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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Das Racist Played A Surprise Set At Glasslands Last Night

If you weren't at the party at Glasslands last night then you missed one hell of a night. As you may have heard The Drums were supposed to play but then they dropped off with only a few days notice. Needless to say, Sean (from Raccoon Fighter, who organized the show) was in a bit of a bind. Then the Glasslanders told him they never booked a late night dance party for after the show. So the show and the party were combined and instead of booking a replacement band for The Drums, DJs were to be brought in. The end result was a party with 3 bands, 3 DJs and 2 open bars - each an hour long. More on the DJ part in a bit.

The show started pretty well, Radio America took the stage at 9:30PM and the room already had a decent amount of people. They played a fun set. How can you not with a room full of familiar faces guzzling down free Colt 45? After they finished, Raccoon Fighter came on and did their thing. They got some people dancing up front, which is always a good thing.

The Sundelles closed the band portion of the night with a killer set. I really dig them (I'm listening to their EP as I type this) and they always put on a good show. Unfortunately, the room cleared out a bit right before they went on. Boogie Boarder and Darlings were playing at DBA right around the corner and I think some people jumped ship to check them out.

The first DJs went on as soon as The Sundelles finished up. We got Das Racist, the "Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell" dudes, to spin which is pretty exciting considering they're all over the place right now. They were supposed to DJ for an hour but about halfway through their DJ set they stopped...and got on stage for a surprise performance! By now it was free to get in and the word spread to the party next door and DBA that Das Racist were performing. The room started filling up with people. Kids were sucking down the free sangria and then stumbling on the dance floor. It was fucking great, we had so much fun.

After the Das Racist set I hung out for a little longer and then I split because I was pretty wasted and needed a sandwich. The place was still jumping when I bailed though so I'm guessing all went well after that.

I forgot to bring my damn camera so I don't have any pictures. If you took any let me know and I'll post them here.

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