is at Darkroom with Schoolboy, Dirtyfinger and Prince Terrence DJing.




Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tonight: Monsters & Mascara, Horror Punk Tribute Party (Open Bar 10-11)

If you're a friend of mine then you know I'm way into The Misfits. So when Michael T. asked me if Smell The Glove wanted to host his horror punk party we (myself & Carlos) of course said yes. The party is a tribute to Misfits, Cramps, Cooper and the like. They have an all-star band and a ton of guest vocalists performing classics from the genre. It should be a lot of fun. If you want on the guestlist then get in touch.

Mention "Smell The Glove" at the door and get in for $10.

RSVP & Details:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tonight: Headless Horseman, DADS, Das Racist @ Piano's

Headless Horseman is playing Piano's again tonight. I haven't had a chance to see them live yet but I've heard nothing but good things and Fareed is a cool dude so I'm excited to check them out.

Also playing are DADS which is a new project from Hima (Das Racist) and Quinn (Suckers) which should be good times. Speaking of Das Racist they'll be DJing the festivities. In my experience a Das Racist DJ set can easily turn into a full on performance which would make for a pretty excellent night.


Death Set Tour Documentary

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tonight: FORlokals, Grand St. Happy Hour @ Lady Jay's; Raccoon Fighter, Country Mice @ Cake Shop

The second installment of our new happy hour on Grand St is tonight at our favorite bar, Lady Jay's! We've got $2 Lionshead, $3 PBR Tall Boys, $4 wells and $5 Bushmills shots from 6-10pm. Lady Jay's also has shuffle bowling and big ass back yard for you smokers and outdoors-men.

After you get good and loaded after work head across the river to Cake Shop for the second installment of the Raccoon Fighter residency. Tonight they're got We Are Country Mice and She Keeps Bees joining them.


Darlings Announce New Album

Darlings will be releasing a new EP called Warma on March 15th through Famous Class Records (of course).

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Raccoon Fighter Residency Starts Tonight + Nominated For Deli Mag Band Of The Month

My homeboys Raccoon Fighter kick off a month long residency (unfortunately it's February so that means 3 shows instead of 4) at Cake Shop tonight with Turkuaz and Lily & The Parlour Tricks. They've also been nominated for Band Of The Month by Deli Magazine. They're up against some chick named Allison Weiss who has about 8,000 fans/followers on Twitter & Facebook and has her own fucking iPhone app. As such, they will need your vote if they're going to take down this social media wizard (can girls be wizards?).


New Strokes Song, "Under Cover Of Darkness" (Free Download)

There's a new Strokes song and they're giving it away for free on their website. Well, you have to give them your email and phone number so I guess it's not totally free but you don't have to fork over any money at least. Am I the only one that thinks they sped up the vocal tracks? His voice isn't usually that high. I think there's a chipmunk thing going on here.


Monday, February 07, 2011

Monotonix Played 285 Kent, Playing Last US Show Tonight In Philly

Monotonix are one of the greatest live bands I have ever had the privilege of seeing perform. Saturday night the Israeli madmen played the DIY venue known simply as 285 Kent.

I got to the show early because I was convinced it would sell out. We caught some of The Stalkers set and then headed to The Levee for some drinks. We got back right around when Pujols went on. I never really listened to them but they were pretty good. They have a very Jersey sound and had their Titus Andronicus/Springsteen moments.

Frankly though all I cared about was seeing Monotonix. Once Pujols cleared out we grabbed a few more drinks and waited for Monotonix. Honestly, the show was a blur but had everything you would expect. There was crowd surfing, wall scaling, stage diving, sweat, dancing, beer spraying and so on. At one point Monotonix was standing on the bar using it as a stage. Apparently the actual stage was on the wrong side of the venue.

At the end of the craziness they asked everyone to sit down on the floor. Once everyone shut the fuck up they announced that they're getting old (the singer is 46) and have families and that this would be their last time in Brooklyn. I expected them to bust into a song after the announcement but they didn't. That was the show, not quite the ending I had hoped for but the show itself was amazing.

Tonight they play their last ever US show in Philly at some DIY joint called The Ox. I was planning on attending but it doesn't look like it's going to work out. If you're in Philly and you miss this show you are an asshole. 

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Today: A Farewell To Mars Bar

The Nouvellas and Daddy Long Legs are playing at Mars Bar today at 3pm. It's both a video shoot for the Nouvellas and a farewell party to the legendary punk dive, Mars Bar. If you're new here, Mars Bar is the last of the old CBGB era hangs that are still in operation but the condos are giving them the boot.


Tonight: Monotonix @ 285 Kent

The great Monotonix is playing what is rumored to be their last ever NYC show tonight. It's in the DIY space known simply as 285 Kent. The cover is $13 but considering this show will likely go down in infamy it's more than worth it.

w/ Pujol, Federation X, The Stalkers
@285 Kent Ave

Friday, February 04, 2011

Tonight: Famous Class Show @ DBA; Gunfight! @ Spike Hill

Famous Class is paying tribute to Ariel Panero with a two day show at DBA. Tonight it's a pretty amazing lineup with Darlings, Grooms, Snakes Say Hiss, Tony Castles and Class Actress. Also in Williamsburg, Gunfight! is playing Spike Hill


Thursday, February 03, 2011

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

FORlokals: A Grand St. Happy Hour (Tonight)

Grand St. (the part on the East side of the BQE) is fucking awesome. Awesome bars and great food abound. It even has three stops on the L train. You or several of your friends probably live in this neighborhood, I know I do. It's my personal favorite for best strip in Brooklyn right now.

As such, we (myself, Nora of I Rock I Roll and Carlos of Nickels & Dimes) have decided to put together a happy hour for our friends and neighbors on Grand St. We've got $2 High Life and $3 beer, wells and wells shots from 6-9pm. Carlos and Nora will be your DJs for the night. It all goes down at Ontario Bar. Stop by on your way home from work.

***Update: The Groundhog says it's going to be a short winter! I've had enough of this bullshit. Let's celebrate!


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